10 Uncommon Signs a Hot Girl Wants to Sleep With You (And How to Blow Her Mind in The Sack)

signs she wants to sleep with you
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Women may seem mysterious and elusive…

But let me tell you a little secret:

Odds are, like most guys, you may just not be well-versed in reading them.

So many times, guys wonder why women aren’t flirting with them, when in reality, they’re simply misinterpreting women’s actions.

Research from the University of Toronto found that men in long-term relationships underestimate how often their partners want to be intimate.

Flirting can be pretty subtle, no doubt. And many women don’t like to make a big show out of it, making it easy to overlook.

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So, before you throw in the towel, today we’re going to show you 10 easy-to-miss signs that she may really be into you.

These are the signs that men miss more than anything else–and that’s because many of them seem “friendly” on the surface.

Plus, according to the Social Issues Research Center, 55% of communication is non-verbal.

But if a woman does these things around you, then odds are she secretly really DOES like you.

Here’s how to know for sure:
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1) She Hits You Like THIS

Maybe she didn’t take you up on your offer to go to the game…

But if she’s playfully hitting you during conversations, the reason probably is not that she didn’t want to go.

Playful hitting is a universal sign that a woman is into you.

The Journal of Sex Research found that when a woman teases you she may be sexually interested.

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Why? It’s non-threatening and an easy way for her to touch you and feel close to you.

A tap on the shoulder or playful jaunt across the chest are likely signs that she can’t get enough of spending time with you, so try asking her out again (and maybe to a cocktail bar instead of a sports game).

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2) She Says These 2 Little Words To You…

Keep this in mind the next time she texts you.

Women like to use a harmless “I’m bored” or “My plans got cancelled :(” text to show you they’re free.


Because they want you to know they’re free and want to spend time with you–without putting themselves too “out there” or making themselves vulnerable.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but most guys don’t catch on to the fact that women are actually flirting when they say this.

Most women are afraid of rejection, so these subtle texts and phrases are easy ways to feel you out, without seeming too eager.

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3) She Sends You This Specific Kind Of Photo

This one can be really tricky, so pay attention.

If a woman is into you, she’ll likely text you cute pictures of herself from time to time. But it won’t usually be this direct.

Instead, she’ll send a cute picture of her and her dog and text “Roscoe says hi!” Or, she’ll send you a picture of her out with friends and write “Girls night out.”

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On the surface, these photos will likely seem like a typical shot she could upload to Instagram, when in reality, she’s trying to send you pictures to see how you respond.

She wants you to comment on her appearance, but doesn’t want to be entirely suggestive about it.

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4) She Asks About Your Plans

Before heading out on a Friday, your cute female coworker might make a point to ask what you’re doing that weekend.

She’s almost certainly showing interest and trying to see if you have any free time.

Of course, she could just be asking a friendly question, so shoot the question back in her direction.

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If she responds with something like, “Oh, no definite plans yet” or “Just waiting to see what comes up” then ask her out. She wants you to.

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5) The “I’m Cold” Trick

This one is classic and yet when confronted with this flirty remark, most guys still don’t think into it.

If a woman repeatedly tells you she’s cold, runs her hands up and down her arms, etc. then she’s flirting.

This is a particular kind of communication that also reveals her intention to get closer to you physically–and it may be happening subconsciously for her.

According to psychologist Dr. Bettina Pause:

We’ve just started to understand that there is communication below the level of consciousness. My guess is that a lot of our communication is influenced by chemosignals.”

If you’re somewhere public or professional, like work, offer her your pullover or jacket.

If you’re watching a movie at her place or sitting at a bar, put your arms around her to warm her up.

This casual touching is a great way to eventually sleep with her (trust me). 😉

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6) She Shows Off Her Body in Front Of You (But Not How You Think)

This one sounds easy, but many guys with female friends often miss this one.

If she’s into you, she’s going to show off her body more.

Maybe she’s been wearing more low-cut shirts or shorter skirts.

She may even lift up her shirt slightly to fiddle with her belly button ring or stretch her arms out to show off her midriff.

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When she brushes by you, she’ll often press her chest into you or graze you with her hip.

(If a girl is into you she might also give you one of these under-the-radar signs…)

That’s definitely intentional, and it means she wants you.

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7) She Steals Things From You

Has she ever kept your hoodie in her car or stolen your hat and posted a selfie on Instagram?

Maybe she took your favorite pen or “borrowed” your lucky lighter?

These are all signs that she’s into you and trying to show you.

You can try flirting back and trying to get your stuff back or just cut through the games and ask her out already. Odds are she’s been wishing you would for months.

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8) She Chooses You Over Her Friends

If you’re part of a mutual group of friends (or frequently hang out with her friends) this one should be easy to peg down.

Maybe you’re all out bar-hopping and she lags behind with you or turns down leaving the bar to order another drink with you.

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She’ll find ways to slowly disappear from her group of friends to spend time with you, not because her friends are boring or getting on her nerves…

But because she wants to be alone with just you.

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9) Ever Shared an Uber With Her?

If you’re going to a work party or event for mutual friends and she asks if you want to drive together or split an Uber, she’s not trying to save money.

Chances are, she’s hoping when the party’s over, you’ll both be going home together.

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She’ll probably make this more clear by inviting you back to her place or saying something like, “I’m not even tired yet…” to indicate she’s not ready to end the night.

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10) The One Final Question That Means She REALLY Wants You…

If she’s into you, she’s going to want to know every detail of your love life (or lack thereof).

If you’re casually dating, she’ll likely inquire about your nights out repeatedly and may even warn you from seeing a girl more than once.

To test this theory, don’t reveal anything about your dates or adventure on Tinder unless she asks.

If she’s into you, you’ll notice she finds subtle ways to drop your love life into almost every conversation.

signs she wants to sleep with you
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So Now You Know She’s Interested… What’s Next?

You know how they say a goldfish only has a memory span of 3 seconds?

Well that’s how women are too.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at a guy like he was a piece of chocolate cake after a week of fasting… only to completely lose interest seconds later.

My hot girlfriends are the same way too… why?

Well the reason is simple… it’s because us girls don’t like taking the initiative.

We want the guy to take the lead, ask for our number, go for the first kiss… and we want the man to be a man and seduce us!

And if we’re staring at a guy like he’s a piece of chocolate cake, and he doesn’t do anything about it…

… then the sad truth is, we probably won’t do anything about it either.

If you’re not sure how to make this happen, you have nothing to worry about:

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The Shocking Study That Found Most Women Today Do Not Play Hard To Get (And Do THIS Instead When They Like You)…

is she playing hard to get
Discover the #1 sign that she’s just playing hard to get and secretly wants you BAD…

Recent research in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences found that women, in general, do not really play hard to get.

Actually, they tend to over dramatize their sexual desires for men. The research also found that men generally try to downplay their sexual interest.

The study aimed to figure out whether or not women actually played hard to get, or if men over perceived women’s sexual intentions.

The study actually found that men perceive women’s sexual intentions more accurately than what is socially assumed.

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Four-hundred thirty-five undergraduate students completed anonymous surveys about when they last interacted with someone who they viewed as a potential sexual partner.

This survey rated how sexually attracted the students thought the person was to them, and how sexually attracted they felt toward the partner.

The participants also recorded all of the sexual signals they gave off, and the ones they believed were being given off to them.

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But She Might Send You Different Signals Depending on What Time of Year It Is…

Oddly enough, the outcomes of the study varied from season to season.

In the spring, when more students were busy studying, men tended to over perceive their partner’s sexual intentions.

However, in the fall at the beginning of the school year, men tended to be spot on with their perceptions.

This can possibly be attributed to the popularization of the party scene at the beginning of each school year.

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While the study found that women tended to want to appear more interested in sex than they actually were, it also found that men wanted to appear less interested in sex than they actually were.

The scientists concluded that since men and women’s level of attraction seem to be consistent with their levels of attraction signals.

If someone does not seem interested in you, they probably are not.

That might sound a bit harsh at first, but wouldn’t you rather figure out someone wasn’t interested in the beginning, so you have time to go find that hottie who is interested?

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How Can You Use This Information to Get Laid?

Basically, this means that you can have less fear showing your interest in a sexual partner.

Most women will show you when they like you. And because women like to be liked, it’s OK to show a little interest in her.

Chances are, if you are hitting it off with a woman, she will want you to be more open.

Let me tell you, from a woman’s point of view, there is nothing worse than an uninterested guy.

Even if you are interested and just playing it down and being lowkey, we will take that as you are not interested in us.

There is no faster way to lose a woman than pretending you do not want her. If she is showing you signs that she wants you to take her home, or even just keep talking to you, you need to show more signs that you are interested as well.

I know that can be scary, but also why?

You basically already know she is into you, even if she is not saying it. If you act more interested, she will feel sexy and wanted. And that will make you much more attractive.

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If you continue to act disinterested, she will feel like a charity case and want to get away from you as fast as possible.

However, there are still women who just want to play with you. These don’t come around as often, but it is hard to catch when it does.

These women will act interested in you all night, but then when you’re about to seal the deal, they make an excuse and walk away.

Here’s how to always make sure you avoid these women–and only pursue the women who genuinely want you:

is she playing hard to get
Keep scrolling for the top signs a single woman gives off when she’s attracted to you…

How Do You Know If She’s STRONGLY Attracted To You?

Some women play hard to get because they like the fantasy of being pursued more than the reality of human connection… and these are the girls you don’t want to waste your time on.

But you know what?

There are actually a LOT of girls who play hard to get not because they want you to chase them… but because they’re scared of coming off as a “sl*t,” and don’t want to make the first move.

If you catch her doing one of these 5 subtle behaviors then odds are she DEFINITELY wants to sleep with you… and is dropping “hints” to let you know she’s DTF <–

These behaviors are nonverbal, and happen on a subconscious level.

I have to admit… whenever I’m smitten over a guy I catch myself doing any one of those five things… without even realizing it most of the time.

Because like most women I HATE making the first move.

It terrifies me… and again… like many women, if I want to hookup with a guy and he doesn’t get the hint at first, I’m still going to try to hide it…

But if I’m seriously into him, it’ll come out in other ways.

(I can’t help it, it’s just a fact… most women show their true emotions with their body language!)

So I (and literally every living straight woman on the planet) feel nothing but relief and appreciation when a guy can pick up on the hints…

And well… it’s also pretty hot. 😉

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