2 Hot Pornstars Reveal What Gives Them Super Intense, Unbelievably Pleasurable Mega-O’s (Hint: It’s NOT a Big D!ck)

intense orgasm tips
Use these intense orgasm tips to get her sexually addicted to you…

Use These Intense Orgasm Tips to Get Girls Completely “Addicted” to You In Bed…

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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder.

It’s week two of our brand-new series where adult film stars get to answer Gotham Club readers’ most burning sex & relationship-related questions.

Yes, that’s right(!).

We asked pornstars the questions you’ve been dying to have answered…. and they really delivered.

So today, Ember Snow and Ryder Skye are answering a question from Gotham Club readers.

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Ember Snow is a prolific star in the industry, and is known as “America’s porn sweetheart.” 

Ryder Skye is also a prolific star in the industry, and recently released a line of clothing called Slutwear.

And today, Ember and Ryder are answering the following question for you:

What’s your secret to intense orgasms (for both male and female stars)?

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Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Ember Snow:  “It’s not really about me, as much as it is about what the other person is doing to me.  

Once I feel that an orgasm is building, I try to not allow it to peak too quickly.  

The more I hold on to it and allow it to build even more, the steeper the drop is, you know what I mean?

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Ryder Skye: “Intense orgasms. Intense orgasms, specifically. 

Everyone’s so different as far as things specifically intense orgasms, everyone’s very, very different, so it’s hard to pin down one thing. 

I always felt like one of those important things would be to pay attention to the other person. 

I feel like knowing somebody and picking up on their basically how they react to certain things is the best way to get to know somebody really well, sexually. 

(Try eating this sex snack to stay rock hard and give her multiple orgasms.)

The more you pay attention to them, the more you’ll know exactly what to do, and you know, what kind of things the person likes. 

I think that would probably be the best way to learn somebody and to know how to get them off.

intense orgasm tips
After trying out these intense orgasm tips, use this proven technique to get her addicted to you in bed.

Here’s A Step-By-Step Technique I Personally Use to Give Hot Girls EXPLOSIVE “Mega-O’s”…

Alright, so that’s all great advice up there…

… but I know “pay attention to the other person” and “get to know them sexually” might seem a *little* abstract…

… so let me give you something more specific that’s allowed me to give almost every woman I’ve been with EXTREMELY intense orgasms:

It’s this fingering technique I first learned from my good friend, and former lesbian porn director Lawrence.

(His full name is Lawrence Lanoff… feel free to look up some of the videos he directed for “research purposes” if you’ve got a little more time on your hands right now… haha…)

Basically, this is the move he would use when he needed girls to have real orgasms on-camera…

… because it worked better than ANYTHING else (including oral, using giant toys or even deep, forceful penetration) to give girls intense, long-lasting O’s… that leave them shaking almost as if they had a seizure.

(I literally had to ask the first girl I tried this one if she was OK… she nearly fell off my bed!)

I think my favorite part is you DON’T need a giant d*ck to pull this off… just your hands and a few minutes of effort (less than 5 minutes a lot of the time)…

And did I mention sex feels A LOT better after you do this?

(That’s because after climaxing, her muscles will “tighten up” even more around you… it feels f’in great)

Click here right now to see how it’s done. [NSFW Video!]

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