3 Dead-Simple Strategies to Make Her Initiate Sex More Often (According to Psychologists)

make her initiate sex

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Anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time can tell you: the dry spell is a real thing. 

Maybe one morning you wake up and realize it’s been months since you had sex! 

And what a bummer, right? I mean, you’re with this person because you find each other attractive and charming—at least I hope you do. 

And I’m guessing in the early stages of dating, you couldn’t get enough of each other. 

But after a while, the fire can get a little, well, sleepy. 

Ashely Madison, the site notorious for enabling illicit affairs, found that in a massive survey of more than 70,000 members, 22% of U.S. women said they were in “sexless marriages.”

And that can lead to problems with your relationship all around. 

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If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re not alone. 

The struggle is real.

A healthy, happy relationship often has a strong sexual component. 

If yours is lagging, there are ways you can ignite the fire again! 

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Research shows that when a woman in a couple regularly initiates sex, that couple has a lot more sex. 

Well, duh. But it’s not quite that simple. 

Maybe you’ve noticed that your love life is lagging because your lady just doesn’t seem into it any more. 

She used to wake you up in the middle of the night, make you pull over the car, or drag you out of a meeting to get crazy. 

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But maybe that seems like so long in the past. 

Luckily, research shows what actually causes a woman to initiate sex. 

There are two major components necessary for a relationship to stay steamy. And you can start working on them right away. 

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1)  Pique Her Interest In Casual Sex (But Not How You Think)

Okay, if you’re already in a relationship this might sound confusing. But hear me out. 

Studies show that women who are more interested in casual sex are more interested in having sex far into the future, even in a monogamous relationship. 

That’s because women who are fans of casual sex consider it a fun physical activity. They don’t necessarily see it as tied up with emotions. 

Therefore, if your girlfriend is someone who liked casual sex when she was single, and you make her mad by failing to wash the dishes, she’s less likely to kick you to the couch. 

She wants to have sex for the pure physical fun of it, not just because she loves you. 

So you’re more likely to get forgiven, at least until the deed is done. 

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It Doesn’t End There…

Now, if you’re already with a great woman who wasn’t exactly promiscuous before you got together, never fear. 

Having a conversation with her (or many conversations—this won’t necessarily be easy!) about what she really likes and what feels good can help.

Talking about what she likes and making sure she’s getting it is a great way to remind her that sex is a fun physical activity. 

It’s not just something you do as a bonding activity when you’re feeling especially loving. 

Because, let’s face it, after thirty years of listening to you snore, she may not always feel extremely loving in your direction. 

Still, she’s a human being who’s interested in sex. She just might need a gentle reminder. 

If you can rekindle the physical fire and make sure she’s getting what she needs, you can help your sex life endure. 

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2) Keep the passion burning! 

Well, duh!

Of course a passionate relationship is going to involve plenty of sex. But what does this mean, exactly? 

According to studies, love and trust alone aren’t enough to keep a sex life burning. 

I mean, think about it. You love and trust your parents and friends. At least, you probably do. 

But the extra spice that keeps a relationship sexy and strong is passion. 

In fact, love and trust don’t really have anything to do with how often most couples have sex, researchers show. 

You can love someone to the moon and not want to get down and dirty with them if the passion is gone. 

So what can you do to rekindle passion? 

Get out of your rut. 

Take her on a surprising date.

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Do something you used to do when you first got together. 

Experiment with sex toys. 

Have a conversation about what gets you excited. 

This research is no joke. According to studies, men initiate sex three times more often than women in relationships. 

But whether, and how often, a woman initiates sex has a big impact on how much sex a couple actually has.  

This can be really important to how successful your relationship is in the future. 

Of course, a couple with great, long-lasting physical chemistry is more likely to be happy long term. 

They’re also more likely to have fun in the short-run, if that’s what you’re looking for! 

make her initiate sex

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There’s this one move that can get women initiating sex pretty much on a daily basis…

Or at least that was the case with me…

Before I’d initiate sex with my (now-ex) boyfriend maybe once a week, and he’d initiate the rest of the time… but after using this move on me a few times I pretty much wanted to f**k him every day, and made it as obvious as I could.


Simple… this move allowed him to give me intense, multiple, and VERY powerful orgasms during foreplay, before we even had sex… and I wanted to feel like that ALL the time. *mmmmmm*

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Especially because it’s so hard for a lot of girls to come even once during sex… it’s not just me, studies show 1 in 4 women can’t orgasm from penetration alone!!

So the fact that my ex could use this move to give me not just one, but two, three, or MORE O’s… before the sex even started…

And using only his fingers…

I mean… I don’t really have an “addictive” personality… but when a man can give a woman that amount of pleasure, it changes things.

I’d look at him… and my body would feel it.

I’d get turned on just sitting next to him, hanging out.

And it would drive me SO crazy… to the point that I’d lean over, and unzip him in the middle of a conversation… just because I couldn’t focus, and *had* to have him right then & there!

Here’s the weird thing though…

Even though this move is a *bit* unconventional… it’s NOT difficult to do…

And yet my ex was the only guy I’ve been with who’s tried it!

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