3 Innovative Ways to Get a Hot Girl to Sext You (And Why Doing THIS Makes Her 400% More Likely to Send You Nude Pics)

sexting tips for guys

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A lot of my guy friends have had their fair share of struggle when it comes to getting a girl to start sexting them. 

After hearing a lot of the same story, I decided to do some research to better understand what holds women back and what motivates them to sext.

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Once I read a new survey of more than 1,000 college women conducted by the University of Arizona, I realized there was a lot more at play than most of us think. 

Here’s what you need to know about the strategies and techniques that actually get hot girls to sext you:

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1) The Scientifically Proven “Trick” That Makes Her 400% More Likely to Sext You…

According to the survey, 67% of women send nudes or partial nudes to turn on the recipient. That’s a high percentage! 

But it’s also necessary to understand that for women, sexting is largely about empowerment. 

In fact, the numbers show that women are four times more likely to send a sext if they feel empowered. 

Wait, what? Isn’t sexting about sex? For women, no.

The study revealed that women will send a text to make the recipient think about her, or not think about someone else. 

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She desires your attention and she knows that bare skin will do the trick! 

But the issue here is that she is not fully doing it because she is feeling sexual. If she is worried about you losing interest, sexting can actually be disempowering because it is a reaction to personal self-doubt. 

So how exactly do you make a woman feel “empowered” enough to sext you?

I’ll show you if you scroll all the way down to the bottom… but first, let’s talk about the other two findings from the survey:

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2) Make Her Feel Safe & Confident

On the other hand, women may send photos to boost their confidence. 

Making the decision to be forward and express sexuality can absolutely feel empowering. 

A woman has the opportunity to select the space where she will show a primal side of herself. 

If she’s chosen you, it’s an honor AND it’s your responsibility to respect her discretion–the photo is for you and nobody else. 

It’s helpful to understand that making the decision to send a private photograph is inherently risky. 

Even people we trust could end up sharing that photo with someone else. 

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That means we have to feel highly motivated to send it, and the more we trust the person, the more likely the sext will be sent.

Keep it to yourself (unless she wants you to share it with someone–that can be fun too).

Understanding this can help you approach sexting in a way that is not only respectful, but even more likely to get you the messages you want.

What you really want is not for a woman to send you sexts because she is insecure, but because she is feeling sexual and wants you to feel that way too. There are some things you can do to keep the focus on the sexual.

Make sure you do not make her think or feel that you will lose interest if she doesn’t send sexts.

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3) Don’t “Steal Her Thunder”

Again, you don’t want the “insecurity sext” or the “disempowerment sext.” You want the sext that is purely meant to turn you on, and if anything, boosts the woman’s confidence. 

To support this cause, do not suggest that you are interested in any other girls. This can cause complications in trust and that kills a woman’s sex drive.

She will KNOW if you are in-demand–don’t make comments to highlight your desirability.

I once dated a man who I found outrageously sexy. He showed a lot of confidence, and I was certain he had quite a few women in his sex life.

The thing is, he NEVER, not ONCE alluded to any other women. Without ever being dishonest he created the impression that I was the only one on his mind, and this made me feel more comfortable getting close to him.

I didn’t want to think about other girls he was intimate with, and he didn’t make me. So yes, maybe you guessed it–I sent him plenty of sexts.

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The key is creating a space where sexual expression feels safe and fun, and where the point is to build sexual tension.

If you can clear out motivations related to insecurity, you will ultimately have a more fun and sexy experience.

You can send her flirty texts to let her know what’s on your mind, too.

If you keep it light and don’t push it, chances are she’ll soon be flirting back. I can also tell you, as a woman, it’s super fun to be the ones to escalate things from sexy messages to nude pics–so don’t steal her thunder!

Hold back enough to give her time to make that power move.

Because if you do… you might be surprised by what happens next. 😉

I don’t just mean more sexts… and more dirty photos coming your way… I mean she might show up practically naked at your doorstep that same night if you play your cards right!

Here’s how:

sexting tips for guys

Getting Her to Sext You Is Only Half The Game…

Once a woman is sexting you, and sending you nude pics… you’ve got two options:

1) Retreat to the bathroom with some lotion and a box of Kleenex… or:
2) Have hot, sweaty monkey sex all night long!! 😉

(I know which option I STRONGLY prefer… lol)

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Because speaking from personal experience… if a woman is willing to take off her clothes, snap a sexy selfie and send it to you…

… or even if she just MENTIONS sex when she texts you…

… very often, it means she’s horny, ready for action, and wants YOU to be the guy who gives it to her. *mmm*

And while you could easily ask her what she’s doing, and offer to come over… a lot of the time that can come off as too “forward,” and is kinda a turn-off as a result.

But these messages are different.

They’re unique, and few guys know them… yet they work REALLY well to get a girl to:

  • Tell you exactly what she’s doing, and if she’s busy (without outright asking her)…
  • Joke around with you, and even suggest she comes over to “watch Netflix”…
  • Keep turning the conversation sexual, and get her wetter & wetter as a result…

And honestly, this is a *little* embarrassing to admit…

But last time a guy sent me this “innocent” 12-word text, I immediately got an Uber over to his place…

… and showed up wearing nothing but a jacket… a see-through sundress… and my favorite lacy red lingerie underneath ;-):

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