3 Surprising Benefits of Having a Smaller Penis (Plus How to F**k Her Deep Regardless of Your Size)

benefits of having a smaller penis

Bigger Isn’t Always Better–Discover The Surprising Benefits of Having a Smaller Penis (& Why Some Women PREFER Them) Below…

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I bet if you asked just about anyone, they would tell you that the bigger a guy’s d!ck, the better. 

Well, I’m going to step outside of everyone’s expectations right now and challenge that.

I think that not only can a small penis can be a huge plus when it comes to sex, it can EVEN be preferable. 

(In fact, while only 0.6% of the male population are considered to have a “micropenis,” for some women, these smaller penises can often provide a LOT more pleasure.)

Are you surprised? 

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Perhaps that’s because we’ve all been conditioned to believe that “bigger is better.” I used to believe this too.

I once walked into a sex shop and bought the biggest dildo they had. Today, I actually regret it. In retrospect, I should have sized down.

And I’ll tell you why.

3 Surprising Reasons a Smaller Penis Will Give Hot Girls a Bigger Smile…

Don’t get me wrong–any d!ck size will have its perks. 

But there can be some issues for the magnum wearers.

The first one is obvious: pain.

For women, a big penis, especially a long one, can cause excruciating pain.

I don’t mean the fun BDSM pain that startles and excites. I mean the pain that causes the body to lock up and shut down.

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This is not sexy–this is uncomfortable in the way period cramps are uncomfortable.

It can be frustrating for women and men when the male partner can’t just unleash and thrust as hard and far as he can, since if he does he could seriously hurt the woman.

In this sense, guys with bigger d!cks may not be able to experience the same passion guys with smaller d!cks can.

To not have to hold back is seriously fun and sexy. Every woman wants to experience that side of her man.

Here’s Another Issue With “Monster D!cks”…

Another issue with big penises is that they have a lot of surface area. 

What’s the problem with that? Well, as a woman, that means I have to produce MORE juices to lubricate that thing.

And we only have so much fluid at a given time.

So bigger penises have a tendency of drying out the woman faster, requiring more added lubrication, which can be an interruption at times.

Some women may even believe that they are inadequate for their partner because they are not wet enough, when really, it’s just natural physiology.

Next, let’s talk hardness.

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If you have a huge d!ck, I hope you have a LOT of blood to fill it with.

Smaller penises require less blood to fill to maximum hardness.

There is a noticeable difference with smaller guys–it’s just rock hard at all times! This is super sexy.

Often, bigger guys need to put in more effort to stay harder longer, or may ask more of their partner to help manage blood flow.

Now I’m not opposed to giving pleasure to my partner, but sometimes the effort required can become tiring.

With a small penis, it’s easier to stay hard for a long time, regardless of position.

Your Size Is Way Less Important Than Your Blood Flow (Here’s Why)…

And this is the key

If you want AMAZING hot sex, think hardness. 

Not size, but blood flow. See, our culture has conditioned us to pay attention to the wrong things. 

And not EVERY culture believes that bigger is better.

I once read about a culture in which small penises were the norm, and these guys would do fun things to give more pleasure to their partners, including piercing their d!cks and even surgically inserting hard materials into the tip of their penis.

See-they KNOW that it’s hardness that matters. Of course, I’m not saying you have to insert a needle into your manhood to satisfy women sexually–definitely not!

But it’s the principle that counts. Hardness matters.

As a woman, I’m happy to have sex with a man with a small penis if he’s going to be rock hard all night! 

So many men are hung (no pun intended) up on size when they should really be focusing on getting hard and staying hard. 

There are SO many ways to enhance a woman’s pleasure, and if we just assume that a big d!ck is all you need, then there are going to be a lot of underwhelmed women out there.

What a woman craves is a d!ck that can get hard fast–and STAY that way until she’s satisfied. If you can give that to her, she will NOT be concerned about your size.

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Now that we have a different way to think about what makes sex great, maybe we can shift away from the “bigger is better” cliche.

I for one am tired of it. I want men to pay attention to the right things so that more women can receive the pleasure they’re aching for.

Here’s exactly what I mean:

benefits of having a smaller penis

The #1 Key to F**king Her Deep (Even If You’re on the Smaller Side)…

I’ve got two words for you…

Max. Hardness.

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Because yes, women generally DO love when you f**k them deep… but it’s not because of how far in her you can go.

It’s because of how FULL you make her feel when you’re inside her.

Like… are you penetrating her with a soggy noodle, or a stiff rod?

Even if you don’t have much girth… the harder you can get, the more pleasure you’ll give women during sex…

… because more hardness means more sensation in her vagina, plain and simple.

(It’s kind of hard to describe, but as a woman I really CAN feel a guy’s hardness inside me… it’s always the most intense right before he’s about to come… I LOVE it!!)

Not to mention as a woman, when a guy can get rock-hard for me it’s a HUGE turn-on…

It makes me feel suuuuuper sexy and wanted… and I also just love the way it looks to be honest. 😉

All my hot girlfriends and I agree… we’d MUCH rather have sex with a rock-hard smaller penis, than a half-hard bigger one… it just feels kinda “blah” when a guy can’t get it up all the way.

So if you really want to f**k her deep, get as hard as humanly possible, and make the most of what you’ve got *down there*…

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