5 Experimental Foreplay Moves That Make Hot Girls Want to Bang Your Brains Out

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Here’s something that might surprise you:

Most women secretly wish that guys would spend more time on foreplay.

And in fact, if you’re not good enough at foreplay… there’s an almost zero chance that a girl will sleep with you again.

That’s because foreplay does something huge for women:

It makes them feel desired, and turned on enough to enjoy sex–both physically AND mentally.

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Those are the two keys that will make your sexual experience feel like it’s on another “level” (for both you and her).

So today I’m going to show you 5 simple yet “out of the box” foreplay moves, that will consistently impress every hot girl you take home.

These are moves that my buddies and I personally use all the time, and I have to say they work incredibly well if you want to get a girl to sleep with you again.

I think my favorite move is #5 to be honest… but first things first. Let’s get started with move number one:

1) The Move That Gives Her Multiple O’s Before the Sex Even Starts…

Did you know that 85% of women can’t come from sex alone?

And in fact, most women need a little “extra” stimulation to reach orgasm.

One of the easiest (and fastest) ways to give her this extra stimulation is with your fingers…

And there’s one move in particular, that can give almost any woman multiple orgasms, using only your 5 fingers.

It’s called “5 Finger Tantra,” and here’s how it’s done:

When you’re making out, and the clothes are coming off, you can start touching her like this…

And then you do this with your middle and ring finger… and make a motion like THIS.

By then she should be just about ready to explode…

And then there’s only one thing left to do… but it’s kinda hard to explain:

So here’s a short video tutorial that shows you exactly how to use “5 Finger Tantra” to give any girl multiple mindblowing orgasms, step-by-step.

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2) How To Get Her to Rip Your Pants Off Fast…

It’s not always easy to get a girl to “let loose” when you’re with her.

Especially when things are starting to get sexual… a lot of girls can be timid, and this is particularly true if you haven’t slept together a lot.

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So in my experience, when a girl always waits for you to make the first move, or never seems to initiate the action herself…

You can easily get her to open up by touching one of her “hot spots.”

These are small, “friendly-seeming” areas all over her body… NOT in sexual places like her boobs or her a**…

… yet because these spots are chock-full of sexual nerve-endings, that few men know about… when you touch one or two of these “hot spots,” she’ll get turned on REALLY quick.

And 9 times out of 10, she’ll be the one to jump on top of you, start unzipping your jeans and ask if you want to go to the bedroom:

Click here to see a hot Playboy Radio Host show you exactly where these “hot spots” are and how to find them.

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3) The “One-Finger Foreplay Move” That Turns Her On (No Matter Where You Are)…

This move is a little experimental, because you can use it in public without getting caught.

It’s called the “Swedish Slide”… and it was discovered by a short, fat Indian man who wanted to sleep with really hot Swedish girls.

He went on a trip to Sweden to see exactly what he could do to sleep with these hot Swedish chicks…

And he tried everything (lines, buying girls drinks, even gimmicky “routines”)…

But none of it worked… until he saw a guy using this one-finger touch trick in a bar one night.

The guy would just walk right up to these tall, gorgeous blonde girls… not say much of anything… use the trick with his left pointer finger… and then a few minutes later?

At least one (if not more) of these girls would be all over him for the rest of the night.

And he got to choose which one he wanted to go home with.

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Well anyway, this short fat Indian man was really impressed by this one-finger trick…

… so he brought the “Swedish Slide” back to the states with him, to share with his close inner circle of friends.

How do I know this?

Well, this “short fat Indian man” also happens to be my mentor Magic…

And he’s giving Gotham Club readers exclusive free access to his “Swedish Slide” technique right here (click here to get it while you still can).

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4) If You Want to Get a Little Kinky…

We’ve all heard about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon… and survey after survey has proven it to be true:

Women want to get kinky. And they want to be dominated during sex.

Of course, even though most women desire this kind of sex… it doesn’t mean they’re used to it.

So sometimes you have to “ease” a woman into it, with a few simple “safe,” yet highly pleasurable rough moves.

My mentor Ruwando is the pioneer of these simple rough sex moves… and these 3 are a great place to start:

Click here to discover the “S&M Spank” plus two more simple rough sex moves that unleash her kinky side.

best foreplay

5) The Easiest Way to Be the “Best She’s Ever Had” & Consistently Blow Her Mind in Bed Every Single Time…

This last trick isn’t really a “move,” but it is experimental… and I consider it “foreplay” because it starts before sex, but makes sex way better too.

It’s this combination of 5 bloodflow-boosting foods, that you can eat for harder, longer-lasting erections that hot girls love.

Because here’s the thing:

No matter how good you are at foreplay…

No matter how many amazing sex moves you have in your back pocket…

If your parts *down there* aren’t operating at “full mast” once it’s time to do the deed?

She’s gonna notice. And more likely than not, it’s gonna be a big turn-off.

So that’s why I always recommend eating this combination of 5 all-natural foods before sex.

They boost your bloodflow, so you’ll be able to get harder quicker… last longer… and as an added bonus, you’ll be able to blow bigger loads too (I’ve found that hot girls really love this haha)…

And because they make you feel “fuller,” odds are the girls you sleep with will notice, and want to have sex with you more often because of it.  😉

This short, free video will show you all 5 foods and how to get them.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 16, 2019.]

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