5 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Sexual Potency Today (Without Drugs)

increase sexual potency

Discover How To Increase Sexual Potency Safely & Naturally Using These Scientifically Proven Tips From An Expert–Plus How to Boost Your Bedroom Performance as Soon As Tonight

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One of the most common complaints among men is a lack of sexual potency.

While this term can be used to describe any number of aspects, it’s often used to describe the ability to induce and maintain an erection hard enough to conduct satisfactory sexual contact.

The most common solution for many is to opt for an erector drug like Cialis or Viagra. Over time, there’s been an alarming increase in the percentage of men resorting to these drugs for potency.1

While these items require prescriptions in some countries, they’re not difficult to get. They also provide a temporary solution to what might be a larger problem.

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There are two main categories of ED (Erectile Dysfunction):

Physical (which usually involves organic causes) and psychogenic. The latter is the most common type, and it can often be the most difficult type of ED to resolve.

Physical ED can be caused by agents such as venous insufficiency (a lack of proper blood delivery caused by venous leaks), injury to the structures of the penis, or may be chemical in origin–which refers to hormonal imbalances or lowered dopamine levels.

Aside from injuries, physical ED can often result as part of a vicious cycle effect exacerbated by prolonged psychogenic ED and all the issues which surround it–like stress and depression.

When it comes to issues like venous insufficiency, the cause can be a result of low testosterone levels.2

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Today, I’m going to share 5 scientifically proven way to increase your sexual potency today–without any drugs or prescriptions.

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1)  Acknowledging & Controlling One’s Pornography Use–And Its Effects On Potency

Over the past few years, more men than ever are complaining about the negative effects they’ve incurred due to porn addiction.

There’s some very real evidence from scientific circles showing the effects of porn use on the mind3, and the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming as well.

In my experience as a male enhancement coach, I’ve noted this effect in a huge number of men I’ve communicated with in a professional capacity.

Part of the reason we’re seeing such a surge in these issues is due to a whole generation of men growing up with ubiquitous access to unlimited porn.

This was something which just didn’t exist until the advent of the internet, so the long term ramifications of this are just starting to be acknowledged.

The problem is so widespread it’s become a priority among men looking into male enhancement solutions. It’s also something I contend with regularly with a good majority of my clients–so much so it may rank near the top of men’s complaints.4

To go into the details of what happens when men view porn while self-stimulating, it has to be understood just how powerful an effect sex has on the reward centers of the brain.

Few things can condition a man as thoroughly as correlating something with sexual pleasure.

Much like what happened to the dogs in Pavlov’s experiments5, whenever one stimulates themselves sexually to a particular theme, a distinct conditioning effect occurs which makes for greater correlations between that theme and a perception of pleasure.

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The first course of action is the most difficult:

Stop watching porn!

This is especially the case if you masturbate along with viewing porn.

This can be an emotionally upsetting series of exercises, so it can’t be stressed enough to guarantee that they have carefully reviewed all the other alternatives accessible professionally before you try to bring matters into their own hands (no pun intended)!

VERY Important: Don’t stop attempting to overcome your addiction just because you had a relapse!

Instead, make every effort to adhere to the plan as described. It doesn’t imply that you failed even if you slip up! Don’t give up on yourself and stop attempting to improve–no matter how many relapses you’ve got to endure!

After the original shock period, you should notice a rise in your EQ (Erection Quality–a mixed measure of stamina and hardness) by reducing the visual and physical stimulus.

From this stage on, one can start what is known as a “Stamina Only” routine (as opposed to the complete enlargement/enhancement routine).

We’ll go into details on the Stamina Only routine later in the article.

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2) Use The Visualization Process to Develop Mastery Over One’s Emotions & Mind

When training, the process of reconditioning the mind comes from paying close attention to your “visualizations.”

This is NOT a reference to sexual fantasy, but a reference to projecting the sort of feelings you want during real sexual interactions.

You’re going to want to project a sense of utmost trust and be totally unencumbered. That way, you can concentrate on all the exercise sensations.

This is designed to condition you towards developing the same emotional backdrop for a sexual encounter.

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Leading up to and when beginning your training, clear your mind.

Sometimes it may be helpful to picture something neutral or a field of white light–or ocean waves. Focus on the tactile sensations that you induce.

At the same moment, attempt to emote a sense of trust and confidence within yourself. Take a deep breath and re-center yourself if your mind begins drifting.

Some find it easier to focus on steadying the emotions–as this can allow the mind to focus on something other than generating thoughts.

This may take some time to get used to, but you will understand the excellent advantages to be had once you turn the corner on this method.

3) Physical Training Recommendations For Maximum Potency 

a) Cardio

No other form of physical requirement is as important as cardiovascular health for proper sexual/penile function.

This makes sense, considering the penis runs on blood.

This is especially the case if one is engaging in sexual activities with a physically fit partner.

If the session requires a lot of stamina, you’re going to need to be able to keep up in a cardiovascular capacity just to maintain the erection.

A minimal suggestion is to partake in 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular based training 3-4 times a week.

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b) Intensive resistance training

Resistance training such as calisthenics and weight training are excellent for maintaining & optimizing hormonal profiles to ensure maximum potency.

Maintaining a higher-than-average amount of muscle mass is also good for boosting metabolism.

This type of training can be performed 3-5 times a week. The focus should be on the big lifts–like squats and deadlifts–in order to maximize hormonal output.

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4) Dietary & Supplement Recommendations For Maximum Potency 

A heart-healthy diet of low starch, low sugars, adequate protein and heart-healthy fats is the optimal plan for male enhancement training.

This type of diet not only keeps the vascular structures healthy but also optimizes metabolism–as well as hormone levels.

a) L-Arginine

For adequate immune function, cell repair, and hormone release, this amino acid is regarded as important.

It’s commonly found in food such as meats, milk and milk products, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, and seafood as well as direct powder, pill or tablets. This amino acid is a precursor to Nitric Oxide–the compound that causes erections.

Take this supplement instantly before exercise or sexual activity.

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b) Zinc 

This element is considered to have antioxidant properties.

It’s also considered good for healing from injury and for the immune system.

There’s also a growing body of evidence indicating zinc may be useful in the treatment of prostate cancer.

This element is considered important for reproductive health and fertility.

Adequate levels of zinc are considered necessary for optimal health, physical performance, and energy levels.

The recommended levels range from 8-15 mg per day.

c) Vitamin E

This fat-soluble vitamin can be found naturally occurring in foods like wheat germ, corn and soybean oils, almonds, seeds and certain greens like turnip, spinach, and kale.

It’s considered a prime source of antioxidants and a regulator of enzymatic activities.

This vitamin is important in maintaining proper circulatory health, reducing prostate enlargement and in repairing tissue damage.

For adults, the recommended dose is 30-200 IU per day.

d) Lecithin

Lecithin is a friendly fat compound with numerous benefits.

Not only is it laden with friendly fats essential to the maintenance of a healthy genitourinary system, but it can also help to bulk up your seminal volume.

The granular version of this supplement is most efficient. Take 1 tbsp per day with meals.

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e) Yohimbe 

This species of evergreen plant comes from Africa.

It’s been used in traditional African medicine as an aphrodisiac and also as a treatment for hypertension.

Its compound (Yohimbine) is used in herbal preparations as an erector aid as well.

This supplement is considered very potent, but with known side effects for sufferers of liver or kidney disease and for those with high blood pressure.

The suggested dose for ED therapy is up to 6 mg 3 times a day.

f) Maca

This South American herb from the radish family has been in use for over 3000 years for ailments such as fatigue and blood problems.

It’s used to increase fertility in livestock as well.

Combining this supplement with hot foods or drinks might cause it to lose its effectiveness. It’s considered good for improving sexual stamina, fertility, hormone balance, and libido.

For maca root powder, the recommended dose is 1.5-3 g.

g) Tribulus Terrestris

This is a widespread herb and in many nations it is regarded as a weed.

The fruits of this plant are intended to reinforce the tissues in ayurvedic medicine, enhance urinary and kidney function, and boost sexual efficiency.

The potential for androgenic stimulation was stated by a rat study.6

It is advised to take between 225-750 mg per day in several doses.

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5) Getting Started With Male Enhancement Exercises Specific to Training For Maximum Potency

The “Stamina Only” Routine for Reversing the Effects of Detraining

A “Stamina Only” male enhancement routine is one where the main emphasis is to develop higher “EQ”–as opposed to enlargement.

That being said, raising EQ can also lead to enlargement by reversing the effects of detraining–especially in cases where there has been extensive shrinkage due to “disuse.”

For successful implementation of the routine, it’s extremely important that you perform these exercises under as pleasant conditions as possible.

This is especially important for the “Stop and Start” exercise!

If you are unable to do a certain number of reps or can’t get to the time goal you set for yourself, don’t let it stress you out.

Focus on the sensations of the exercise and use MENTAL visualizations to help you.

The recommended “Stamina Only” routine is to be done in one sitting and in the following order:

  • Warm-up
  • Kegels
  • Stop and Starts
  • Warm down

The above routine can be done 3 to 4 times a week. You should use “Day 1” to establish a rep baseline.

You’ll do only as many reps to comfortably challenge yourself on that day. From there, you should try to increase your reps in small increments each subsequent training session. Your intensity should also be increased slowly but frequently.

To get personal assistance with performing these exercises, join Male Enhancement Coach. (For more details on how to do that, scroll all the way down to the bottom.)

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How To Perform The Exercises

The Warm Up/Warm Down:

Warming up your penis is a lot like warming up your body before you hit the gym.

It increases gains and decreases the chance of injury. The warm up accomplishes exactly what it sounds–“warming up” your penis.

The “Warm Down” is done in the same manner but at the end of your routine.

The Warm Down promotes quicker healing, continued blood flow and keeps the penile tissues in an expanded state for a longer period (aiding growth).

How To Do a Basic Warm Up/Warm Down:

  • Step 1 – Massage your penis to a semi-erect state.
  • Step 2 – Wrap your penis in a towel that has been soaked in very warm water.
  • Step 3 – Keep your penis wrapped for 5 to 7 minutes.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: You may also sit in a hot tub to achieve the warm-up effect.

One device that achieves all of the above and also has the added benefit of incorporating a vacuum (for increased blood flow) is the Bathmate.

The Rice Sock:

One ingenious invention is the creation of the “rice sock” for warm ups.

Take a clean sock, and fill it more than halfway with uncooked rice.

Place it in a microwave for enough time and power, so the rice gets to the desired temperature. You’ll need to experiment with the time and power setting, as this will vary depending on the size of your sock, the amount of rice in it, and the power of your microwave.

WARNING! DO NOT Overheat Your Rice Sock!

Your penis, like the rest of your body, is sensitive to heat–even more so.

You can cause SERIOUS burns if your rice is too hot. Always double-check the temperature of the rice sock, before proceeding.

Once your rice sock is heated to the desired temperature, insert your semi-erect penis into the sock.

The heated rice inside the sock will warm your penis similarly to the same way as a hot wrap.

NOTE: The rice sock is supposed to be CLOSED before you put your penis inside of it–you do NOT make direct contact with actual grains of rice.

It should also be loose enough to easily drape over your penis.

Along with the rice sock and basic warm up method, there are dozens of ways to warm up, like using a heating pad.

Proper warming up is a MUST before you workout your penis.

Some members cut corners a bit on their warm ups/cool downs, because they are pressed for time. We advise MAKING time for the warm up, to prevent injuries and to maximize gains.

It’s actually very relaxing! Some trainees don’t even consider it part of the workout.

NOTE: Many trainees find that “cooling down” helps with gains too. To cool down, apply some cool water to the penis for a minute or two, or you can just take a cool shower and spend a couple of minutes localizing the water stream toward your penis.

This can be done after a hot soak (warm down) performed immediately after your stamina work, to promote blood flow.

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The One Thing You Need to Know Before Starting a Stamina Regimen…


Before starting a stamina regimen, you should take into account the average number of times per week you ejaculate and/or engage in regularly scheduled sexual activities.

The sudden addition of stamina routines to your schedule, without any adjustments, may cause a drop in EQ.

It would be in your best interest to adjust your weekly ejaculations accordingly, to allow for recovery.

As the key exercise for stamina involved in ejaculations is the “Stop and Start,” it should be noted (as explained below) that you can perform the Stop and Start during sexual encounters.

This can allow you to train and continue your regular sexual activities without much hindrance.


Kegels are one of the most important exercises you can do to develop a really “fit” penis.

This exercise also has the distinction of being listed in Wikipedia as an “enlargement” exercise–as stated on Wikipedia:

“Exercises are usually done to reduce urinary incontinence, reduce urinary incontinence after childbirth, and reduce premature ejaculatory occurrences in men, as well as to increase the size and intensity of erections.”

Kegels can increase your staying time, improve the quality of your erections, can increase ejaculation power (meaning farther spurts), and, in some cases, can help to restore proper functioning to the impotent.

Experts note some people develop venous leaks in the penis over time. Doing kegels have been shown to help “plug up” some of these leaks.

To perform a kegel, simply tighten your PC muscle (also known as the “pelvic floor muscles”) as if you were trying to control the flow of urine.

You should try to move up to 50 holds for 5 seconds each… but remember to start off slowly!

These are best performed immediately after your scheduled girth work.

Perform only enough repetitions to mildly challenge yourself in the beginning. This is NOT an area you want sore from fatigue!

Also, when you contract for the kegel, use just enough force necessary to accomplish the repetition.

Attempt 5 repetitions in your first session.

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The Stop and Start (Edging):

Another common problem some men have is premature ejaculation.

Some cases of premature ejaculation can be solved using the simple “Stop and Start” exercise. The Stop and Start exercise can be performed with a partner.

If you’re performing this exercise alone, you can use the FleshLight Stamina Training Device for your Stop and Starts to get a more realistic feel and for more enjoyable sessions!

To begin, simply start by stimulating yourself manually, or if you are using a partner this can be performed during intercourse or some other form of stimulation.

An important note–if you are using a partner, you must remain in full control while doing this exercise.

If your partner begins to move or tighten themselves up in any way, it will interfere with your concentration.

  • Proceed until the point right before you ejaculate, THEN STOP!
  • Rest a bit until you feel you are starting to lose your erection OR the “Point Of No Return” feeling of ejaculation.
  • Proceed to the start and stop point two more times.
  • AFTER the third time, you may ejaculate if you wish. It’s highly recommended that you do ejaculate after doing this exercise, since NOT doing so over time may actually cause negative conditioning.

You’re building up endurance with this exercise. As time goes by, your first sensation of ejaculation should take longer to achieve.

Your goal should be to be able to do this exercise for 20-25 minutes total.

More is not necessarily recommended as:

  1. There’s a point of diminishing returns, and:
  2. It’s possible to over-condition yourself.

You can find yourself having difficulties ejaculating on demand.

NOTE: It’s important to try to practice this exercise at least 3 times a week, if you are having problems with premature ejaculation.

If you have followed the instructions and are able to accomplish these goals without the use of porn, once you reach the upper limits of reps/times outlined for the exercises above, you should develop much greater EQ, control, and positive mental/emotional conditioning.

Attempt 5-10 minutes total in your first session.

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Stop and Start variations: 

a) Extreme Stop and Starts

In cases where premature ejaculation is physically caused by negative conditioning (e.g.masturbating in a rapid, furtive manner), the “Extreme Stop and Starts” exercise can be employed to counter the effects:

In order to accelerate your progress in this area, we’re going to take a more drastic approach to the Stop and Start exercise.

For your Stop and Starts, you’re going to work with UP TO 10 “stops”–as opposed to the normal 3 stops per session with this exercise.

Even if you have to take long pauses or slow down the tempo, do your best to get up to 10 minutes total with this exercise.

Once you can comfortably get to 10-15 minutes with the 10 stops, we’ll maintain the time and reduce the number of stops each session.

b) Reverse Stop and Starts- 

Perform the “reverse” Stop and Starts to decrease your time to the PONR.

The Reverse Stop and Starts are performed using an extremely light grip and attempt to ejaculate as quickly as possible.

That should help to reset your sensory threshold.

Caution–it won’t take many of these sessions to reset your sensory threshold!

increase sexual potency

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1) Young Men Lead Surge in Viagra Use; Research Shows Threefold Boost Among Men Aged 18-45

2)  Testosterone improves erectile function in hypogonadal patients with venous leakage.

3) Mood changes after watching pornography on the Internet are linked to tendencies towards Internet-pornography-viewing disorder. 

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5) Pavlov’s Dogs

6) The hormonal effects of Tribulus terrestris and its role in the management of male erectile dysfunction–an evaluation using primates, rabbit and rat.

DISCLAIMERThe information in this series of articles is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is highly recommended that you seek professional medical advice if you suspect that you require treatment for any addiction or illness.

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