5G Male Review: My Results After 4 Weeks

5g male

5G Male Is an All-Natural Supplement Making a Lot of Buzz–But Does it Really Work?

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It’s been a month since I started taking 5G Male.

I ordered it because, as a 48-year-old guy, I figure any hedge against aging I can get my hands on — especially when it comes to my sex life — is worth trying.

According to the promotional materials, 5G Male is supposed to make my erections: “stronger, more engorged, [and] longer lasting.”

I should also be able to “perform more often.”

Why not give it a shot, right?

Another reason that 5G Male appealed to me is that it uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients.

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Moreover, it’s made and inspected at a lab here in the U.S., so there are no weird additives or dicey ingredients that I won’t know about.

I got a 90-day supply, and I’ve been taking one capsule a day.

The enclosed letter says that it takes 60-90 days to achieve full results, but that my “system reboot” should start in 2-4 weeks.

After two weeks, I was not sure if I was seeing actual results from 5G Male or if I was just reacting to the increased amount of non-drunk morning sex I was having in an attempt to test 5G Male.

But after 4 weeks, I can be more certain of my results.

Here’s what I think so far:

1) My Recovery Time Is Shorter

A month into my supply, I am fairly certain that I’m seeing some results.

My average recovery time between erections is still not too different from where it was at two weeks — but it’s trending in the right direction.

Before I started taking 5G Male, it took me anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes after ejaculation to recover my erection (so I could go for round 2).

Since starting the 5G Male supplement, my worst recovery time has been 40 minutes.

I also experienced a 5-minute recovery time in the first two weeks.

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And in the last two weeks, I was twice ready to go in only 10-15 minutes (I’m 48 — no judging!).

The 20-30 minute average recovery time over the last two weeks is a definite improvement from where I was before trying 5G Male.

And the fact that my boner is jumping back into action more quickly has been consistent since I started using the supplement.

I am ready to credit 5G Male with a faster recovery time between erections.

2) Random Boners Continue to Pop Up

After two weeks, I noticed that I was experiencing more random boners during the day than I had before trying 5G Male.

For better or worse, that trend continued over the next two weeks, as well.

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While I don’t think that the erections are any more frequent than they were two weeks ago, they’re still popping up on a regular basis.

Although it doesn’t really serve any functional purpose, the extra swelling in my jeans is always a welcome feeling at my age.

It also tends to back 5G Male’s claims of increased blood flow.

3) My Partners Tell Me I’m “Fuller”

The most noticeable change in the 30 days since I started using 5G Male is how hard I am when I have an erection.

I never thought that I wasn’t hard when I was fully erect, but in the last two weeks, my partners (or as I like to call them, “research assistants”) and I have definitely noticed a difference.

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We don’t really have a baseline for girth — I’ve always been kind of thick — but neither my assistants nor I think that I am any thicker.

However, I am much more engorged when I am aroused. Like rock hard.

An interesting side effect from getting so hard is that the pressure of my ejaculations has increased.

I feel it when I come, as do my partners. It doesn’t look like I am coming more, just harder (and farther) than before.

5G Male Review: My Results After 4 Weeks

My 4 Week Check-In: The Quick And Dirty Roundup

After two weeks, I was not sure that I could say 5G Male was responsible for what I was experiencing.

After all, with the help of my partners, I was having considerably more sex in the morning, and without booze.

However, all the trends have continued on the same course after a month.

My recovery time between erections has decreased, and the frequency of my hard-ons has increased.

Plus, my erections are more rigid, and I come harder.

There is nothing else to which I can attribute these physiological differences.

It seems that, so far, 5G Male is doing what it claims to do.

Which, of course, keeps me interested in what will happen as I continue to take it.

You can check to see if 5G Male is still available here: Is There Any 5G Male Left?

P.S. The story of how 5G Male was made is pretty damn crazy (you can’t make this s–t up)… check this out to see the whole amazing story for yourself.

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