6 Shocking Sexual Deal-Breakers That Secretly Turn Her Off (& What to Do Instead)

sexual turn offs

Discover Her Secret Sexual Turn Offs Most Women Are Too Shy to Talk About–And How to Avoid Them So She’s Always DTF…

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Are you looking to hook up, get hitched, find a fling, or just keep a girlfriend around for a while?  

Then you need to read this.  

According to a huge survey, there are certain things you can do (accidentally!) in the bedroom that will end things before they have a chance to get really steamy. 

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Read on to learn about the major sexual deal-breakers.

Avoid these mistakes, and the woman (or women) you sleep with will likely want to hop into bed with you a LOT more often.:

1) The Mistake D.J. Khaled Became Infamous For…

Mistake number one is lack of reciprocation. Reciprocity means giving that goes both ways. 

Reciprocal sexual pleasure means hers is just as important as yours. 

Men who didn’t act that away—for example, men who expect to receive oral sex without returning the favor—don’t keep their ladies happy for very long.

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2) Hiding Your Freak Flag (If You Have One)

This one goes both ways. 

Men and women with really specific kinks or fantasies, who expected their partners to just figure it out, were often frustrated or disappointed.

Let’s say your girlfriend is into “consensual coercion.” That is, she likes it a little rough, as long as you’re both in agreement and having fun.

If you don’t know this, you aren’t going to understand what she wants. She’s got to tell you! If she doesn’t, things could get uncomfortable really fast.

The same goes for you. If you have some kinky fantasies or weird stuff that you’re into, you have to tell her about it. It’s really that simple.

If you don’t, you risk freaking her out and not getting what you want, and that’s no fun for anyone.

But if you take the time to talk your kinks through, you could be living out your wildest fantasies!

3) Ignoring Her Freak Flag

 Even if you find something strange or not very sexy, at least hear her out. 

Maybe she’s into slathering herself with jello and dropping onto you from a rope swing, and you’re kind of just like, huh??

Instead of getting upset or shutting her down right away, think about how you can find some enjoyment in what she’s proposing.

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That is, as long as it doesn’t make you feel hurt or uncomfortable, or push beyond your boundaries in an unhealthy way.

If you conclude that you just aren’t down, practice explaining this gently.

Instead of saying, “Why would I want to do that, you freak!?”

Try something like, “I don’t think I’d be comfortable with that, but what else turns you on?”

4) Having Sex When You Don’t Actually Want To

 Huh? Who doesn’t want to have sex? 

Well, everyone, some of the time.

But we live in a culture where men are expected to constantly want sex. So if your lady wants to get frisky when you’re not really in the mood, you’ve got to explain this to her.

Otherwise, she might feel like she’s unattractive, and that will really dampen the mood when you are into it.

Reassuring her that you find her really sexy and awesome but you’re just tired will keep things steamy.

5) Sticking Too Much to Your Routine

 Let’s face it, guys. Not all women are the same. 

If this is a news flash to you, you’ve got a lot of reading to do!

But really, it’s important to remember that what worked for your last lady might not work for the woman you’re with now.

Maybe Sheila really liked being spanked with a spatula and fed crème brulee in the back of your pickup.

But there’s a small chance that won’t be Mary’s cup of tea.

Mary, meanwhile, might prefer long massages and having her feet tickled.

That’s what’s so fun about getting with a new lover—learning the ways they are different and exciting!

Don’t miss out by going back to all your old tricks. Take the time to talk to your partner and learn what gets her going, and you’ll be going at it for many nights to come.

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6) The Deal-Breaker That Absolutely Cannot Be Ignored (But Is Often Overlooked)…

 This one’s real simple, fellas. 

Wash your clothes and your body. Comb your hair, every once in a while. Brush your teeth. Trim your fingernails.

We live in a culture that expects women to put a lot of effort into how they look.

But women really appreciate it when men go the extra mile, too!

That doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive haircut or rock designer jeans.

Just clean up every once in a while, and maintain good daily hygiene.

Your sex life will thank you for it!

Especially if you really know how to turn her on–here’s how, in my experience:

sexual turn offs

Now You Know What Turns Her Off… Here’s What Turns Her ON!

As you can see the vast majority of these deal-breakers are related to communication… (or lack thereof)…

BUT there are many other ways to communicate than with your words!!

As a matter of fact verbal communication is only 7% of actual communication…

You can “say” much more with your body language, especially when it comes to getting sexual.

For example, your touch.

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Now… you have to be careful with how you touch women.

Some women don’t like to be touched a lot at first. And some women get really defensive about it.

Though the reality is, touch is the “secret ingredient” that gets a woman to have sex with you… because after all sex IS a physical act!

And there are certain spots where you can touch a woman, that will turn her on very fast… and make her eager to hop into bed with you… without getting you in ANY “trouble”…

Like these 3 little-known spots for example.

You can touch her here while you’re watching a movie on the couch… or while you’re out at dinner…

Or even in the morning over coffee (a lot of women are secretly SUPER DOWN for morning sex… myself included lol!!)

And the more you touch a woman in these subtle spots, the more aroused she’ll get… and the more she’ll want to have sex with you right then & there…

Almost like it’s her idea ;-):

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