7 “Last Longer In Bed” Sex Positions For Raging Bull Stamina

sex positions to last longer
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OK, so you’re seeing a woman, and you’re looking forward to getting some action.

Whether it’s a one-time thing, a fling, or a steady partner, you’re probably hoping for a “happy ending.”

But sometimes that ending can sneak up on you.

Finishing the race quickly is totally normal. It means you’re having a great time in bed.

It can even be flattering to your partner!

Still, you want to be in control of your bedroom marathon.

What’s a guy to do?

How can you last longer, help her climax, and master your performance?

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I’ve got some tried-and-true methods any guy can put to use right now.

We asked all our top sex experts for the best sex positions to help you last longer in bed–and here are the 7 best we could find.

These are positions you can use tonight, and they will instantly help you last longer. No crazy tricks, prescriptions, or difficult techniques–just you and the woman you’re with, having an amazing time.

Plus, studies show that women prefer to sleep with men who mix things up in bed, so she’s more likely to come back for more… see what else you’ve got…

Try these positions next time you want to go the extra mile. 😉

1) Face-To-Face


Both of you lie on your sides—you guessed it—face-to-face.

She lifts her leg and puts it around your waist. Simple!


This move is all about closeness and eye contact.

You won’t be able to get extremely deep penetration.

Sometimes that’s a good thing!

Shallow penetration will help you slow down, focus on her, and last longer.

2) The Spoon


Both you and your lady lie on your sides. You’re the “big spoon,” she’s the “little spoon.” In other words, you’re behind her.

She scoots against you, with her butt pushing against your groin.

Since you won’t be able to see where you’re going, you might need to feel your way and guide yourself with your fingers.

Once you’re in position, try grinding, instead of thrusting.


This might be the absolute best position for guys who want to last longer.

Just like Face-to-Face, you won’t be overwhelmed by deep penetration.

Shallow penetration means more stimulus in her clitoral region, so she’s sure to enjoy this one too. 🙂

3) The Twist


This is another version of The Spoon.

Lie front-to-back in the spoon position.

Instead of keeping her legs together, your lady opens her legs like a pair of scissors.

Now shift on top of her, as if you were doing missionary position.

Keep in mind, she stays on her side.

Your stomach and chest should press against her.

(Support yourself with your arms—try not to squish her!)

Now grind away.


Try mixing up The Spoon with this position.

You can go back and forth between The Spoon and The Twist if The Twist puts too much pressure on your arms, or is uncomfortable for the woman.

You’ll both get to enjoy some variety with this one too.

Plus, changing your position will help you last longer naturally.

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4) Missionary Grind


You’ve probably noticed: it’s darn hard to last in missionary.

And that’s because quick thrusting overwhelms you with sensation.

But with just a little adjustment, you can do a missionary marathon.

Instead of thrusting, try grinding.

Move with a gentle, circular motion—as if you were dancing.


Less fast thrusting = more control.

Which means more pleasure for her…

And more endurance for you.

Pro tip: Move your body slightly higher—closer to her head—than you would for normal missionary.

Next, ask your lady to spread her legs a little wider.

This will give her extra clitoral stimulation, making this position excellent for both of you.

You may even reach the finish line at the same time! 😉

5) Missionary Outercourse


Here’s another new take on an old favorite.

One thing makes this move different.

Believe it or not, there’s no penetration.

Get in the missionary position and place yourself between her labia.

Now, grind (very gently) against her clitoris.


This is a very generous move—it’s all about her, but I can promise you’ll enjoy it too.

No penetration means you won’t have to struggle with too much stimulus.

You get a new sensation, plus lots of great body and eye contact.

6) Lotus


Like Missionary Outercourse, this one’s original.

You will get penetration, but you won’t use any thrusting.

Sit up with your legs crossed.

Your lady lowers herself into your lap. You should be facing each other.

She wraps her legs behind your back.

Once you’re in position, it’s time to grind.


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Deep penetration + grinding = amazing sensations.

Plus, by taking the thrust out of the equation, you get extra control.

Pro tip: Use this position if you’re getting close and need to “cool off” for a minute.

It can buy you time without killing the mood!

7) Lying Doggy


OK, the name might make you question my wisdom, but hang on.

I know doggy-style is often a finisher—the last move in a session!

It can be really hard to last long in this position.

But I bet you’ve never tried it this way…

First, get in regular doggy-style.

Instead of staying up on her knees, your lady lies flat on her stomach.

You lie on top of her, gently, with your belly on her back.

This is basically the same as missionary, only she’s on her stomach.

Make sense? Now grind and thrust slowly.

If you have trouble staying in, your lady can raise her rear a little and arch her back.


Lying Doggy has all the best parts of doggy style:

A great angle and a great view.

But it also helps you stay in control.

You’ll be in charge of pace and penetration.

It’s up to you how long you go.

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sex positions to last longer

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