[Brand-New] Facebook’s Dating App: How To Get Laid By Girls You’re Facebook Friends With…

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Discover Everything You Need to Know About the Brand-New Facebook Dating App & How to Use It to Get Laid as Soon As Tonight…

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It was only a matter of time before Facebook started to offer online dating services, and that time has come. 

The cool thing about Facebook is, it knows who your friends are, where you live, and what you’re into.

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It already has your basic information based on what you’ve included in your page and what you follow, so you don’t need to add it in like you would with any other online dating service you sign up for. 

But is it a good option for online dating?

We consulted with David Dupree, one of our experts to find out more about Facebook Dating. 

It’s basically Facebook’s answer to Tinder, and because it’s so brand-new, there are a lot of questions about it that have yet to be answered.

I’m talking about answers to questions like:

  • Will the same strategies that work on Tinder and other apps, be as effective on Facebook Dating?
  • How will Facebook separate out your friends from your potential love interests (or will there be any separation)?
  • Can you use Facebook Dating to get same-night hookups & easy sex–and if so, what’s the most effective way to go about it?

It’s no secret, online dating is a numbers game–and if you want to get the outcome you want (whether that’s a casual hookup buddy, a rotation of women to date and sleep with, or just one serious girlfriend)… you’ve gotta have a plan.

(For example, did you know studies show men who include at least three photos in their Tinder profiles get significantly more matches–regardless of how they look/their height/their bios/etc.?)

So below I’ll share our expert’s thoughts on Facebook Dating–but first, let me dive into it a little bit from a female perspective.

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Can Facebook Dating Make Finding Fast Hookups Easier Than Tinder & Other Dating Apps?

Personally, I think Facebook Dating makes a lot of sense.

The reality is, most people have a facebook tab open on their computer or have notifications from the app in their phone, whereas far fewer people have such instant access to their online dating apps. 

What this means is that there’s less of a confusion about whether a girl is into you… if she hasn’t responded in 5 days, for example, it’s not that she has forgotten to check. 

Chances are she’s posted plenty of statuses since you first messaged her.

Plus, if you connect with a girl and there’s a spark, you may have an expedited online dating experience. Less down time waiting for app-checking. 

David’s insights will surely support you in strategically using Facebook to land amazing dates with some fine women. 

So with that in mind… here’s exactly what he had to say:

Here’s What Gotham Club’s Expert David Dupree Had to Say About Using Facebook’s Brand-New App to Get Laid…

“As guys know, I don’t spend a lot of time with online dating.

I like to be face to face with a woman where I can see what I like – and don’t like – and see her reactions to what I do and say in real-time.

That said, there’s value in online interactions and Facebook Dating is a new online platform for you to leverage.

My online rules don’t change, but there are a couple of caveats.

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The #1 Con of Using Facebook Dating (Holds True on Other Dating Apps Too)

First, as ALWAYS, get offline quickly. 

Don’t spend a tremendous amount of time in a fake relationship investing time and emotions before you see the real person. 

You might be talking romance for months to a warpig. Remember that online OR off, a woman decides fairly quickly if she is interested or if she is not.

If she is not interested in meeting you when you reach what you consider the peak of your 3rd or 4th conversation, it’s unlikely that a deeper relationship will develop later, whether or not she’s willing to keep talking.

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Talking is LOW-RISK for her and LOW-REWARD for you, but uses TIME.

Remember what increases the hold a woman has on you:

1) Physical interest in her; desire for her specific body or looks)…

2) Voice; interest in the way she talks or the sound of her voice…

3) Personality; her specific way of thinking, speaking or behaving…

4) And HER interest in YOU. A girl you are not SUPER gung-ho on who is totally into you gets a bump up on your interest meter.

5) Let’s also not forget ease of access – a girl who’s interested in getting a guy TONIGHT can distract you from a girl who’s interested in you but moving too slow.

6) Proximity – barring all else, being near a woman – where you can actually touch her, can distract you from her lack of interest or other weaknesses

Realize that the first three (and the 6th) can only be assessed in real life, even though you can get fake impressions from messages and pictures – which are not the same as a conversation and VISUAL confirmation.

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But Here’s Where Facebook Dating Holds TREMENDOUS Value For You…

Despite all the foregoing discouragement, there is a TREMENDOUS value to online, chat, text and email relationships: 


If you are going to have “loose connection” acquaintances with the possibility of more, it’s much better to do that with three or four texts a week than in person with all the time even the most cursory conversation loses, in addition to the willingness guys have to waste time when the woman is right there.

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As well, when you are only texting or emailing a potential woman, you have the opportunity to practice conversation AND reread what worked and what didn’t. 

You can also cut and paste to carry on several conversations at the same time, like playing simultaneous chess.

(But more on that in a bit.)

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What Exactly Can You Do With The “Secret Crush” Feature?

Regarding the “Crush” feature–whereby you can let Facebook match you with friends who you have a crush on without letting them know anything unless they also have a crush on you–this is a great, riskless way to find friends for more.

Unfortunately, please realize that dating a Facebook friend has already proven to be dangerous because of their access to your information and your social network. 

This has already been discussed, so I won’t get detailed, but act accordingly.

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Also, if you do use this–you can only select up to 9 friends that you are crushing on.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to weed out useless acquaintances. 

If you’ve met this woman purely for the possibility of sexy time and she has demonstrated a minimal–or nonexistent–interest in you, use this as the final straw to get rid of her. 

Stop wasting time on women who don’t like you, please.

But back to what I mentioned earlier–“copy-and-pasting” parts of conversations with different women, so you can easily talk to multiple women at the same time.

What exactly can you “copy-and-paste”?

facebook dating

5 “Copy-And-Paste” Messages That Make Hot Facebook Girls Horny & Eager to Hookup With You Right Away…

When I mentioned copying and pasting multiple conversations to different women at the same time… you might have been thinking something like:

“That sounds great… but what exactly can I copy and paste?”

Good question–I’m referring to these 5 short, yet clever “copy-and-paste” messages←

There are TONS of lines you can find online for dating sites and dating apps… and 99% of them just don’t work.

As a matter of fact the majority of those lines are untested, and often get rejected quickly as a result… (even if the girl was uber interested in you before).

But these messages are different.

They’re unique, and few guys know them… though they have been thoroughly tested… both by myself and the guys I personally coach…

And they work REALLY well to get a girl to:

  • Respond right away (usually within an hour, often in < 10 minutes)…
  • Joke around with you, even suggesting you meet up in person before you do…
  • Stay engaged, ask you questions, and open up about herself FAR sooner than you might expect…

Hell, every now and then, these messages will even allow you to find a girl who’s into you… horny… and eager to show up to your place with a bottle of wine, in knee-high boots, a trench coat…

And nothing but skimpy lace black lingerie underneath:

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P.S. I think my favorite of the bunch is this “innocent” question, which can get a hot girl to turn things sexual like it’s her idea… would you try it?

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