Crazy S*x Move That Sends Her Into Spasms

Crazy S*x Move That Sends Her Into Spasms

How to Hit Her Spots (From A to G)… And Give Her the Most Intense Orgasms of Her Life

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Ok, guys. I’m here today to do some very important myth-busting. 

Now I’m guessing you’ve heard about this mystery since you very first noticed there were real live girls sitting next to you in your high school classes. 

What mystery am I talking about? 

The G spot. 

That’s right: that sneaky, secret, and possibly-not-even-real sexy part of a woman’s body. 

The part of the body that, if you can find it, will drive her wild with desire for you. 

Drive her wild with desire, and keep her coming back for more… 

I’m sure the G spot has come up in locker room talk through your life. 

But does that mean that most men know how to find it? 

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Definitely not! 

The ‘ol G spot has been challenging men for many a year. 

Most men really struggle to find the G spot. So if you can nail it, you’ll be a hero in her book!

In fact, I remember when I was in college, and my campus offered a seminar: on how to find the G spot.

The seminar was open to students of all genders, but it was mostly attended by guys — confused guys who wanted to crack this case and become bedroom wizards. 

After all, what man doesn’t want to give a woman a mind-blowing, earth-shattering, lip-biting, total body orgasm?

That’s what the G spot is for! 

Well, gentlemen, never fear: Gotham Club is here.

Read on to learn how to blow her mind in bed:

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Cue the “X-Files” Music… The Truth Is Out There…

Let’s break this down so you can be teaching a G spot seminar for two on your next date night. 

The G spot is one of the great mysteries of human existence. 

What is it? Where is it? Does it even exist? 

Once you find the G spot, what next? Maybe you haven’t yet heard of the A spot, the hot new thing driving women crazy…

Luckily, I’ve consulted experts, and thrown in a good pinch of my own experience as a woman (with, yes, all the spots) to help you become a pro… 

It’s actually not that tricky…

Crazy S*x Move That Sends Her Into Spasms

Gee, She’ll Be Happy When You Find Her “G”

Let’s start with the G spot, boys. That age-old mystery. 

First off, the G spot does exist! Well, sort of. 

According to experts, the G spot is a cluster of nerves that, when a woman is aroused, is pleasurable when touched. 

For some women, touching the G spot can lead to incredibly intense orgasm. 

The kind of orgasm she will want you to give her again and again… 

But, the G spot does not behave the same all the time.

For example, if you go after the G spot before doing enough foreplay, your lady might just feel like she needs to pee! 


But if you get her warmed up first and then hit that spot, you’ve got it made. 

Ok, so you’ve put in the legwork, and now you’re ready to find the G spot. 

Where is it exactly? 

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If a woman is lying on her back with a clock on her pelvis, the G spot is about two inches in, on the tummy side of her vagina, at about 12:00. 

This will vary from woman to woman, so you can have fun with your partner by feeling around. 

Ask her what feels good. And pay attention to what you find with your finger tips. 

What are you looking for, sensation-wise? 

The tricky thing about the G spot: you might feel nothing different at all. 

Or you might feel a slightly harder, or maybe sponge-like, texture. 

The key here is communication. With her as your guide, you’ll strike gold. 

You can access the G spot by curling your finger upward slightly, as if you are gesturing at someone to come here. 

Move around and ask her where she feels a pleasant sensation. 

But keep in mind, she’s really got to be warmed up for this to work! 

hit her spots
Learn how to hit her spots below…

(A little back-rub and some neck kissing never killed anyone, am I right?)

It’s true, experts don’t totally agree on what or where the G spot is, exactly. 

And, of course, all women’s bodies are different. 

The G spot might even feel different to her at different times of the month, or day. 

That’s a lot to keep track of! 

But, as I said before, the key is talking — ask the woman you are with what she likes, and whether or not you ever find her actual G spot, you WILL find what drives her wild…

And if you need a visual guide, this will help…

Keep reading, there’s MORE:

Crazy S*x Move That Sends Her Into Spasms

Now You’re Ready for Your PhD in Pleasure 

If you haven’t heard of the A spot, you’re in for a treat–and so is she. 

The fancy name for the A spot is the anterior fornix erogenous zone. 

Ok, yikes. But with a little practice, finding the A spot will be easier than pronouncing it! 

Here’s how to get started. 

First: find the G spot. 

Then, once you’ve become a G spot ninja, move your finger about an inch farther back, while keeping the same “come here” position with your finger tip. 

Feel a slight bump? That’s the A spot! 

Great news: sex experts (and real women too) agree that touching the A spot is great for preparing a woman for a G spot orgasm. 

Finding both of these special spots is sure to have her begging for more…

And most men can’t find either spot, so if you can find BOTH, she will not only beg for more…

She’ll be bragging about you to all her friends… 

Now, if you’re still having trouble finding the G spot, this A spot might seem extra frustrating… 

But, never fear. Practice makes perfect. And a woman is sure to be eager to talk you through the process. 

After all, there’s a lot in it for her…

So get ready to go on a treasure hunt… One will lead to as much sex as you want…

Crazy S*x Move That Sends Her Into Spasms

How Do You Guarantee Sex Whenever You Want?

It’s actually very simple.

Get good at sex.

In fact, get GREAT at it!

Because when you know how to REALLY please a woman, she’s gonna become addicted to your d*ck…

…and she’ll be telling her friends how amazing you are too! We LOVE telling our friends when we’re having amazing sex…

Become a master of stimulating her A spot, and you’ll have to fight to get her off your D.

Like I said… few guys know about this…so don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it… let alone what to do with it!

I know, from too many frustrating personal experiences 🙁

But Craig has written up a WHOLE piece showing you:

1) Where the A-Spot is

2) How to hit it consistently

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And today I’m sharing it with you!

When I first shared it with this guy I’ve been sleeping with, I started having INTENSE orgasms every single time we f**ked!

Before, I’d get off if he went down on me or fingered me, but almost never when he penetrated me–except on those rare occasions when he really lasted a long time.

AND because he’s getting me off more often, and a lot quicker, he’s enjoying it sex a lot more than he used to!

Just be careful which girls you use it on since it has the tendency to turn “ice queens” or “meh” girls into Stage 5 Clingers…

They will start to blow up your phone DEMANDING sex at all hours of the day and night…

I admit… lately I find I want to steal away my guy’s personal time, and make him drop what he’s doing so he can pleasure me. So without further ado…

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