Do THIS…Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

what is edging

What Is Edging? And  How You Can Use It To Go All Night Long…

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FACT: to make her want you, you have to be the man that gives her an orgasm.  (Like, at least one!)

Because, the better the sex, the more she’ll come back to you…

More facts:  

It takes the average woman 13.46 minutes to climax.

It takes the average man 5.4 minutes to climax.  

So… something’s gotta bridge that gap…

So today, I want to talk about the female orgasm, and why (on average) it takes women longer to climax.

AND I want to tell you about three ways to make sure the woman you’re with ALWAYS has an orgasm.  Or two.  Or three… 

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First, there is a sex practice that can make you last longer, and I’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial…

Next, I’ll share some tricks that make her orgasm faster…

And finally, there are a few positions that make her Os way more intense… (trust me!)

Because that’s the ultimate goal…

The guy that can give me an intense, toe curling, bed shaking orgasm is the guy I remember, fantasize about, and tell my friends about…

And call the next time I get that 2 am itch…

So let’s get started:

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If It Feels Like You’re Always Waiting for a Woman… You’re Right

As I mentioned, according to a study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average time it takes for a woman to orgasm is 13.46 minutes.

This study was pretty exhaustive: it  took place over the course of eight weeks with 646 women from 20 different countries.

The results of the study were recorded with the women timing themselves with a stopwatch every time they got busy with their partner.

what is edging

The results may have been different if women included their solo orgasms… since women are so familiar with their own bodies, some can make themselves orgasm in seconds.  

This is important to remember, because it’s a reminder that she’s not having sex with you ONLY to have an orgasm.  

She could do that on her own…

she’s there because she wants to be with you…

AND have an orgasm.

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

An Earth Shaking Climax Isn’t an Exact Science

While this study could tell us exactly how long it takes women to hit the high spot —  orgasms aren’t an exact science. Some women may take longer than others. 

And for some lucky guys, their women take no time at all.

This could be for a number of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with how much she wants you

It has nothing to do with your size down there, or your skills in the bedroom.

For example, if a woman is stressed, it may take her longer to orgasm or it may prevent her from getting there at all. Stress affects the body in many ways and sometimes when her mind can’t shut down, her body can’t turn on. 

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Women who are under the influence of alcohol may also have difficulty getting to the point of climax. Alcohol numbs your body and your brain, making it harder to feel physical touch.

So, how can you last long enough to give a woman the time she needs to climax?

That’s where edging comes in…

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

The Secret to Lasting Revealed… What Is Edging?

One technique to make yourself last as long as possible is called ‘edging.’ Edging is simply putting off your orgasm until you can’t possibly take it anymore.   But there’s nothing simple about it…

This not only helps you to hold out for her sake, but it also results in more powerful orgasms… 70% of women who have experienced this delayed gratification say it leads to more intense orgasms.

what is edging

There are 3 main methods to use to postpone your orgasm:

1)The Squeeze

The first method is called the squeeze. You can even practice this one by yourself.

As soon as you feel like you’re about to have a powerful orgasm, squeeze the area of skin right below the tip of the penis. 

Hold that for about 10 seconds, or until you feel the desire to explode subside a little. This small action stops the ejaculation so that you can jump back into the game and work on getting her closer to her own explosion… 

2)The Semans Maneuver

The Semans Maneuver is more commonly known as the stop/start technique. This is one of the most widely used methods to use while practicing edging.

Basically, you are just taking breaks during sex. When you feel that the climax is about to happen, pull out in order to stop it in its tracks. 

But, don’t stop completely…

You should still be giving your woman attention… while you are recovering, you can get her closer to her own orgasm.

For example, consider going down on her or fingering her and kissing her breasts. This will keep her happy and stimulated until you’re ready to go again… 

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3) Practice

The last method is pretty self-explanatory. It’s called practice. After all, practice makes perfect…

And while you’re practicing, here’s some interesting things to keep in mind (literally).

More than 96% of surveyed men have said they’ve tried to delay ejaculating during sex, and one of the most common things they do (while using the edging techniques listed above) is try thinking of something else.

Hey, it’s a classic for a reason…

These are the most common things guys think about to hold off an orgasm:

  • Work
  • Sports
  • Someone unattractive
  • Math
  • Inanimate objects
  • Parents or Grandparents (!)

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

Here’s How You Cut Down Those 13 Minutes… 

Now remember, women don’t need their whole sexual play to be penetrative sex.  In fact, according to studies, many women never achieve orgasm from penetration.

One recent study surveyed women to determine how long they wanted to spend having sex.  The average amount of desired time is actually 30 minutes — and that’s including all sex play, from foreplay to orgasm.

That same study found that foreplay and oral sex are women’s two favorite activities, before you even start penetrative sex… so you can have a lot of fun (and she can even have a couple of orgasms) without you having to last very long at all…

Do THIS...Last Longer In Bed…& Make Her Come More Than Any Other Guy

So Now That You Know Pretty Much EVERYTHING There Is To Know About Lasting Longer…

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