Do You Have Penis Death Grip Syndrome? If It Takes You A While to Get Hard the Answer May Be “Yes” (Here’s What You Can Do About It)

Do You Have Penis Death Grip Syndrome? If It Takes You A While to Get Hard the Answer May Be “Yes” (Here’s What You Can Do About It)

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Okay, I’m guessing you’ve spent your entire life protecting a certain sensitive body part.

You know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing worse than an accidental doorknob (or an intentional knee or foot) to the ‘ol family jewels.

Obviously, your manhood is a part of your body that’s loaded with nerve endings.

Not only is this area highly sensitive to pain, it’s also a major pleasure center.


With that in mind, you might have noticed, lately, that this area is a little less sensitive.

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In fact, you might even have started to notice a downright lack of sensation down there.

Maybe it takes you longer to reach an orgasm, or maybe you just feel like your sexual sensitivity is duller than it used to be.

This can be scary, weird, and frustrating.

But believe it or not, it’s actually pretty common, especially as guys get older.

This syndrome even has a name.

What Is “Penis Death Grip Syndrome” & How Can It Potentially Hurt Your Sex Life?

 Ever heard of “Penis Death Grip Syndrome?” 

You have now. 

Yep. Decreased sensitivity in the penis is nicknamed Penis Death Grip Syndrome, and it’s common enough that there’s an entire website devoted to it.

Now, this isn’t a term your doctor is going to use to diagnose you, but it is something that a lot of guys can relate to! 

So why does Penis Death Grip Syndrome occur? 

Well, no one is exactly sure. Some suggest that it’s because of excessive masturbation. 

Too much hand contact can dull the nerves in the penis. Maybe.

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I mean, you get it. You’ve got a death grip on that particular part of your anatomy too often, and the nerves start to, well, die.

Now, this isn’t scientifically proven. There are no studies on what is “too often” when it comes to masturbation, and what effect it can have on your nerves.

There’s a more scientific term for the same problem, however, and that’s “penile desensitization.”

Okay, it’s a little less entertaining than “Penis Death Grip Syndrome.” (Even if it sounds more official.)

Whatever you call it, what can you do if you suffer from this problem?

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Sexologists have some ideas.

One recommends varying the ways you pleasure yourself.

Others suggest looking into underlying health problems. These could include things like diabetes and high blood pressure.

In fact, blood pressure that is even slightly high can have a big impact on performance.

Getting yourself checked out by a doctor is a good place to start when trying to troubleshoot sexual problems of any sort.

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(And maybe start by telling them you have “penile de-sensitization” rather than “Penis Death Grip Syndrome,” unless you want to get some weird looks. Or maybe even some medical chuckles.)

One potential cause of Penis Death Grip Syndrome may be low testosterone. This is another thing for your doc to check before you start popping prescription pills, as there are many natural methods of boosting testosterone without synthetic hormones.

Certain medications can also mess with your manhood. Check out the list of side effects on your prescriptions, and have a conversation with your doctor.

Many other health problems can also play a role, such as being at an unhealthy weight, eating poorly, smoking, or not getting enough exercise.

In other words, if Penis Death Grip Syndrome is causing the death of your sex life, you’ve got yet another good reason to start getting healthy!

Did You Know Your Mood Can Affect Your Sensation During Sex Too?

 Mental health can also play an important role in Penis Death Grip Syndrome and overall sexual health.

Anxiety, for example, can really kill the mood when it comes to bedroom matters.

If you often feel sad or anxious, your body and brain are not going to care too much about getting it on.

This can be a vicious cycle, as poor sexual performance can contribute to your feelings of anxiety or depression, making your bedroom problems worse.

Considering mental health as a cause of sexual problems could get you on the road to healing.

Focusing on stress release and spending time on healthy hobbies and with loved ones can be better than the best medicine.

Then again, there’s something to be said for acceptance.

Some sex experts say that less sensitivity and slower orgasms could just be a normal change in your body.

If all else fails and that seems to be the case, embrace it!

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I mean, who wants to go back to those college days when lasting more than thirty seconds was a pipe dream? (Not your lady friend, I guarantee it.)

If it takes you a little while to get off, and you’ve ruled out other health problems, that’s okay!

Consider it an excuse to slow down and take your time. Or a confirmation of what you’ve always suspected: the quickie just might be overrated.

However, if you’re feeling decreased sensitivity *down there*, then you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to get that sensation back… and make sex feel more pleasurable again.

Luckily, there is:

death grip syndrome

Here’s What You Can Do to Increase Sensitivity *Down There* Right Away…

If you feel like you have “death grip syndrome” then you should see a doctor as soon as you can…

However, in the meantime there are a few things you can do.

For one, cut down on porn and masturbating. If you’re choking your chicken more than once a day, then you can definitely start becoming desensitized…

And I get it, masturbating is fun!!

It’s a time killer. Hell I work from home, and half my day is fighting the urge to touch myself… (girls aren’t all that different ya know). 😉

But bringing that number down to once a week can make a big change!

Next, is introduce these 5 foods into your diet ←

These foods are all plant-based, and have been known to help clean, and expand your blood vessels… which makes it a lot easier for blood to flow down into your penis.

This of course can result in a higher sex drive…

Making it effortless to get as hard as a lead pipe, and stay harder for long periods of time…

And you may also experience bigger and more pleasurable loads when you ejaculate, so sex feels like it’s supposed to!

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