Do You Need TRT? 5 Benefits of Higher Testosterone Levels (Plus How to Get More T Naturally)…

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Life as a single man is not always easy.

Dating has its challenges and pitfalls and requires a good deal of emotional energy.

Staying physically vital is key during these times—getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising are great ways to keep your energy up while playing the field.

But perhaps one of the most important things you need to consider?

Making sure your testosterone level is exactly where you want it to be.

Keeping testosterone at its prime is more challenging for men today because there are many environmental and lifestyle variables working against you.

The average guy can’t just assume that his hormones are in optimal proportions, and this is especially true for aging men.

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Luckily, maturity, poise, and the sex appeal that comes with the salt and pepper look can be magnets for women on the prowl—don’t let a drop in testosterone undermine your sultry silver fox demeanor!

Many guys turn to TRT, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, as their first option when it comes to replacing lost testosterone.

But this isn’t your only option.

So today, I’m going to show you 5 best testosterone boosters can improve your well-being and sex life.

And at the end, I’ll also show you a cool new way to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

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1) Your Physique

Without testosterone, there’s no way to build muscle mass.

Low testosterone levels lead to a higher percentage of body fat.

This is completely normal for women, who have naturally lower levels of testosterone than men.

But when a man’s testosterone levels are on point, he can expect to build and retain muscle mass and keep a low percentage of body fat with relative ease.

Even if you work out a lot, you may not see the gains you expect if your testosterone is below a healthy level.

2) State Of Mind

Drops in testosterone have been associated with low moods and even depression.

Ever noticed how you feel happier after going to the gym?

That’s precisely because by working out, you gave yourself a testosterone boost. Working out is a one of the best testosterone boosters. 

But without the proper level of testosterone in your body, even temporary highs brought on by exercise can quickly slump.

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Balancing your testosterone levels is a key part of boosting your baseline happiness—the mood you revert to after your highs and your lows.

Who wouldn’t want to bump that up? 😉

3) Sex Drive

Testosterone is the foundation for sex drive.

This hormone is very much responsible for the spark you feel between you and that attractive brunette at the bar, and for the fireworks in the bedroom once you take her home.

If your testosterone levels are off, however, you may end up just having your drink and retreating into the night by yourself.

There’s no need to feel bad or blame yourself—you may simply have had a dip in testosterone levels, and there are solutions for that.

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4) Healthy Heart

Your heart is a powerful organ whose primary job is to pump blood all throughout the body. This much is well-known.

But did you know that testosterone plays a role in heart health?

One of the roles of testosterone in the body is to contribute to the production of red blood cells, which the heart sends throughout the body to nourish your muscles, tissues, and organs.

Well-calibrated testosterone benefits all your body systems and has been shown to decrease the likelihood of having a heart attack.

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5) Sturdy Bones

Everyone knows that vitamin D is helpful for supporting bone density.

But a lesser-known fact is that testosterone is also responsible for bone health. Weak bones are more at risk of breaking upon impact.

Low testosterone can contribute to osteoporosis, a condition in which bones get thinner and thinner.

You might have heard that drinking milk is a good way to strengthen bones, but this can be risky for men due to the fact that milk can increase estrogen levels.

Keeping testosterone at a healthy level is a great way to support strong and healthy bones.

If a phenomenal physique, strong sex drive, elevated mood, healthy heart, and strong bones sound good to you, then you will definitely want to be sure your testosterone levels are on point.

There are many ways to support testosterone production.

Exercise, healthy eating, getting eight to nine hours of sleep each night are all great approaches to boosting testosterone.

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However, some men can benefit from a more aggressive approach, such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Although TRT may be an appropriate solution for some, it can be extremely taxing on the body, may present complications, and can be expensive.

This option is better for people with severely low testosterone. Although most men could certainly benefit from a testosterone boost, fewer will need such an intensive treatment.

Considering how essential testosterone is to health and happiness, every man should be giving attention to his hormone levels one way or another.

With so much riding on your hormone balance, ignoring testosterone hardly even seems like an option.

Single life is hard enough—why make it harder by ignoring this one key factor?

If you are looking for a powerful but more natural way to boost your testosterone…

best testosterone boosters
Check out some of the best testosterone boosters without using trt

Here’s How to Get the Same Benefits Without TRT…

It’s no secret, TRT has a lot of great benefits… but it doesn’t work for every guy.

For example:

A lot of older or out of shape men don’t get good results from TRT… because the extra testosterone can’t be absorbed, due to bad bloodflow.

Healthy bloodflow is crucial if you want to properly absorb testosterone…

… and it’s also necessary if you want to keep things running right *down there* 😉

In fact studies show that men with good bloodflow have stronger erections…

More stamina…

… and a lot more energy all-around.

(This is true even for men who have low testosterone!)

Luckily you can easily boost your bloodflow with exercise…

Drinking more water…

And even eating certain foods.

There are 5 foods in particular that are especially powerful…

… and can not only clean out your blood vessels… but expand them, so blood travels faster:

Click here to see what these foods are!

P.S. The best part is, these foods are all-natural, plant-based, and pretty tasty too. 🙂

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on February 8, 2021.]

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