Does A Bl*wjob A Day Keep the Doctor Away? Surprising New Research Says “Yes!” (Here’s How to Get More Oral Right Away)

benefits of oral sex

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Oral—who doesn’t love it?

Most dudes do, for sure. But some women definitely aren’t crazy about giving it.

What if you’re way into your lady, but she isn’t a big fan of going down on you?

Why could that be?

Anyone who’s had oral sex has faced the same problem.

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Excuse my bluntness, but you’ve gotta figure out what to do with the… well, “end result.”

Maybe your partner has no problem swallowing. This can be great, because it eliminates that awkward sprint to the bathroom to spit in the sink.

(The third alternative, frankly, is a mess.)

Some women may not want to give oral sex that often because they don’t want to deal with any of these options.

“Why should I swallow,” she might wonder? “Could that stuff be bad for me?”

That’s why we’re here with some surprising information about how women can benefit from swallowing (yes, really!).

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 If your lady isn’t into giving oral, you don’t want to pressure her, for sure.

But you can talk to her to figure out why.

Maybe she feels like there’s nothing in it for her.

Maybe it’s a lot of work that she doesn’t enjoy all that much and she thinks she doesn’t get much benefit ot of it.

If that’s the case, well, science is here to come to your rescue.

If you can have comfortable, open conversations about sex with your partner, you might want to bring this up next time things get frisky.

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So what have we found out?

Women who are hoping to have children might be able to get a healthier pregnancy by giving oral and swallowing.

What!? Oral sex can’t even cause pregnancy, so how does that work!?

Amazingly, studies reveal that swallowing after oral sex may decrease “recurrent miscarriages.”

 Recurrent means a woman has three or more miscarriages.

Recurrent miscarriages happen to about 1 percent of women. But many more women can experience a miscarriage at least once.

The cause of many of these miscarriages is not known.

We don’t know what causes them, and we don’t know exactly what prevents them.

But scientists have some theories.

In fact, one study revealed that a group of women who frequently performed oral sex on male partners had fewer miscarriages than a group of women who rarely performed oral sex.

Scientists don’t know for sure that oral sex helps prevent miscarriages.

Of course, semen is absorbed by a woman’s digestive system when she swallows. I mean, it has to go somewhere.

According to a lot of fancy scientific language, researchers suspect that exposure to the father’s semen via swallowing might make it easier for a woman’s body to carry a pregnancy to term.

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Even if you’re all done having kids or not looking to conceive, there could be other health benefits associated with the good ‘ol swallow.

After all, semen is only 1% sperm!

And even sperm have to be strong enough to basically complete a marathon.

Your body puts a lot of effort into making that stuff. So what else is in there? A whole assortment of nutrients and protein.

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Of course, this is not to suggest that yo put any pressure on a woman who doesn’t want to give oral sex, or who doesn’t want to swallow.

It’s a good rule of thumb: if she wants to do it, she’ll offer. The best way to give her the idea is probably to offer to do the same for her. (Win-win, eh?)

But if oral sex is something you know she doesn’t mind doing, you can increase the frequency, maybe, or encourage her gently to try swallowing with some of these points.

And you can definitely get her to give you oral if you do this too:

benefits of oral sex

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