Girth Matters: How To Get Thicker & Fuller Erections Naturally With This Easy 2-Minute “Exercise”

When it Comes to the Size Of Your Package, Does Girth Matter More Than Length? Discover The Truth Below, Plus How to Increase Your Girth For MAX Pleasure…

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This is another episode of Ask Ruwando. 

I’m Ruwando on behalf of Gotham club.

And we have a question from Chris today.

Chris asks:

3 SEXY PORNSTARS REVEAL: “D**k Size Doesn’t Matter During Sex… But THIS Does!”

How can I make my d*ck girthier–like, thicker?”

Thanks for the question, Chris.

There’s more to sexual pleasure than girth, or the size of your d*ck.

But girth does matter (more than length for a lot of women).

So here’s what I can tell you about increasing the thickness of your penis naturally:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

If you’ve already decided you want to have a thicker penis, there’s something called jelqing, you may have heard of it before.

So the way jelqing works is that you’re forcing extra blood into the erect top part of your penis.

It’s kind of stretching it out and allowing more blood, and that’ll allow you to have firmer erections.

Some guys even say if you do it often enough, it will actually make your d*ck permanently bigger.

Of course, it does take some dedication to get that far.

But I recommend jelqing even a little bit to guys who want stronger and thicker erections naturally.

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So the way it works is, I mean, I don’t have a dummy penis to demonstrate this…

But you want to get to a partial erection, just so you have some blood there.

Like if it’s completely cold, if you just got out of a cold pool, you’re not gonna be able to do this technique.

But get some blood down there warming up, and you’ll be good (you don’t want a full-on erection though).

It Doesn’t End There…

And then you can make an “OK” symbol and grab the base of your shaft right where your d*ck connects to your body.

Squeeze a medium amount. I mean, you can gauge how much to squeeze–obviously not so much to hurt yourself.

And then you slide up towards the head.

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You don’t want to go over the head, but slide right up to the head, and you’ll notice that you’re kind of inflating your penis with blood.

As you squeeze up, the head of your penis will be kind of full and then you let go. And you keep doing that.

And as I mentioned before, over time this has been known to increase blood flow to the penis and will allow you to get stronger erections.

But you know what?

At the end of the day, I know it’s different strokes for different strokes… and jelqing doesn’t work for every guy.

So here’s an alternative way to make your d!ck fuller without jelqing or any weird “exercises”:

does girth matter

What If Jelqing Doesn’t Work For You?

I’ll admit jelqing is not for everyone… it doesn’t work the same for every guy… and has even been known to cause E.D. in certain circumstances.

So if you want something that will fill out your girth, without weird exercises… then I highly recommend you try this ←

It’s an ancient combination of 5 foods commonly used in Southeast Asia to boost guy’s boners…


Simple, by increasing your blood flow.

Now… when I first heard about this combination of foods, I was skeptical.

To me it sounded like some pseudoscience nonsense… and so I just brushed it off at first.

But then I looked into the science behind it… and I was really impressed.

The science DOES check out, and these foods are legit.

Which means when you eat enough of them, your boners might appear fuller… and you can really make the most of what you’ve got *down there.*

As a matter of fact several of my personal buddies have tried these foods and REALLY noticed a difference…

They say their sex drives are higher… it’s easier to get hard… their d*cks felt and looked thicker…

And this might be TMI, but one of my buddies even told me he busts bigger loads now since he started eating these foods:

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