How A Hot French Girl Showed Me the “Secret” to Effortlessly Attracting Women

how to attract a girl

How To Attract a Girl (Or Girls) You Want Using VERY Little Effort–Even If You’re Shy Or Introverted…

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Let’s talk about Introverts vs. Extroverts.

People have different opinions about it, but many of them basically say this:

If you’re an introvert, then people drain you…

And if you’re an extrovert, then people energize you.

I disagree with this opinion.

“What? Are you a psychologist, David?” You might be wondering…

No, not really, although that is what I studied in my undergraduate career.

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However, I am a professional–and I do deal with people who bring me long-term problems.

And very often, the people I deal with often undergo a fundamental change.

It’s a change much larger than, “I’m no longer scared of beautiful women,” or, “I’m no longer angry at men!

I get to see shy, quiet guys bloom into gregarious, confident men who sit next to their new woman looking calm and self-possessed.

In other words, I watch “static” personalities change.

People can break these “introverted” and “extroverted” habits.

And ultimately, doing this will allow you to attract more hot women than you ever thought possible… and using very little effort.

It All Started When I Fell in Love With a Beautiful French Girl…

I used to be a pretty good swimmer–competitive, even, when I was in school.

Nevertheless, later in life when I met and fell in love with a French woman… I couldn’t understand how tireless she was in the water.

At first, I thought she floated better than I did because of our gender-based differences in body fat.

“Oh well,” I reasoned, “At least she’s not as fast as me.” I tried to console myself.

Again and again, however, I’d come out of the water and lay in whatever exotic sunshine we were under, exhausted, and waiting for my breathing and heartbeat to come back under control.

She kept her head out the whole time! And she was fast. She could even do the strenuous breaststroke.

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I could go as fast as her, but whether or not I did, I would come out heaving and rest under the sun while she stayed in the water swimming. She didn’t even know we were competing.

To her, it was like walking.

I knew there was only one possibility:

There’s something she knows about swimming that I don’t know.

So on one trip to Corsica and the south of France, I made a goal.

I wanted to stay in the water longer than her.

So on our first swim together in the ocean, I intended to stay in until after she got out (I didn’t tell her this).

I watched her swim as I got more and more spent.

Suddenly, I recognized something was different in the way she swam.

Something about the frog-like way she’d swim–the buoyancy of the lungs keeping her and her head up–was like walking.

As I managed to match this rhythmic wax-on wax-off motion, it became clear that it was the secret I was looking for.

What Does Any of This Have to Do With Attracting Women?

After I learned her secret, she ran out of the water and I stayed in.

“I’m going to swim to that little island,” I said to her and the other girls I was with.

And I did.

I was truly not tired. Imagine how different the water is when the possibility of being too exhausted to stay in is gone. Like the land–if I’m tired running, I can walk.

I’d like you to realize–as I did–that there was no change in stamina.

I did not develop larger lung capacity or gain fat to float. There was no physical or psychological change in me.

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I just learned to do something differently. That was the secret.

People have the same secret.

For almost everyone, there are parts of life–and dating–that are enjoyable, and parts that seem like a chore.

It’s like the Einstein quote:

Talk to a beautiful girl for an hour, and it feels like 5 minutes. Sit on a hot stove for 5 minutes, and it feels like an hour. That’s relativity.”

So many of our limitations in life are based on two things:

Habits and beliefs.

When you say, “people take effort for me,” you are telling yourself who you are (belief) and what you’re planning to always do under similar circumstances (habit).

Instead, ask yourself this question:

Have I ever found time with a person energizing rather than draining?

If you can answer “yes,” then think about that interaction.

How was it different from your other interactions?

Chances are, it was different because you had a different kind of connection with that person.

A connection that left you feeling energized, and not drained.

But why do some interactions leave you feeling energized, and others drain you?

Ultimately, it all boils down to the kind of women you choose to interact with:

how to attract a girl
Which Kind of Women Do You Want To Attract?

Wherever you go, there will always be 3 kinds of women:

1) Women who are flat-out uninterested, regardless of who you are or what you do… they don’t want to be bothered.

I recommend avoiding these girls (even if a lot of them are super hot).

2) Then there are the “neutral” girls. Maybe they’re interested in you… then again, maybe not.

These girls require work, and sure, you can win them over… but if I were you… I’d avoid them anyway.

3) And finally, there are the hot girls who are absolutely crazy about you.

As soon as these girls see you, they’re interested in whatever it is you have to offer…

And these girls want you to get sexual with them, because they want to find out if you have a real connection. 😉

But there’s only one problem…

When you see one of these girls, she won’t exactly tell you she’s interested with her words.

(Truth is, most girls don’t want to be too obvious when they like a guy.)

So instead, she’ll drop these subtle hints… and it’s up to us guys to pick up on them:

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