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This is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

I’m Ruwando on behalf of Gotham club.

And today’s question comes from Eric.

Eric says:

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“Do girls like being approached by guys when they’re out and about?

If so, what can guys say to girls? And how do I make that lead to a date?”

All right, Eric, you kind of asked me a question like… how do I have sex better?

That’s kind of a general thing.

In fact, this entire Gotham club channel is devoted to things like that, because it’s way more nuanced than answering one question. But I will try to give you as much of an answer as I can.

So let’s dive in!

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Let me answer your first question:

Do women like being approached by guys when they’re out and about?

It depends, right?

I don’t think most women will straight up say like, “Hey, yeah, I love it when guys come to talk to me…”

Because most of the time, they’re being approached by guys with absolutely no game.

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I’m talking about guys who are creepy, who are weird, or who are coming off that way.

But the more controversial thing I do want to say, is that of course women like being approached by men.

The qualifier is, women only like being approached by men who have game.

Women like being approached by men who are attractive with charisma…

Who entertain them…

Who allow them to feel less insecure and make them feel good…

All that stuff, women like all of it–and that’s what game really is.

In Fact, Many Hot Girls Go Out BECAUSE They Want to Be Approached…

And I would also say that some women aren’t even really aware that they go out to be approached by men.

They might not admit it.

They might say things like, “Oh, yeah, I’m dressing up sexy just because I want to feel sexy with my friends.”

Of course, that’s true on some level.

But the whole reason why bars and clubs exist is because this is how the human mating game goes.

For most people in the current era, the human dance goes a little bit like this:

We get drunk…

We go out at night…

Because most people simply don’t have the balls to meet each other during the day.

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So do women want to meet men? Of course they do.

They might not love the way they get hit on at bars.

But if they’re out at a bar, it’s okay to talk to them. Right?

As long as you’re coming from the frame that you’re giving her value, and you’re giving her good vibes.

And if you’re giving her enough good vibes, she’s gonna want to be around you, right?

That’s just simple. You know, at the animal level, this is how we are so attached to the second question you had.

So What Can You Say to Get Her Out on a Date With You?

What can guys say to girls that lead to a date?

I’m not going to give you a bunch of pickup lines.

But I’d say I always err on the side of being open, honest and normal.

The best pick up line in the world is saying hi, introducing yourself, asking something about her and having a normal conversation.

And the only thing I’d add to that is my definition of flirting, which is:

Talking about anything while “sub-communicating.”

I know that’s a little vague, but I’m not going to give you a pickup line–there are a million ways to approach a woman and interact with her.

I tend to lean towards direct approaches or just having a conversation.

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For example, if there’s a thought on your mind, say it!

And then get to know each other, and if you want to go on a date with her, ask her out.

A lot of guys are like “Oh, I got attraction Isn’t that great?”

Like who cares if she’s attracted to you if you’re never going to see her again after that one interaction?

If you’re not asking you for not closing, then you’re of course not going to have a date.

So get contact information, ask for her Facebook or phone number–get her email, her snail mail, whatever.

And then ask her out, because you only get out of it what you ask for.

But back to “sub-communicating” your interest–that’s the key to getting a woman interested in you while you’re talking to her.

It practically eliminates rejection, and here’s how it’s done:

do women like being approached

How Do You “Sub-Communicate” Your Interest? (Hint: This Is the KEY to Getting Her Out on a Date With You)

I’m going to let you in on a secret…

Most men absolutely suck at flirting because they have no idea how to show a woman they’re interested.

When you’re not afraid to show a woman you’re interested, not only are you letting her know you’re available… but you’re also demonstrating massive levels of confidence (which women go absolutely crazy for).

And it doesn’t take much to show a woman you like her either… that’s what I’m talking about when I say “sub-communicating” your interest.

But how exactly do you do it?

First off, eye contact.

I like to play a game when I meet a woman. The game is simple… don’t break eye contact before she does.

Not the easiest thing for everyone to do, I know, but women find a man who isn’t afraid to hold deep eye contact irresistible.

Next is to use your smile to acknowledge that you’re listening.

Nothing makes a woman feel more insecure than when she’s talking about herself… and has NO idea if the man is interested or not in what she’s saying.

Try reacting with your smile. Don’t just tell her you like something about her, demonstrate it!

And lastly, use your touch…

If you want to get a girl’s phone number, makeout with her, or even get her to go back home with you… then from my experience touch is absolutely necessary.

But you have to do it the right way…

Don’t touch her enough, or in unimportant areas, then basically nothing happens.

Get too touchy, or accidentally touch her in spots that are too sensitive… then you immediately look like a creep:

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