How To Get a Younger Woman’s Number (And What to Do to Get Her to Come Over For Sex Right Away)

how to get a girls number
Discover how to easily get a woman’s number…

Discover How to Get a Girls Number With This Quick & Simple Method…

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Getting a girl’s number can be a tricky endeavor.

Not only do you have to walk up to her… introduce yourself… and then eventually ask for her #…

But you have to make sure she doesn’t get distracted and walk away from you, or give you the wrong number.

Especially with younger women–how can you know what she’s thinking? And what’s the best way to get her # without seeming too “forward”?

That’s what I’m going to talk about today–because even though we’re all under lockdown right now…

… once this is over, there are going to be a LOT of girls going out and looking to hookup.

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce–and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering all of your most difficult, burning questions that keep you up at night.

And today, I’m answering this one:

“What’s the easiest way to get a younger woman’s phone number?”

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

So there’s a cool new technique I’ve been using the past few weeks that’s been working really well.

It’s a technique to get a girl’s number–and it works especially well with younger women. And as you can see, I’m kind of an older guy.

So, if you want to have the same kind of success with hot, younger women that I do…

…then this technique I’m about to show you is going to get you a lot more dates with them.

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Let’s get started:

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Before I Show You My Proven Technique…

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how I used this technique in the past to get the # of a hot, younger woman and turn her into my friend with benefits.

OK, so let’s say you’ve met a girl–and now you want to know how you should ask for her phone number.

Before I show you the actual technique, let me just say that there need to be a few elements in place before you can ask.

And what I mean is, you need to set some things up if you want a good phone number.

I don’t mean the “correct” phone number–I mean a phone number from a girl who actually likes you.

The #1 Reason Girls Don’t Text Back (Even If She Gave You Her Number)…

See, the thing that I hear the most from guys goes a little like this:

“Oh I met this girl and got her number… and now she won’t respond. She’s flaking, and I need to learn how to text her.”

Well, yeah, maybe your texting game is bad. Maybe you met a super flaky girl… but in my experience, this usually isn’t the case.

Instead, the #1 reason why men get phone numbers that don’t work or that women don’t respond to is because there was never any attraction in the first place.

These guys aren’t getting that solid attraction that women need to want to text them.

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So in other words:

They were talking to a girl, and she was talking back and being polite…

And when they asked her for her number, rather than being rude and saying “I have a boyfriend” or whatever…

She just gave it to them to get rid of them.

But in her mind, she’s thinking, “I don’t need to respond when he texts me. I just won’t respond to this guy.”

So with that in mind, I’d like to show you my solid, 4-step method to get a girl’s number that she’ll actually respond to.

Beginning with step #1:

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1) Build Attraction

The first thing that needs to happen when you meet a girl and want her number is a solid attraction.

She needs to be attracted to you.

So did you:

Flirt with her…?

Touch her…?


Make her laugh…?

Tease her…?

Were you guys having a good time or was it just normal, plain Jane conversation?

You need to have attraction–bottom line.

You also need to have a certain level of trust or rapport between the two of you.

Not a ton, of course, but just enough. And the reason why you need this is because it allows her to link your attraction to something tangible.

That’s why, when you attract a woman properly, she’ll start asking you questions.

She’ll ask you questions about where you’re from, what you do, and what you like.

2) Establish Rapport

If you have all the attraction and no rapport, then you’ll have a flake. Trust me.

And that’s because you didn’t build any commonalities.

(The same is true if you flip the switch–all rapport and no attraction = a huge flake.)

So what you need to have is attraction, yes, but you also need to have a certain level of rapport.

Make sure that you find some common ground–show her that the two of you have a real connection.

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And from there, now comes the big question:

How do you get her number?

I’ll show you:

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3) My Foolproof Method to Get Her # Every Time

The easiest and most fluent way to get a girl’s number is this:

At a high point during the conversation (not a low point), I like to take my phone out of my pocket and say:

“Hey, are you on Facebook?”

And then she’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I’m on Facebook.”

Then I’ll say, “Oh, OK cool. I’m going to add you as a friend.”

And then I’ll open up my phone and I’ll say, “You know what, I’m never on Facebook. I’m a huge texter. Let’s have a text war–what’s your phone number?”

It Doesn’t End There…

That’s it!

She’ll give you her phone number, and then what I like to do right then and there is this:

I’ll look at her and say, “Here, I’m going to text you now so you have my phone number.”

And let’s just say I’m in Whole Foods. So, I’ll text her this: “Hot guy from Whole Foods.”

Then I’ll say, “Hey, check your phone to make sure you have my text.”

What this does, first of all, is it allows you to make sure that the phone number she gave you is actually real. And it already sets up a little bit of familiarity with texting you.

So it’s really not that complicated.

But from there, how do you get her out on a date?

Well, it might be easier than you think–here’s what to do next:

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4) What to Text Her to Get a Date

If you’ve built some attraction & rapport when you get her number, then you’re way ahead of most men… so at this point, you’re basically playing the “don’t f**k up” game:

Just don’t text her anything too crazy, and there’s like a 60% chance you get her out on a date. That’s pretty good.


In our community, a “pretty good” chance isn’t really good enough.

So to boost those chances up… and give you the best odds possible of getting that date… I performed a little experiment:

For three straight months, I tracked all the texts I sent to new women I met. Every. Single. One.

And I kept a log of which ones got “good” responses (she texted me back in < 20 minutes and kept the conversation going until we planned a date)… and which ones were duds.

When all was said & done, I tried about 100 or so different texts… and these 5 were the most successful.

This community resource will show you the 5 texts and how to use them–man, I think you’re really gonna like this a lot:

5 Proven Texts to Get Her Out on a Date With You…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on April 12, 2020.]

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