How To Make Sure You’re “THE ONE GUY” She Goes Home With…

How To Make Sure You’re “THE ONE GUY” She Goes Home With…

How To Escalate With a Hot Girl & Take Her Home By the End of The Night–Even If A TON of Guys Are Around Or She Seems Totally Disinterested At First…

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A little while ago I told you about clothes and gave you three simple rules.

Hopefully, you’ve been trying to apply those three simple rules to your wardrobe or to your outfit when you dress each morning. Here they are again:

1) Wear clothes that fits on your body.

2) Two colors, max. (Socks match your shoes or your pants. That means white socks go with sneakers, chief.)

3) One pattern, max. (You don’t need any pattern, but I just don’t want you to look like a clown.)

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The reason I hope that you’ve been putting those three rules to work is that first of all, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that some guys take action when they read something and other guys just think about it; armchair adventurers as it were; passive players.

If you are not taking action, then the next step can feel difficult or foreign.

If you have been taking action, then you understand the distinctions more and changing or increasing what you’re doing is not off-putting.

I like every step forward to be easy, if I can at all help it, and right now, I’d like to help you take another step forward.

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A Man Should Stand Out: How To Stand Out The “Right” Way & Get Women to Approach You…

If you’ve been following those simple rules, then someone probably has commented on the way you dress.

It’s super simple, but those rules make your clothes (as a guy) look good, in general.

The truth is, those rules help you look as good as you need to–in fact better than you strictly need to look.

Why am I taking it further now and telling you to stand out?

There’s a bit of a counterintuitive secret I’m going to share with you. I don’t call it a secret because anyone’s hiding it…

It’s a secret because it’s counterintuitive, so no one realizes it.

I’ll start with a secret that women don’t realize, so that the secret men don’t realize becomes a bit easier to believe.

Men are largely drawn to a woman’s looks. Her personality gets a guy to stay but her looks are the ticket to play.

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Yeah, you know that–and so do most women–but the part that they hardly realize is that this oddly does NOT mean that a woman’s outfit is super important.

You know what I mean. A beautiful woman can put a canvas bag over her and it’s difficult for her to hide her beauty.

(They try it in fact with sweatsuits and sliders. I wish they would stop.)

This is not just my opinion.

Research has shown that men will rank a group of women they don’t know exactly the same way regardless of the clothing or scenario.

Barring any interaction, a woman’s looks are independent of her look.

Here’s the valuable secret that will probably come as a surprise.

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While A Woman’s Looks Matter More Than Her “Look,” The OPPOSITE Is True For Men…

To the ABSOLUTE contrary, the way that men are perceived is massively affected by not only their clothing, but also the environment they are in.

Experiments have shown that the same man in a suit vs. jeans and a t-shirt or in a high-end hotel lobby vs. a gas station will be seen as more attractive immediately.

The same exact guy.

Huh? Why?

Am I saying that women are even more shallow than guys!?

No, that’s not it.

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Biologically, women represent a reproductive value to men that cannot be ignored. In the grand scheme of “Survive and Replicate,” the right choice in a mate may affect your survival chances, but 100% WILL have bearing on your replication chances.

Replication, by the way is also survival, but of your genes, rather than this individual expression of those genes known as you.

As a result–since her egg collection is hardly a result of her own decisions–the instinctive male selection criteria ignores her chosen features in favor of youth and health. These two things are hardly indicated by a chosen look or environment.

On the other hand, since the bigger value a man brings to the biological table is in terms of a woman’s survival, his personality and physical capability–his choices–are paramount.

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And Here’s How This Can Get You Laid By Far Hotter Women…

This is why taller, stronger men will have an advantage, and men who come across as leaders will always be given even more extra credit.

This is also why I recommend choosing carefully when finally sitting down to dinner with a new candidate.

A great value might show how smart you are, but an unattractive place leaves an unattractive cast on you.

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Same thing with clothing. Men are often looking–lazily–to blend in as much as possible.

Steve Job’s turtlenecks and Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodies, for example, are both the result of an overtaxed guy looking to remove one more decision from his routine.

Unfortunately, most women do NOT want to be with a guy who blends in. She wants to be with a man who stands out.

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So How Do You Stand Out Without Dropping $$$ Or Wasting Time?

So… how do you stand out, but spend a minimum of time (and/or money) on this area of your life?


Find someone who has similar looks to yours who already stands out and then steal their style.

“But David. How can I stand out by stealing someone else’s style? Illogical!”

Nope. So few guys stand out, (that’s the tremendous value of it) that no one–especially the victim of your style theft–will realize you stole it.

The VERY worst that could happen is someone (it will be a gay guy or woman, usually) saying:

“You look like [insert celebrity’s name here, i.e. Billy Joel, if you’re short and bald]. You even have the same [stolen style or item, i.e. [all black look].”

And that is NOT a bad thing.

Here’s why:

How To Make Sure You’re “THE ONE GUY” She Goes Home With…

The Better Your Style, The More Female Attention You’ll Get, Do This Next…

Once you stand out from the crowd, women will notice you… but it’s almost never going to be super overt.

That’s because when a girl IS interested in you, she’s most likely going to drop some non-verbal hints, to let you know she likes you… and may even be “DTF” that same night…

(DTF = Down To F**k)

Discover how to spot these subtle non-verbal DTF hints right here ←

Now… when women give off these DTF hints, a lot of the times they THINK they’re being obvious about it… but they’re not.

(Unfortunately, you’ll almost never see a woman lick her lips, hike up her skirt and bat her lashes at you like Jessica Rabbit… in reality these hints are FAR more subtle.)

Women are just naturally better at picking up on non-verbal cues than men… and they assume we have those natural skills too.

Though 99% of guys don’t… so they ignore these subtle hints and pass up fast sex with hot girls:

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