How To Stimulate Her G-Spot for MAXIMUM Pleasure (Video Demonstration)

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Discover The Best Technique to Give Her a Mindblowing G Spot Orgasm–Straight From the Mouth of a Certified Tantric Master & Sex Coach…

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As men, we hear a lot of sex advice about hitting a woman’s G-spot.

There are all sorts of fingering techniques…

Tongue tricks…

And of course, advice for how to penetrate her during sex for maximum G-spot stimulation.

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But what really works? And how can you give her a G-spot orgasm the fastest?

Hi, I’m sex expert Ruwando–and as part of my weekly series, I’m sharing my best pieces of advice to help you get physical with a woman the way you want–and in practically any situation.

So today, I want to show you exactly how to quickly & easily give a woman a G-spot orgasm.

Catch the Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, Ruwando here. In this video I’m going to speak about the G-spot.

We’ve all heard of it:

It’s a sensitive area of the woman’s body… though sometimes, guys tend to have trouble finding it.

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In my experience, the easiest way to find it is to feel it. Right above a woman’s vagina, there’s a bone there–that’s called the pubic bone.

Women tend to have a more pronounced pubic bone than guys, which is part of the reason why her G-spot can be so sensitive.

So when you’re inside her, the G-spot is going to be right around the area where her pubic bone is. You’ll know you hit it when you feel a sponginess.

How To Stimulate Her G-Spot During Sex…

If you’re facing a woman and you enter by pushing forward, you’ll feel a little spongy area that feels a little bit different than the rest of her vagina.

Her vaginal walls will feel smoother than the G-spot. The G-spot feels like this spongy area.

If she’s aroused (and hopefully she is if you’re inside of her), you can feel the G-spot get a little swollen and a little more spongy.

And if she’s a “squirter,” or if she gets very wet, with a little stimulation you might actually hear a sound that could be a precursor to her squirting.

So if you hear that, you know that’s the G-spot.

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Now, as far as actually hitting her G-spot, just like any part of a woman’s body you want to start more gently.

Then build up, because if she’s not aroused enough for the amount of pressure you’re giving her, it can be physically painful.

(The same goes for your genitals as well.)

But What About Stimulating Her During Foreplay?

So now you know how to stimulate her G-spot during sex… but what about foreplay?

It’s the same concept–go slow. I always recommend you go slow, because you never want to hurt her during or leading up to sex.

You may have heard of this technique before… it’s kind of like the “come hither” motion while you finger her.

This kind of motion is great for stimulating a woman’s G-spot.

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However, if you’re only using your forearms, it can get really tiring. So here’s an ergonomic technique I learned that helped me a lot:

If you’re sitting with her, you can actually use your entire arm and back muscles, sort of like you’re doing a lat raise. This alleviates pressure on your smaller muscles while still giving her the stimulation she craves.

That’s how to give her a G-spot orgasm… but there is one more thing I feel I should mention:

Beyond Her G-Spot: How To Stimulate Her “Deep Spot” for MEGA Powerful Orgasms…

Using the techniques I showed you, you can give just about any woman a G-spot orgasm…

But man, I dunno what kind of sex expert I’d be if I didn’t at least mention the “Deep Spot” Orgasm.

AKA the “Sexual Addictor,” this kind of orgasm is “like pure ecstasy, but better!!!” (According to the last girl I took home anyway haha).

It’s not as well-known as the G-spot orgasm, because a lot of guys assume you have to have some sort of “monster c**k” to pull it off… which is straight-up B.S.

(Not to get too graphic, but I’m no “monster” down there… so trust me, if I can do it so can you.)

But before I get ahead of myself… I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due: I first learned about the “Deep Spot” technique from my good buddy & tantric sex master, Lawrence Lanoff.

He showed me how to do it using this cool little video… and finally, he’s given me permission to share it with you (thanks Lawrence!):

How to Give Her a “Deep Spot” Orgasm for MEGA Powerful Pleasure…

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