How To Talk Dirty to Your Woman For Better Orgasms & A Hot-As-Hell Sex Life (With Examples)

dirty talk during sex

Did You Know Dirty Talk During Sex Can Make Her Orgasms Better (And Yours Too)? Here’s How To Use Dirty Talk For MAX Pleasure…

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If you think DM’ing a girl is the most communication you have to do for a good, sexy rendezvous, you need to rethink your goals.

However, if you want hot sex every time, if you want sex that keeps you looking forward to the next time… start communicating outside of your phone.

Yes, sexting can be hot and a great way to keep things interesting while you are not with your partner.

Some playful emojis and creative words can get your woman from 0 to one hundred real quick.

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By the time you get home, you are probably thinking, “Okay, I’m tired of talking, let’s take this to the bedroom.”

But talking is not just a before and after thing.

I will say, communication both before and after sex is essential and can lead the way to great sex, but that is not the only communication that counts.

You need to be communicating during sex.

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I’m not talking about meaningless conversation. I do not want you to start talking about your day while you are in doggy-style.

There is a time and place for all conversation, so leave the day-to-day stuff out of the bedroom.

Also, you do not need to be a chatterbox. Constant talking can quickly change your sexy time to your partner feeling like she is your therapist.

When I say “communication”, yes, I mean with your words, but I also mean with your body.

Body language is an incredible tool you need to start utilizing every single time you are having sex. Not only will it allow you to have more open communication with your partner so you both feel more comfortable, but it can increase the sexual desire and make the moment so hot.

A new study found that couples who communicate during sex have better sex lives. But remember, communication doesn’t always mean with your words.

This study found that while many people think that talking during sex will be awkward or uncomfortable, it actually increases sexual pleasure.

Using feedback also allows both of you to get exactly what you want out of the experience, rather than leaving one or both of you dissatisfied.

Here are three tips to help you rev up your sex life with communication.

1) The “Obvious” Kind Of Sexy Communication

Obviously, since we are talking about communication, it would be a sin for me not to mention the infamous dirty talk. We all love it, we have all tried it, but are we all successful with it?

There is definitely an art to talking dirty. You need to practice it in order to get better.

Don’t worry, it starts out uncomfortable for most people.

Being able to say your desires and fantasies out loud is hard. However, if you are able to do it correctly, your bedroom will get steamy real fast.

Make sure, while you are talking about your fantasies, you are also commenting on what is happening right now.

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You need to talk about her body and what you like and how good she looks.

Talk about how she is making you feel, and how you want to make her feel.

For example, “I love how wet you are right now. Do you want me to put my hard c**k in you?”

Or, “Your a** is making me so hard right now… does that turn you on?”

Be cautious of when you are saying it, though. You do not want to fill the entire time with words.

Spread it out sparingly over the course of your sexy session. (I’ll give you more examples in a bit.)

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Move Her

This sounds so simple, but trust me it is so hot and so effective.

Take control and move her hands around to where you want them. Not only is this a powerful, sexy move, but you also get more pleasure and she is given some direction into what you like and want more of.

Also, it does not even have to be your body. If you are going down on her, grab her and place it over her clitoris so she is able to touch herself while you touch her too. Super hot.

If you want to take her hands out of the equation altogether, move her hands up and over her head and hold them there. Of course, you need to make sure she is always feeling comfortable with everything happening.

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But, if she is down for it, your hands will basically be tying up her hands so it will only be your bodies touching. Feel free to grab a loose shirt and use it as a makeshift rope if you still want to use your own hands.

This move allows pleasure for both of you and lets you take control.

3) Squeeze Her Like THIS

I cannot tell you enough how hot it is when a guy squeezes my body. There is a time and place for rubbing, but right now is not it.

You need to start squeezing every inch of her. Kiss her hard and squeeze her arms, it will promote a sense of animalistic urgency that will get the sparks flying.

Squeeze — gently — her breasts and rub her nipples. Move down her back, giving a super quick massage and you make your way down to her butt.

Squeeze the hell out of her ass.

If you are inside her already, as you squeeze her butt, pull her closer to you at the same time. Game over.

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Literally, just your hands all over her body will feel so incredible she won’t want you to stop. You can also carry this outside of just sex. During foreplay, or even when you guys are just cuddling, a good squeeze will feel so great.

The squeezing doesn’t always have to be with your hands.

If you are liking something she is doing while you’re inside her, squeeze your thighs together against hers and raise your hips. This is so easy and so sexy and lets her know you love what she is doing.

And finally, if you really want to give her more powerful orgasms… make sure you talk dirty to her like this:

dirty talk during sex

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Even though many studies show women are more likely to orgasm during sex when dirty talk is involved… most guys today still don’t use dirty talk to their advantage.

And I get it… when you’re in bed with a woman, caught up in the moment… it can be hard to know exactly what to say!

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