How To Talk With a Deeper Voice in 3 Simple Steps (And Why This Will Get You Way More Fast, Easy Lays)

How To Make Your Voice Deeper & Why It’s Such a Turn-On For Hot Girls…

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Hey it’s David, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So in this video today, we’re going to talk about things you can do that are surefire turn-ons for girls. 

After you watch this video and put in some work perfecting the tips and techniques I’m going to show you, you’ll have women squirming in their seats. 

Because even though most of us are under quarantine right now… once we get out of it, stuff is going to get crazy.

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So these tips will help you handle all the hot girls with pent-up energy once we can all go back out again. 

When you put the things you learn in this video to use, women will start showing you the sure signs that they’re into you. 

So with that, let’s get started. 

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

As an auditory person, I’m very into language.

And not only the voice, but also the words you speak. 

When I coach men about confidence, I teach them not just vocal tonality, but I coach them on developing vocabulary.

Developing a way of speaking is important to attract women. 

That means that the way you speak matters to women. 

How you actually sound matters. 

For example, you’ll notice Barry White has that special voice. 

And it’s not random that his music has been considered sexy for the last 50 years. 

That voice is sexy, because it’s way down there. 

It is where a woman feels it. 

Now, you might say, “but I just don’t have a voice like that.”

Here’s the thing:

You can develop a voice like that. 

And that’s part of what Vocal Coaching does. I’m going to show you how below:

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1) Make This Simple Change Which Is An “Automatic Turn-On” For Women…

I’ll touch on what makes a voice a guaranteed, automatic turn-on for almost all women. 

The first thing you want to do is slow everything down. I’m going to tell you what that’s about.

It’s about confidence. 

When someone is anxious or insecure, all this anxiety speeds up their talking and they speak with a  higher pitch. 

That is the opposite of confidence, comfort, and relaxation. 

It’s how a woman sounds when she’s insecure or anxious. 

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And it makes most women attracted to a confident man in the same way.

The anxiety and high-strung nature of an anxious and insecure person is drawn to the calm, relaxed nature of a relaxed person. 

Now, unfortunately, I’m going to tell you something that is the easiest way to sound relaxed… but it’s not necessarily a “good” habit.

It’s not something I do, but smoking can help achieve this. 

Smoking puts a whole bunch of phlegm in your system and it leaves deposits on the vocal cords, which makes them vibrate slower and so most smokers, have a deep, slower, resonant voice. 

Again, I’m not encouraging you to do this. But it is true.

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2) Read THIS Out Loud Every Day…

Something I do highly recommend, when I’m doing my vocal coaching, is reading poetry. 

Read poetry every day–even short bursts of poetry–because it gets you used to quality words. 

The problem is that we use words as the first words that come into our head, and they are usually bland words. 

They don’t have any picture or any weight to them, and they don’t mean anything.

(Turn he on and bring her home even if she says you’re not ‘her type’.)

3) Use More “Image Words”

An example of a word I’m talking about is the word “nice.”

Nice is a word that doesn’t really produce any image. 

It’s very bland and never really adds anything to the conversation. 

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As you read poetry, you start developing a poetic language. 

This develops a vocabulary that is image-filled, potent, and that has more impact when somebody hears it. 

And that’s the type of language you want–the type of language that really moves people.

Especially in these times, when your words may carry more weight because of how you communicate with women (through texts, phone calls etc.)… your voice is a great way to get hot girls hooked on you from a distance.

Here’s another really great way to do that:

how to make your voice deeper
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Now, a deep voice will get a woman worked up…

And possibly even a little wet…

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So these are specific techniques you can use while getting to know her that will:

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… if you use them properly of course.

But I’m warning you…

This is VERY counterintuitive…

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