“I Thought She Hated My Guts…But She Came Home With Me?!” (You Won’t Believe How It Ends)

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It all started with a simple use of the “quality control opener” at Whole Foods…

I walked in, took a little stroll around… and as I was going down the escalator toward the basement, I saw her:

A stunning platinum blonde checking out some avocados.

At that moment, I knew I had to have her. And eventually, I did.

But it took a lot of effort–and taught me a very valuable lesson in the meantime.

So today, I’m going to share my story with you and hope you can learn from my mistakes.

"I Thought She Hated My Guts...But She Came Home With Me?!" (You Won't Believe How It Ends)

How I Got a Hot Blonde’s # in Whole Foods…

If you know me, you know that I have an insatiable appetite for tall, skinny blondes.

So naturally, I couldn’t resist her. I walked up to her and said:

“Hi, I’m with Whole Foods’ Quality Control, and I’m here to rate your shopping experience with us today. Have you been having an average, above-average, or crappier-than-average experience so far?”

She smiled at me and replied:

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“You’re not with quality control! You don’t work here, there’s no way. Just look at you!”

My response?

“Oh, come on lady… you’re like ruining my thing… just play along.”

She was hooked!

We flirted like this for a while and got to know each other a bit… and by the end of our interaction, I had her number.


Fast Forward to Two Weeks Later…

I was excited to have this chick’s number and couldn’t wait to go out with her.

So we were texting for about two and a half weeks… but hadn’t met up yet.

We tried so many times, but every time she wanted to meet up I had a date or was out of town on an adventure.

However, our texting remained fun and consistent.

She always replied when I texted her, which is one of the best signs you can get from a woman.

With all this texting going on (not to mention the fact that I was always busy when she asked me out), I think her attraction for me got amped up even more.

I mean, there was NO way this chick was used to asking a guy out on a date and him being like, “I’d love to squeeze you in, but I already have plans that night.”

As a matter of fact, I’d bet she had never even asked a guy out before.

I admired her determination to meet up with me… and at that point, I was thinking that our date would be a formality to get out of the way so we could have sex with each other.

Well, finally we decided to meet up.

My “Text Game” That Made Her Eager & Excited to See Me…

On the day that we planned to meet up, I was texting her all day like usual.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Her: What’s the plan stan?

Me: (instantly) Who is this?

Her: Ummm…

Me: “Ummmm” isn’t in my phone contacts?!?!

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Her: Are you kidding?

Me: (30 minutes later) No… my name is Glenn and I’m not kidding. Now I know you have the wrong number!

Her: Seriously… what’s going on?

Me: (20 minutes later) Of course I’m joking dork! I can’t believe you fell for that!

Her: Lol, I totally kinda thought you were serious.

This is all happening around 5 P.M. when she’s getting out of work and trying to figure out when we’re meeting up. But I still haven’t answered her at this point!

So I dead air her… and then she goes:

Her: When and where are we meeting? I’m just trying to figure out what to wear.

Me: (20 minutes later) Don’t kill yourself trying to look good for me. Just look super HOT so we match!

Her: So where and when?

Her: Hello????

Me: Meet me at the corner of 17th and Irving at 9:00 P.M.

Her: That’s perfect.. see you then. 🙂

And man… you might not believe what happens next.

"I Thought She Hated My Guts...But She Came Home With Me?!" (You Won't Believe How It Ends)

What Happened When We Actually Met Up?

I showed up a little early, which is not typical of me (I usually try to be about 10 minutes late).

But oh well! So I was standing there waiting, and she showed up looking like a Playboy bunny… so hot!

Her platinum blonde hair was perfect, and she was wearing all black with fluorescent orange high heels… yummy!

We walked to a little bar just around the corner, got a table with a couch and started having fun. But… something was off.

I tried to figure out what it was–it was really starting to bother me.

She was giving me the worst body language:

She was too far away from me to touch her… and she wasn’t giving me any positive signs that she wanted me.

I was so confused as to whether or not she was sexually attracted to me.

Our conversation was great, and she was laughing the whole time, but I just couldn’t read her.

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So I found myself in very unfamiliar territory–I started to break rapport and disqualify her a little bit. But ultimately, I was stumped.

At one point, I was just going to kiss her and find out if she was into me… but I knew that if she did like me and I made my move on her like that, it could turn her off and get me blown out.

The right moment to kiss her never came. It sucked!

Was “Giving Up” My Only Option?

At that point, I started to feel some old beliefs coming up. Believe it or not, because I didn’t know what to do…

I was about to give up!

This was very confusing to me, because I hadn’t acted or thought that way in years.

But deep down, I knew that if I didn’t find out for certain if she was sexually attracted to me, then I’d go home alone.

I’d be up all night long trying to figure out what I did wrong… or why I couldn’t read her… and I’d be killing myself emotionally trying to figure everything out.

The thought of spending my night like this instead of having sex with her was so horrible, so I said “f**k it”:

She’s either going to sleep with me tonight, or she’s not.

I decided to raise her state a little by grabbing the check and taking a little walk down the street–maybe I could kiss her during our walk, I thought.

But nope–she was once again closed off!

"I Thought She Hated My Guts...But She Came Home With Me?!" (You Won't Believe How It Ends)

It Doesn’t End There…

Now, I know that I could have gone in for the kiss, but I knew that this would change her perception of me.

I would seem much less experienced if I did that.

So, I just kept biting my tongue… I said to myself:

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“I’ve been on hundreds of dates, and I know when it’s just not working. And even though I can’t figure her out, this girl is still hanging with me, so she must like me.”

It was now or never. I asked her if she liked beer… she said she loves it!

So I go, “Great… I know a really cool spot to grab a beer. Let’s go.”

I put my hand up in the air and hailed a taxi.

But I didn’t have it in the bag just yet.

playing coy

How I “Sealed The Deal”–What You MUST Do If You Want Same-Night Sex…

So at this point, platinum-blondie and I are in a cab back to my place… but I still wasn’t sure if she was really into me… or if there would be some LMR (last-minute resistance).

When we walked into my apartment, I was feeling excited… but also a little nervous… and I was eager to find out what this girl’s deal was.

I handed her a beer and we sat on the couch… man, she was still sending me mixed signals!

Like the fact that she was still hanging out with me told me she wanted to stay… but her legs were crossed away from me… and she wasn’t saying much of anything…

Did this chick want me or not???

I had to find out.

So naturally, I checked out her body language for some more subtle signals… and while it was clear she was “playing coy”…

…once I saw her do Sex Signal #2 with her hands… and then show me Sex Signal #1 with her eyes… I knew she was secretly dying for me to make a move.

That was exactly the confidence boost I needed to lean in… slide my hand down her sexy curvy hips… and pull her in for a passionate kiss… she moaned a little and climbed on top of me… helllll yeah.

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