Ice Cream Fights, Naked Cooking, & 3 More Original Valentine’s Date Night Ideas That Will DEFINITELY Get You Laid

Looking For Original Valentines Date Ideas? Here’s How to Skip the Flowers, Chocolate & Fancy Gifts (And Still Get Laid)

Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So in this video today, I’m going to talk about Valentines date ideas.

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I had a client who just asked me to give him some unique ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day.

Usually on Valentine’s Day, I always do something different than what women expect.

Remember what I always say… rewrite the rules. You don’t want to do things that women expect men to do.

You don’t want to do things that everybody else.

Doing something different will give you both a great, unique memory.

So I’m going to give you a few ideas that you can use this Valentine’s Day with great success:

Ice Cream Fights, Naked Cooking, & 3 More Original Valentine’s Date Night Ideas That Will DEFINITELY Get You Laid

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

You’re not going to just go out for dinner. This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to do something different.

I’m going to share with you something I’ve done in the past.

I wanted to get into an ice cream fight with my present girlfriend.

Yes, I love ice cream fights. I love using ice cream as part of foreplay.

So she comes to my place. I will have various tubs of ice cream.

The plan is to make ice cream balls and throw them at each other.

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It’s fun. It’s different. The whole apartment gets messy.

There’s ice cream everywhere. There’s ice cream on her, ice cream on you.

You get to lick ice cream off of her or she gets to lick ice cream off of you. It can get very sexual very fast.

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Not only is it different, but it’s definitely something she has never experienced before.

And guess what?

As soon as this day is over, she’s going to go and tell all her friends what an amazing Valentine’s Day she had.

Not Into Ice Cream Fights? Try THIS Naked Activity…

Another great Valentine’s Day idea that involves staying at home is cooking a meal together… completely naked.

It’s a great way to get her out of her comfort zone and make her do things she wouldn’t necessarily do.

If you have a vibrator or rabbit, you can use the remote control rabbit and then have fun with her as she’s cooking.

Basically, you’re just teasing her as she’s cooking.

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Once it’s time to eat, you can put some food on her and eat from her body or make her eat from your body.

It can be a very intense, sexual, pleasurable experience that she will remember for years to come.

Ice Cream Fights, Naked Cooking, & 3 More Original Valentine’s Date Night Ideas That Will DEFINITELY Get You Laid

Or You Could Watch a Movie With a “Sexual Twist”…

Watching a movie can also be fun and exciting.

Every time there’s a sex scene in the movie, you’re both supposed to have sex.

One of the things I used to do was roleplay Pretty Woman.

Anytime there was a sexual scene, I would have sex with her. I would treat her like a prostitute. And then I would give her some token for her services.

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Once again, it’s fun.

It’s not about sex or prostitution.

It’s just about being silly, being stupid, and doing something fun that she has never done before.

You can also try playing board games naked…

Giving each other massages…

Being naked the whole day… and maybe even drinking liquor off of each other’s bodies.

If you do this the whole day, she’s going to remember you for a long time and she’s definitely going to tell her friends about you.

And when you’re ready for things to really ramp up sexually… make sure you try this:

Valentines date ideas
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3 “Not So Innocent” Touches For the Best Sex Ever…

Now especially if you’re massaging her… here’s a pro tip:

(I used to be a masseur for very wealthy women… and they often tipped me more if I gave them a really powerful “Happy Ending”).

Focus on touching these 3 key areas that will drive her absolutely up-the-wall crazy for you.

I’m talking to the point where she’s squirming around… and physically aching for you to have sex with her.

It’s really kinda weird… these areas aren’t like her breasts or her butt… (though you can certainly work your way to those too)

… these are simple, “normal” spots on her body that most guys neglect… and that women love you to touch.

(For example? This spot on the nape of a woman’s neck. It’s SUPER sensitive… and can make her tingle down there)

And did you know that this area on her arm has more than double the nerve endings and “pleasure receptors” than the rest of it?

Now if you touch these areas in public… they can seem totally innocent too. Which is why I highly recommend these if you’re single and want to get laid tonight…

But if you’re already giving her a naked massage… they’ll get her really worked up for you.

And if you make her wait even 5 minutes before having sex with her?

It’s gonna drive her WILD… and it’ll definitely be the best sex she’s had in a while (probably for you too).

Here’s a short, free video one of my students made about these 3 touches… including where they are, and the exact right order to do them in:

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