Less Swiping, More Sex? How My Roommate Hacked Tinder & Got Laid in Less Than 2 Weeks (Using Almost No Effort)

dating multiple women at once

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Ever heard someone say “Quality, not quantity?” 

This is a tricky concept in the age of information overload, but it rings true in so many areas of life, including dating. 

Not only are there countless dating apps and websites to choose from, but there are also tons of women to choose from too.

However, the latest Tinder statistics (2019) report that more men than women are using Tinder–its users are 62% men, versus 38% women.

So even though there ARE a lot of women to choose from online… that still doesn’t make getting a date (or getting laid) easy.

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It can actually be downright overwhelming. If you meet with 20 women you like, you’re going to have an extremely hard time getting to know even one of them.

You might think that your odds are better the more women you date, but this is not necessarily true.

Let me explain it by sharing a story.

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The Bizarre Reason Why Spending Less Time on Tinder Can Actually Get You Laid Way More…

I have a housemate who was using three dating apps and a website to meet women. 

He was going on 6 dates a week with different women every day, and sometimes more than one date in one day. 

He would meet more than 20 women a month, but do you want to know how many times he brought someone home while on that regimen? ZERO! 

He never brought a single woman home! Although he seemed to everyone else to be playing the field hard, I knew the truth.

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These women weren’t coming home with him because they didn’t feel a deep enough connection with him. He wasn’t able to take his time to get comfortable and intimate to a point that they wanted to jump his bones.

And no, it’s not that anything is WRONG with this guy. He’s handsome and smart and funny–a total catch.

But all the dating started to exhaust him, his wallet got thinner from all the dinners paid for, and he came knocking on my door with a pouty face asking me for advice (don’t know what took him so long).

I could see that in a case like this, more was clearly not better. So what should a guy do?

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Luckily that week I had come across some great info from sex expert and Ph.D. Helen Fisher. 

This scientist has put a lot of thought into strategic dating. Through her research she has learned that the human brain only has capacity for a handful of partners at once.

She advises focusing on the “sweet spot”–5-9 women and spending time getting to know them. 

So that’s exactly what I told my housemate. 

I told him to narrow his dating apps down to two, based on which ones he felt were easiest to use and seemed to have the best options.

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Then I told him to turn his six dates with six different women into four dates with two different women each week.

I told him to schedule a Facetime call before agreeing to go out and meet, and by doing so, he was able to narrow down the number of people he actually met in person (and spent money on!).

This was hard for him at first, but I helped him create a clearer picture of what he looks for in a women, which allowed him to choose who he was going to go out with.

(E.g., even though the single mom was really sexy and interesting, he already KNEW he didn’t want to date someone with children).

Within just a week, my housemate was noticeably more relaxed.

Within two weeks, the drought ended.

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When My Roommate Did This His Drought Ended (In < 2 Weeks)…

Super hot and talented women started coming home with him and inviting him on exciting dates. He started using his dating apps less and less, and focused on developing things with the women he had already started to connect with. 

He saved a whole lot of money and time and has started focusing more on his well-being and personal goals. 

He seems happier than ever and even bought me a bottle of my favorite wine as a thank-you for the sound advice. 

We shared it and exchanged our latest dating successes and misadventures. The beauty of all this is that it means that you should be able to get laid MORE easily by putting in LESS effort! 

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There are countless women who are curious about you, but far fewer who will take the time to get to know you.

Be selective, screen with phone calls or Facetime dates, and don’t be afraid to say no to women who you’re not that into.

Trust me, even though saying no is one of the hardest parts of dating, it always opens another door to something that will be better for you.

Especially if you include these 3 surprising things in your online dating profile(s):

dating multiple women at once

3 Clever Tinder “Profile Hacks” ANY Guy Can Use to Get Laid Like a Rockstar Online…

When I first started telling people about this experiment I got a lot of push back and excuses…

Stuff like… “Your roommate must be rich/jacked/really handsome.”

Nope, nope, and nope.

He’s just a regular guy who avoided these 3 common mistakes ←

As a matter of fact he regards himself as BELOW average in many regards.

Average looks and height sure… but below-average job… below-average social skills… (which is why he only meets women on Tinder)…

… though simply avoiding these 3 common mistakes instantly allowed him to get more matches, and get laid.

For example… did you know 91% of women will only “swipe right” on profiles that include THIS surprising piece of info?

Once my roommate added this to his profile, I saw his match # go WAY up…

Women started messaging him first, and asking to “meet up” like they were desperate…

(A couple of times these girls would even come straight over to our place to “watch Netflix”… though I share a wall with my roommate, and there definitely is NOT any Netflix show that could make the wall shake like that… LOL)

And if I’m being honest?

I was a little bit shocked, that a simple profile tweak could make such a MASSIVE difference in his success with women online:

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