Make Her Believe You’re the Man of Her Dreams…

how to be the man of her dreams

How to Be the Man of Her Dreams… Even If She’s Rejected You In the Past

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Here’s a dirty little secret:

Almost all women use some kind of “relationship checklist” to judge men.

In fact, whole books have been written about the virtues of treating dating like you’re online shopping for the perfect car with specific features. 

Some call this “The Rule of Six.”

Six feet tall. Six-figure salary. Six inches… down there.

Other lists are even more difficult to match up to.

A brand new luxury car.

EXACTLY 3-5 years older than her.

A specific nationality.

Needless to say, most men don’t make the cut of these hypothetical ingredients to create the perfect man (in a woman’s mind).

Hell, at 39, Ryan Gosling would probably be too old for her!

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But there is good news for you…

As it turns out, The List doesn’t play nearly as much of a role in sexual attraction as most women want to think.

So let’s discuss how you can get around the pesky list and attract women who THINK they don’t want you… 

Even insanely hot ones you may (mistakenly) believe are “out of your league…”

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Her Unrealistic Expectations Actually Work to Your Advantage

A study done by OkCupid found that women think that 80% of men are “below average looking.”


Put another way, women think that the vast majority of men aren’t even average looking!

Which doesn’t make any sense.

By definition, 50% of guys are average looking or above.

And this presents our first opportunity… 

Because women find most men unattractive, it actually doesn’t matter what you look like all that much.

Just like men, women want to be with someone — whether that’s to date you, have sex with you, or marry you.

Now for the best part.

Women don’t seem to really use their lists AT ALL when the rubber meets the road.

So, if you know how to handle hot women (which we’ll discuss later) it can be super easy to get with any woman you want — regardless if you meet all the expectations on her coveted list or not…

Make Her Believe You’re the Man of Her Dreams…

Attraction Isn’t Rational…

But you knew that.  🙂

Actually, it’s emotional and chemical.

The list concept makes it seem like women can make purely rational decisions about who to date and have sex with.

That they’ll decide matters of the heart by checking boxes.

In reality, that’s not how attraction works at all.

Psychology Today notes that neuroscientists, economists, and psychologists have all agreed in recent years that attraction is almost exclusively based on a knee-jerk emotional connection.

(P.S. Agreement between scientific fields on any issue almost never happens…)

So, the idea of a rational list kind of gets thrown out the window…

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Harvard reports that, while the science behind attraction remains somewhat foggy, there is strong evidence to support a chemical and hormonal explanation of the different stages of sexual interest and love.

A team of scientists at Rutgers have developed a model based on three categories: Lust, Attraction, and Attachment.

Each has its own set of hormones.

Lust is triggered by testosterone and estrogen — the stereotypical male and female sex hormones.

Attraction is triggered by dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin — the chemicals mostly related to enjoyment on the one hand and addiction on the other.

Finally, Attachment is triggered by oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”) and vasopressin.

Make Her Believe You’re the Man of Her Dreams…

Make Her Body Want You & She’ll Be Putty in Your Hands

Based on this information, it’s pretty obvious that sexual attraction is essentially automatic, and based on your body’s response to a person.

You could be 5’8 and below average looking with a mediocre job, but if you make her FEEL tingly, she’ll think you’re hot — and you’re in.

And it may be easier than you think.

There are specific ways of interacting with women that will make them attracted to you.

All you really need to know is what creates attraction in a woman’s mind.

Here are some things she’s looking for:

  • Her friends like you
  • You elevate her status
  • You make her think positively of herself as a result of being with you

By dressing and carrying yourself with confidence, the battle is already half won.

You see, most guys try to blend in.

They’re scared of standing out in a negative way, so they avoid trying to stand out at all, even in a positive way…

Most guys are also scared of attractive women, so there are certain behaviors they won’t do.

These include being willing to touch a woman they don’t know, even in innocent ways like shaking hands to introduce themselves.

Their fear of women means that they probably don’t hold eye contact either.

This creates another opportunity for you.

Because, if you’re the guy who will shake her hand and maintain strong, silent eye contact with her, you can tap into her emotional and hormonal triggers of attraction.

There are other easy “hacks” you can do that will make her want you.

If you know how to tap into them.

Find out how to do that, below…

Make Her Believe You’re the Man of Her Dreams…

She’ll Give Up the “Rule of Six” (And Pretty Much ANYTHING Else to Sleep With You) If You Do THIS…

I definitely don’t know many guys who satisfy the “rule of six”…

And if you’re like me… you constantly see short guys…

Or guys who are downright broke (the starving artist banging a model, for example)…

…who are with smoking-hot, Instagram-model-quality women.

How do they do it?

These guys (consciously or not) all know one very important secret.

It’s a set of 3 weird “mind tricks” that bypass any “rules” the girl has about the men she’ll f*ck or date…

These “mind tricks” work on her “lizard” or “emotional brain”… to make her feel deeply sexual feelings toward you within minutes of meeting her.

They were discovered by my buddy and mentor Magic, who learned them from a hot government neuroscientist…

(Irony of ironies: he used them to f**k her later that night!)

Since then… Magic… who is balding… pudgy… older… not rich by any stretch… and who has a thick Indian accent…

Has become a master “c**ksman”… f**king stuck-up blondes…

…model hotties who wouldn’t give him the time of day previously…

…and even getting spoiled, hot rich chicks to take him on lavish sex-packed vacations around the world…

All because of these 3 weird “mind tricks.”

Use them today and start getting laid whenever you want… especially if you fall short of the “rule of six”:

3 Weird “Mind Tricks” That Activate Her Emotional Brain (& Make Her F**k You)

P.S. – I have to warn you… these 3 “mind tricks” are not something to use lightly. They work on a very powerful, subconscious level to make you an object of lust in her mind… and this psychological “anchoring” is not broken easily. So please only use these 3 weird “mind tricks” on hot girls you really want to f**k a lot…


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