Match’s Singles In America Survey Reveals How To Get Hot Girls In Bed In 2019

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Calling all single gentlemen!

For 8 years running, the popular dating site has done a study on single people.

They’ve unraveled a lot of the mysteries of dating.

This year, they surveyed over 5,000 singles. They looked at singles’ habits, likes, and dislikes.

Some of what they uncovered may surprise you… and much of it will help you get more dates and hookups with girls online.

For example: Did you know that half of all singles think sex with a robot is the same as cheating?

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(I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even know that was an option.)

Or did you know women in their 30’s are often h*rnier than women in their 20’s… and this is supported by science?

Robo-love aside, these surprising facts will help show you what other single women online are thinking–and how to use this knowledge to your best sexual advantage.

So with that in mind, here are some of the most surprising and eye-opening findings from the survey:

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1) The Truth About Friends With Benefits

This may surprise you, but these days, about half of all “friends with benefits” situations turn into a real relationship.

So if you find yourself in such a friendly situation, it’s good to know that your odds of turning things into a real relationship are actually quite high.

Once you understand that friends with benefits can mean more than occasional booty calls, you might feel less limited.

Maybe you have a real connection with a hookup buddy.

But because you’re in that physical-friendship territory, you assumed it would never go anywhere.

If you’re wishing your “friend” could become a girlfriend, don’t lose hope–it’s definitely possible!

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A conversation might be all that’s between you and your next relationship. .

If you’re nervous about dropping the “relationship” bomb, you might try a sneakier strategy.

You could mention what you’re learning in this article, and see how she reacts. 😉

“Wow, my buddy just got into a relationship with this girl he’s been hooking up with… how about that?”

A comment like that might also do the trick.

Pay attention to how she responds.

If she says something like, “Poor guy, he’s trapped!” then you might want to hang out in the friends-with-benefits zone a little longer.

But if she says “That’s so sweet!” or something positive, she might not mind making the same switch herself.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to stay single and enjoy your fling, this info can also help.

Be on the lookout for signs that your “friend” is getting attached.

Maybe more of her stuff is winding up at your place.

Or she wants you to meet friends or family.

That could mean it’s time to have a gentle conversation about what both of you want.

Bottom line: “Friends with benefits” is not set in stone.

Like nearly half of other singles, your situation is likely to change–if you want it to.

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2)  From “Hanging Out” to Hooking Up (Or Dating)

OK, I’m hoping this can clear up some serious gray areas.

According to this study, 29%  of singles have found a relationship through “hanging out.”

But what does that mean?

“Hanging out,” versus formal dating, can be really confusing.

Basically, hanging out means you’re not sure whether you’re on a date.

Maybe you met someone at a concert and realized you have a lot of common interests. So, you decide to check out a show together.

Maybe you grab dinner before, and drinks after. Seems like a date, right?

It’s clear you’re both single—you’re spending your Saturday night with a stranger—but maybe you’re just friends.

Not friends with benefits, but, like, buddies.

Still, maybe there’s some chemistry.

But is it all one-sided? Is she interested in you, or will you wind up in that “he’s like a brother to me” category?

You definitely shouldn’t rule out the possibility that your new “buddy” might be something more.

Remember, one-third of singles have gone from “hanging out” to something more serious—whether that’s hooking up or dating.

To make that happen, you’ve got to play your cards right during those early hangout sessions.

How can you give a good thing a chance to grow?

This study reveals that the rules of dating don’t apply to hanging out.

For example, because the stakes are lower, it’s much safer to suggest hanging out on that very day.

Instead of planning ahead, as you would for a date, you can shoot a text message suggesting an activity that evening.

More than half of singles think that’s totally fine.

Also, it’s OK to split the bill!

No need to be super nervous when the check comes. About half of singles think it’s fine to split the bill during the “hangout” phase.

If you’re hoping things will turn romantic, it’s not a bad idea to offer to pay. That will send her a signal.

But if she wants to chip in, no biggie.

Finally, this might not be what you want to hear, but you should probably hold out on making the first move.

While 64% of singles think it’s A-OK to kiss on the first date, only 37% think it’s cool while hanging out.

Waiting to let those romantic feelings grow can be a good thing.

So no need to go into a hangout session feeling nervous and looking for an opportunity for a first kiss.

Plus, the anticipation will build up–making the big moment even better when it arrives.

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3) Standing Up for Your Beliefs Is Sexy

This one surprised me the most, but it’s the real deal:

Seventy-two percent of singles said they would date someone from a different political party.

This is great news!

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Instead of spending that first date awkwardly avoiding your real opinions—until you can figure out what she thinks—just be open about your beliefs.  

Listen to what she has to say, of course.

Avoid political topics that you feel really emotional about.

But don’t feel like you have to hide your beliefs in the sand.

Almost three-quarters of singles are down to be really open-minded!

As long as your date knows you respect her ideas, it’s OK to be different.

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4) Learn The Laws of Social Media

Social media has totally changed the dating world.

Your grandfather had to worry about what to wear on a date, where to take your grandma, etc.

You have to worry about all of that, and what to do with your digital self. Cut a guy a break already.

I know it’s overwhelming–and confusing, since humans are designed to interact face-to-face.

So how does a single guy boost his dating life with social media?

This survey explains everything.

Almost 75% of singles are all over social media, checking it at least once a day. And women use it a lot more than men!

Still, it’s possible to overdo it, especially before a first date.

Less than one in five singles say it’s OK to friend, follow, or add a person before a first date. Only 20% say it’s okay to “like” a post or a photo.

So hang on to your horses.

After several dates—let’s say 3—it’s OK to follow, friend, etc. Lots of folks make friends on Facebook around this time.

If your dates are going great, your new lady will be happy to hear from you on social media.

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Finally, it’s cool to add your date’s friends once you are in a committed relationship. More than half of singles approve of this.

But hold off on these steps until you’re both committed, to avoid moving too fast. They’ll give you something to look forward to.

All of this will certainly help you land more dates online, and get more attention from hotter girls on the apps you’re using right now.


There is one question still left to answer:

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The survey has a lot of valuable info in it… but there’s ONE big question it doesn’t answer:

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