New Study: Men Who Live in THESE Areas Have Stronger Erections, More Stamina & Are at Lower Risk For ED

how living conditions affect ed

Curious How Living Conditions Affect ED? New Research Has Revealed the Best Lifestyle Conditions For MAX Bedroom Performance…

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Historically, the “macho man” has been a car guy.

In every movie ever, the heroic man who saves the damsel in distress always is caught working in his garage at some point in the movie.

Cut to the scene opening where he is using a wrench under the hood, then looks up and sees the main love interest standing there.

He wipes his greasy hands with a greasy towel, not really getting anything accomplished, then says something witty.

The more gunk that comes out of the exhaust pipes when you drive, the better.

If you know how to change a tire and you can tell apart the radiator from the engine, you are already doing better at being a man’s man. Congratulations.

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If you don’t know about cars, do not worry. There are other ways you too can contribute to air pollution.

Aside from the incredible amount of cars there are in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, the big factories have their fair share of contribution.

Chemical plants blow out tons of hazardous waste into the sky above where you live, work, or ride your bike every morning.

Then clock in the amount of people who smoke. That must be hundreds of thousands of people smoking something.

And, what doesn’t go in their lungs, goes up into the air, waiting to be sucked in by people like you.

Sound sexy? Ya, I thought not.

All this gunk that is going up into the air could be affecting you in a big way *down there.*

This big effect might be making you feel a little–or a lot–smaller.

And now science has proven it:

How Spending Time Around Cars & City Life Can Put Your Manhood At Risk…

A recent study found that spending a lot of time around pollution may kill your sperm (and possibly your erections).

The study focused on four different groups of rats to figure this out. The first group of rats inhaled pollution for two hours a day for three months.

The second group inhaled pollution for three hours, and the third group inhaled the pollution for four hours. All for three months.

The fourth group did not breathe in any of the pollution during the study.

The study found that the groups who breathed in pollution for three and four hours had a significant drop in erectile performance.

These results question how exactly vehicle exhaust pollution is affecting the male’s sexual performance. And it is not looking good.

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Scientists found that men who live in large cities with high levels of air pollution have distorted sperm.

The particles given off by old diesel cars are thought to be the ones behind the sexual abnormalities. These particles, PM2.5, are easily breathed in by humans, then they enter the bloodstream.

Pollution has already been found to increase the risks of breast cancer, mouth cancer, and autism. Now, this study is showing how it is also affecting the male reproductive system.

These toxic fumes can decrease the blood flow to your genitals. Which, in turn, increases your chances of having erectile dysfunction.

The research also found that the fumes reduce your lung capacity. This can result in getting tired during sex more frequently.

The air pollution has also been showing signs of affecting sperm and the rate of fertility in men.

Here’s What You Can Do About It…

So this may seem sort of scary. If you live in a large city, what are you going to do?

First off, if you are now getting worried about the state of your reproductive system, go see your doctor. A checkup could help settle any nerves you’re having.

If the checkup results in finding something wrong in your body, then you can get on top of it fast and stop anything before it progresses.

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Even if everything is completely fine now, at least your doctor knows that you want it to be tracked.

The doctor appointment will serve as a baseline for future you. Especially since we all know the pollution is not going to get any better.

But A Visit to the Doctor Isn’t The ONLY Way to Protect Your Boners…

And if you are ready for a change, I mean, you could always move. I know this sounds crazy at first, but hear me out.

This may be slightly extreme, but if your job allows you to be flexible in location, or offers transfers, this might be an option.

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If this study impacted you and you feel like you need to make a change, a move could be the best thing for you.

Take this opportunity to rethink what you want in life.

However… there are a few more easier ways to boost your boners that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Here’s what they are:

how living conditions affect ed

3 Proven Steps to Boost Your Boners Right Now (No Matter Where You Live)…

No matter how polluted your city is… there are things you can do right now to reverse the negative effects of air pollution on your body, and on your erections:

1) Get an air purifier

Air purifiers filter out toxins in the air, making it easier for you to breathe.

And the easier it is for you to breathe, the better your blood flows and delivers oxygen into your body…

… which means more blood rushing to your manhood, making it easier for you to get hard. 🙂

2) Spend more time around plants

Sometimes you can’t help it, if you spend a lot of time inside or are smack-dab in the middle of a city… the low air quality can negatively affect your health, including your sexual health.

But did you know you can help counteract these effects simply by spending more time around nature & plants?

Seriously, get a bunch of plants for your place. Not only will they brighten your place up, but they’ll help improve your sex life.

(Snake plants in particular are commonly known as “nature’s air purifier”)

You’ll begin to notice how much easier it is to breathe… and like I mentioned above, the easier it is to breathe and get oxygen flowing through your system… the easier it is to get an erection!

3) Add these foods to your diet.

If those top two things are impractical, which is understandable… you can always try adding new foods to your diet.

There are 5 plant-based foods in particular, that can really help a lot.

Now I’m not saying you have to go vegan or anything… trust me I love red meat too!! Haha

Though these foods have been found to potentially increase your blood flow, and boners as a result.

And in fact these foods can do even more than help you get an erection…

Many men who add these foods to their diet find they have a higher sex drive, and more pleasurable orgasms when they ejaculate ;-):

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