New Study: The Average Penis Grows THIS Much From Soft To Hard (And If It Gets Any Bigger, Then You’re A True “Grower”)

how to grow your penis

Discover How to Tell If You’re Actually a “Grower” Or A “Shower”–Plus How to Grow Your Penis Naturally Either Way…

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I always used to wonder if guys got self-conscious in the locker room.

Since so much of masculinity is defined by penis size in our culture, I imagined it would feel very vulnerable to be naked amongst other dudes.

It’s like the equivalent to cup size in women but arguably even more sensitive a subject.

But my thinking changed one time when I was in college and my housemate had one of his bros over for the weekend.

At one point he commented, “he’s a grower not a shower.” I had never heard these terms before so I pretended to know what he was talking about (lol) and immediately looked it up (thank god for Urban Dictionary).

What I learned made me realize that my whole concern for men in locker rooms was misplaced.

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Something I didn’t think about was that a man’s penis size when flaccid does not necessarily reflect its size when erect. 

A recent study in BJU International found that the average man’s flaccid penis measures 3.61 inches. However, this varies widely from person to person.

This is because some guys are “showers” and some guys are “growers.” In other words, some men will have notable growth in their penis when they get hard, while others will not see quite as much change. 

Therefore a guy can’t assume that just because his friend looks small that he ACTUALLY is–he might be a grower. When my housemate said his friend was a grower, he was basically telling me that his friend was hung. 


But what really differentiates a shower from a grower? 

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The Bizarre Study That Revealed Exactly How Much the Average Penis Grows From Soft To Hard…

Luckily, there have been scientific studies on this very topic. (Surprising right?) 

Anyway, researchers wanted to understand this phenomenon better, so they designed an experiment that would reveal the truth about showers vs growers. What I’m about to tell you next is going to make you curious. You might want to take a second to pull out a measuring tape and a Playboy. Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

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So here’s the deal: the study was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research and found that most guys expand 4cm (1.6 inches) when they get hard. 

Men who grew more than that were considered growers and men who grew less were considered showers. 

So which is more common?

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Only 26% of Men Are Actually “Growers”–Here’s How to Know If You’re One Of Them…

According to this study, if you grow more than 4cm, you’re a rare bird! Only 26% of the study participants were growers. 

The growers grew on average 5.3 centimeters (wow!) and the showers grew an average of 3.1 cm (still impressive!). 

Research suggests that the proportion of collagen tissue in your penis may be a determining factor, which means it’s mostly up to genetics.

However, there is also reason to believe that with age, more men become showers (maybe this is why older dudes are the most confident guys in the locker room???). Another factor can be external temperature. 

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If it’s really cold out, you’re going to be smaller. 

When it’s sweltering hot, you get more natural blood flow and will be effortlessly bigger.

But I know you’re holding that tape measure and really wondering what women think. What do we prefer, a grower or a shower? 

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So Do Women Prefer “Showers” Or “Growers”? 

Ultimately, it depends. 

Every woman is different. Personally, I totally love both. 

On the one hand, it’s sexy to see a guy looking big even when he’s not hard. On the other hand, it’s really impressive to see a lot of growth when a man gets turned on! I had a partner like this once, and I loved making him swell up to nearly twice his starting size! 

It made me feel extra sexy. I’m pretty sure he loved impressing me in this way too.

You may also know that men tend to be a lot more visual than women, so often, a woman is not particularly concerned with how a guy looks and is more focused on how he makes her feel (yes I’m talking emotionally and physically). 

If you’re rocking her world between the sheets, she is not going to care whether your arousal resembled one of those “grow-your-own-dinosaur” kits. She honestly may not even notice which one you are when you’re first together because honestly there is so much to take in when you’re with someone new.

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Whether you strut your stuff 24/7 or only reveal your true size when fully aroused, the important thing to remember is that most women want d!ck more than just about ANYTHING. 

Like, we’re kind of helpless to you.

I know society makes it seem like men are the only ones who are obsessed with sex but, well, that’s kind of a complete myth (although women are often more willing than men to hold out for the good stuff if you know what I mean). 

So, there’s no point in getting really caught up in centimeters and genetics.

If you hold yourself with confidence, we’re going to find that sexy AF, and we’ll be happy to get naked with you. 😉

Especially if you’re REALLY making the most of what you’ve got *down there*… here’s what I mean:

how to grow your penis

Want To Know How to Grow Bigger?

When it comes to getting a big, full and rock-solid erection… it has to do with one thing:

Blood flow, baby!

It’s basic biology… your penis is an elastic skin sac filled with spongy tissue… and so the more this spongy tissue fills with blood?

The harder and fuller you’re gonna get. 😉

(This is true regardless of whether you’re a “grower” or a “shower” btw!)

Like imagine if your penis was a balloon… and if you fill it with a little water, it gets bigger… BUT it’s still puny and squishy. You can’t really do anything with it.

Though if you keep filling your “balloon” up with water… it’ll get heavier, more rigid, and firmer to the touch, right?

What I’m trying to say is if your erections aren’t as hard as they used to be… this means they can almost certainly get bigger, and you can do this by boosting your blood flow.

And research shows by far the easiest and fastest way to increase your blood flow *down there*... is to add a few specific plant-based foods to your diet.

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