New Survey of 30,000 European, Canadian & American Women Exposes Who’s “Easiest” to Get In Bed (And It’s Not Who You Think!)

having sex on your first date

Having Sex on Your First Date Is a Lot More Likely If She’s From THIS Country, Says New Survey–Do You Know About This “Goldmine” of Gorgeous DTF Women?

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You may have heard a woman say she doesn’t kiss on the first date.

You may have heard the rule of thumb that you’re not supposed to get naked until the THIRD date.

But how many women today are actually following this rule?

Thanks to dating apps and modern society, it’s easier than ever to find fast hookups –sometimes without any dates at all.

And one new study has revealed that this is the case for women all over the world… some more than others.

So where in the world are women most open to the idea of sex on the first date (or sooner)?

I’ll show you:

New Data Reveals Women in THIS Country Have the Most First Date Sex…

A new survey of 30,000 people all over the world has revealed that about 50 percent of American girls are DTF on the first date.

That’s right–one out of two American women surveyed said they are happy to hop into bed on a first date, if all is going well.

American women were even wilder than British women, with only 40 percent of Brits saying they were okay with sex on the first date, and less than 30 percent of German woman agreeing that this was a good idea.

(If you’re in Canada, you’re even luckier–59% of Canadian women said they were down to get busy on night #1.)

So if you’re a guy on the dating scene in America, this is information you need to have!

Basically, even if a woman says she’s a prude…

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If you play your cards right, she might decide she wants to go home with you on a first date.

It’s up to you to take a date from “see you later maybe” to clothes flying all over the room.

How’s a guy supposed to pull that off?

Step one: just pay attention to what she wants.

Let go of your assumptions.

Maybe you think she’s unlikely to want to have sex with you. But instead of assuming anything, pay attention to her body language and verbal cues to learn what she actually wants.

How Do You Know If a Woman Is DTF on the First Date?

Maybe you try to hold her hand.

If she pulls hers away or acts uncomfortable, that’s a sign to take it slow.

Either she’s not into you, or she hasn’t decided yet, or she wants to move more slowly with physical intimacy. If you pay attention and don’t push her, you’ll be more likely to score in the long run.

But if she squeezes your hand, plays with your fingers, tickles your palm… you might be in business!

Does she walk close to you? Come up with excuses to touch you? Give you little compliments or flirt with you?

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All of these are signs that the date is going well, and she might even be game for an X-rated ending.

American woman have an international reputation for being frisky. That’s probably because they’re usually half-naked in Hollywood blockbuster movies.

But as an American guy, you might have a very different impression.

It’s possible you’ve been on dates with a lot of women who wanted to go home with you, but who didn’t, because something was off in your communication.

If you can pay close attention to what she wants, it’s bound to be an excellent date, whether or not it ends in the nude.

It Doesn’t End There…

So if half of women are up for first date sex, how do men feel?

The survey revealed that men are even more likely to be okay with sex on the first date, with 73 percent of British men and 64 percent of American dudes giving it the thumbs up.

If 50 percent of American woman and 64 percent of American men agree to sex on the first date, that’s going to make for a lot of happy couples.

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It also means that sometimes, both people won’t have the same idea about how a date should end.

That means it’s extra important to pay attention to a woman’s body language and other clues before assuming she does or doesn’t want to have sex on a first date.

Take it from a woman:

Nothing is sexier than consent! And nothing will ruin your chances at a second date faster than pushing her where she doesn’t want to go, or leaving her cold when she does want to get it on.

The Universal Rule That Gets You Laid on the First Date (Without Ever Risking Rejection)…

A man who listens to what a woman wants and pays attention to signs that she is or isn’t up for sex on a first date is a winner in my book.

A man who remembers that consent means “yes” and not “maybe” is also a god among men!

Truly, nothing is sexier than paying close attention to what your date wants and being in-tune with how she feels. Make her super comfortable, and she may even surprise you by taking the lead!

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So remember: 50 percent of American women are happy to hop between the sheets at the end of a first date, and it’s up to you to prove yourself a gentleman worthy of that prize.

So keep a sharp eye out for what your lady wants.

If you focus on her feelings and desires throughout the date, you’re a lot more likely to get a happy ending…

having sex on your first date

What Makes a Hot Girl Jump Into Bed With You The Fastest?

While I can’t speak for every woman who’s gone home with a guy on the first date…

What I CAN share with you, is knowledge I’ve gained from my personal experience… because yes, I have slept with men on the first date.

And sure, some of these men were tall, attractive, and offered to pay for my drinks all night…

But others were older… what you’d consider “out of shape”… and didn’t offer me ANYTHING.

However, these men did all have one thing in common…

They knew how to touch me right.

Personally… nothing gets me going faster than a man who knows how to touch me, and firmly hold eye contact. *mmmm*

And when it comes to escalating with a woman sexually… many studies agree, it’s about how you make her feel more than anything else.

(Sure, you could talk the talk with some smooth lines… but us girls need to know you can walk the walk too 😉 )

Touch is one thing I wish men would do more often…

I mean… if I’m on a date with you it’s because I’m interested!

Women want to be touched, we want to get to know you, and we WANT to sleep with you!

(Often we want to sleep with you on the first date, especially if you know what you’re doing.)

So please, I urge you, if you want a hot girl to come home with you on the first date… start using your touch more. Pretty please?

And if you’re not sure HOW to use your touch in a way to turn women on, then click here to learn how 🙂

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