Orgasms 101 – Your Guide to Getting Her Off EVERY Time

How To Make a Girl Orgasm Without It Seeming Like a “Math Test”–Discover The Simple Approach to Female Pleasure…

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Hey, what’s up?

It’s another episode of Ask Ruwando.

Today’s question is from Chucho.

Chucho asks:

“All I hear is how to get a girl off, how to make her squirt, et cetera.

It feels like a lot of pressure on me. Why is giving women orgasms so important?

And how do I do it without feeling like I’m studying for damned math test?”

Thank you for the question, Chucho.

Orgasms 101  - Your Guide to Getting Her Off EVERY Time

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The first thing I want to say is this:

You already know why orgasms are important for women.

Orgasms feel good–it’s the same thing for men.

It’s kind of a marker of sexual success.

But that’s also the problem. I want you to get out of this idea of being focused on this goal of orgasms.

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Because if you’re going into it thinking, “Okay. I need to get her off, I need to get her off. I need to get her to squirt. I need to have a certain kind of orgasm”…

One, like you said, that puts pressure on you.

Not only will that mess up your performance, but she’s going to feel all that pressure you’re putting on yourself… and she’s going to feel pressure on herself.

It’s like, “Oh, I need to do something to satisfy his male ego.”

It’s not going to be pleasurable for her.

Orgasms 101  - Your Guide to Getting Her Off EVERY Time

What To Do If You Feel Like Pleasuring Women Is Like a “Math Test”…

Same thing if a woman was pressuring you to get hard in a certain record time.

It would totally throw off your mojo. So remember that, too.

If you feel like it’s a math test, the whole sexual experience will be off.

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No one wants to go into sex feeling like they’re studying for something.

So I want you to go into sex not worrying about getting her off.

Because the truth is, a lot of a woman’s ability to get off doesn’t even have to do with you.

I mean, it has to do with her–it has to do with her ability to access arousal in her body.

Orgasms 101  - Your Guide to Getting Her Off EVERY Time

If She Can’t Reach Orgasm Every Time, It Is NOT Your Fault (Here’s Why)…

If you ever sleep with someone who’s done tantra, you’ll understand that.

It’s actually not about you. You just kind of have to show up and do the right things and not mess up, basically.

And while it is a very noble goal to want to give women great orgasms… you want to get out of that frame of mind.

Instead, I’m going to bring up a concept that I bring up in almost every video, which is the “resonant stroke.”

In every moment of sex, there is a speed, pressure and location, a way of touching that allows for the most sensation.

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If you focus on that moment to moment, she’s most likely to have the most pleasure.

She’s most likely to have an orgasm–not only an orgasm, but the best orgasms.

If you are completely present and you do the right thing moment to moment, and she doesn’t have an orgasm… it’s not on you.

Really, it’s not on you. I mean, all you have to do is show up and do your best.

So, this is what I’ll say on that. The other side of it is like, if you’re in math test mode, you’re clearly not present, you’re literally in your head.

You’re definitely thinking too much.

Orgasms 101  - Your Guide to Getting Her Off EVERY Time

The “Secret” to Giving Hot Girls Orgasms Without Even Trying…

If you can really focus on the moment to moment sensations, it’s kind of like the “zen approach.“

You’re not trying to figure it out, you’re just trying to notice.

You’re just trying to be with it.

Meditate on her body, meditate on her vagina, meditate on the whole experience for the two of you.

Because that’s what’s going to allow the best experience for both of you.

So, I’m guessing by your question, you probably didn’t think about female pleasure like that… so what I’m saying to you might seem counterintuitive.

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It might seem crazy. And it might take a little faith.

Because it might be the opposite of what you think right now:

“Oh, I need to try.” Right.

Our traditional schooling system puts that on our head–we need to figure out how to solve every problem.

But that’s not how sex works. They don’t teach sex well in school, obviously.

So just get in the moment, have fun with it, and really make sex feel good for you.

Check in with her too, because that’ll make it even better.

(Often, if you simply ask a girl “Does that feel good?” during sex, it’s enough to get her to tell you what she REALLY wants you to do to her.)

Just apply a little faith and see if going in it from a moment to moment perspective, as opposed to trying to get an outcome, works better for you.

And when in doubt… you can always take her over the edge by doing THIS:

how to make a girl orgasm

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