Pornstar Christiana Cinn: “3 Sexy Steps to Land a One Night Stand With Me… And Make Me SCREAM Your Name In Bed!”

Pornstar Christiana Cinn: “3 Sexy Steps to Land a One Night Stand With Me… And Make Me SCREAM Your Name In Bed!”

Discover How to Sleep With a Pornstar, Straight From the Mouth of Christiana Cinn–Plus How to Keep EVERY Woman You Sleep With Coming Back to You For More & More…

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Sleeping with a pornstar is up there on just about every guy’s sexual bucket list… and for many guys, it’s more of a fantasy than a potential reality.

But what if I were to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case?

And in fact, if you follow the right steps, not only can you sleep with a hot pornstar (like me!)…

But you can get almost any hot girl you want in bed, a LOT faster… and keep her around for casual hookups as long as you want…?

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Hi, I’m Christiana Cinn, a multi-platform adult entertainer you might recognize from some of your favorite adult films. 😉

And I’m here to give you some inside knowledge about what it takes for a regular guy to land a one night stand with a pornstar like me.

Because the reality is, most pornstars actually date outside of the industry… which is great news for you!

But, before you start hitting on girls in adult films, there are a few things you need to know.

The Time My Domino’s Delivery Driver Started Texting Me For Sex (And Why You Should NOT Do This If You Want to Sleep With Me)…

What pornstars do for a living is fascinating to most fans… but don’t mistake our jobs for our personal interests.

I love performing, don’t get me wrong…

But in real life, I want to be treated like any other girl.

In fact, treating me like a girl in a porno is one of the worst ways to attract me.

Take this story for instance. I was staying at a club in Milwaukee where I was set to perform at a strip club later that night.

I ordered a pizza from Domino’s and several hours later received sexually harassing texts from the driver who delivered my pizza.

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This guy actually stole my private cell phone number from his company’s database and texted me, not only harassing me… but propositioning me for sex.

Not only is that 100% not cool, but it’s also threatening and a HUGE turn-off.

No girl, no matter her job, should ever be hit on that way. It’s not flattering and it won’t get you anywhere… trust me.

So now you know exactly what NOT to do… here are a few ways you can attract nearly any hot pornstar’s interest:

1) Treat Me Like Any Other Girl

I know, this sounds boring and cliche, but honestly?

Us girls in the industry are hit on by so many guys who don’t know how to talk to us that being approached by a normal guy is so refreshing.

And that’s seriously all we want–to have a nice, normal conversation and to get to know you as if we were any other girl.

Ask us questions about our life (not our movies)…

And do something to make us feel comfortable.

It can be hard talking to guys who know what we do for a living, because they tend to only concentrate on our work.

But my work is only one part of me, so showing me you care about me, and not just my performance is super sexy.

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2) Relate To Me

Just because we’re pornstars doesn’t mean we don’t have common interests. We may enjoy the same hobbies, TV shows, or have the same sense of humor.

There’s nothing hotter than when a guy can relate to me and the conversation just flows naturally.

As a matter of fact, I once slept with a male fan who was also a comedian.

He instantly found a way to relate to me and just made me feel completely comfortable talking to him. Sleeping with him just felt so natural.

3) Relax!

If you’re a fan, you’re probably anxious about approaching a pornstar, because we can seem pretty intimidating.

However, at the end of the day, we’re really just normal girls who want to get to know you and have a good time. 🙂

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The more relaxed you are when you approach us, the better the conversation will go.

I want to go home with a guy who’s confident in his own skin and not intimidated just because of my job. There’s nothing hotter than a guy who isn’t afraid of a strong woman!

Whether it’s a one night stand or someone we’re interested in dating, we just want to find a guy who is nice, normal, and OK with what we do for a living.

And of course, this goes without saying… we want a man who can really satisfy us sexually!

Here’s how:

christiana cinn

Try This “Pornstar Secret” to Make Me SCREAM Your Name In Bed…

My favorite guys to work with in the industry all have ONE huge thing in common…

And no, it’s not the size of their c**ks… (to be honest I actually prefer guys who are average *down there*… big d!cks can hurt!)

It’s this combination of 5 foods, commonly called the “Sex Snack,” that they eat right before our shoots.

I don’t know what it is about this specific combination of orgasm-inducing foods… truthfully I never even thought to ask…

… But what I do know is that my favorite male co-stars SWEAR by the “Sex Snack”… including the man who’s given me the best orgasms of my life, Dave Cummings... *mmmm*! 😉

Even though Dave’s in his 70’s… anytime I do a shoot with him, I get SO excited and turned on…

… because his d*ck can get SO hard, SO fast… and stay hard-as-steel for hours

(I’m talking harder than a diamond dildo here… and as every hot girl in the industry will tell you, NOTHING gives us better orgasms than a rock… hard… c**k.)

And in fact, I’ve even noticed Dave and a lot of other guys who eat these foods blow bigger loads too ;-):

Click here to watch a short, free video that shows you what these foods are and how to make the “Sex Snack” at home to make hot girls SCREAM!

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