Pornstar Lyra Law: “My #1 Secret to Giving Her a Face-Melting Orgasm…”

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Discover The Best Oral Techniques to Give Her a MEGA-Powerful Orgasm–Straight From the Mouth of A Professional Pornstar

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Being in bed with a new woman can be really exciting — you’re eager to see each other naked…

Ready to touch her entire body…

And make her feel things she’s never experienced…

But there’s one thing most guys just don’t talk about: Oral.

I’m Lyra Law — pornstar and ex-dominatrix, and I’m here to show you the mind-blowing technique that gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. (And if you’ve ever seen my work, you know I’ve had quite a few.)

A lot of women are afraid to give direction when you’re “down there,” so it can be pretty difficult to know what to do…especially if you’re with a new woman.

However, there’s no denying that oral IS important–according to the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health & Behavior, women are much more likely to orgasm when a variety of sex acts are involved (like oral sex).

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That’s where I come in — using this technique, you can give her the most powerful orgasm she’s ever experienced.

But before I show you what that is…

Let’s talk about what it is you’re trying to accomplish:

What Women REALLY Want You to Do Down There…

For many women, oral sex is just as, if not more, important than actual penetration.

In fact, many women need oral just to achieve orgasm when they’re in bed with a new man.

That puts a lot of pressure on you…and it’s easy to let that get to your head.

So before you head down South, it’s important to get into the right “mindset” — to have the right idea before you dive in head first.

While the technique I’m about to show you can be used on any woman…there’s one huge thing to remember: Every woman is different.

Some women want a hard, fast orgasm when you’re down there…but other women want to be teased and caressed.

And to make it more confusing, some women don’t even want to have an orgasm when you’re down there!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can get really messy. Fast.

So before you get started, there are 3 things that need to happen first:

1) Take it Out To Lunch, Buy It A Drink

What’s the first thing you do when you venture into uncharted territory?

Become familiar with your surroundings.

And just like you’d explore a new environment on an adventure, it’s important to explore her bits and pieces when you’re down there.

Because if you know where you are…it’s so much easier to give her exactly what she wants — pleasure.

So what’s the best way to do that?

It’s simple: Watch her masturbate!

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When you watch a woman masturbate, you can observe her pleasure as an “outsider” — there’s no guessing. No wondering. No moving around, thinking maybe she likes it…

You know right away what she wants and exactly how she wants it.

And because you’re watching her doing it, you can easily replicate it later on. It’s like a deluxe, customized oral experience.

So that’s what I mean when I say “Take it out to lunch, buy it a drink” — really get to know her down there.

Now, not all women are as sexually “free” as I am, so it might not be easy to just say, “Hey, can I watch you touch yourself?”

Instead, present it as a sexy, fun thing the two of you can try:

“Hey, I saw this once…maybe we can try it?”

Or you could ask her if she wants to watch you first…and then she goes.

You could also just straight up tell her why you’re doing it…but in my opinion, that ruins the fun a little bit. 😉

Watching her masturbate will give you a clear, specific road map to her erogenous zones.

And there’s another, more powerful benefit on top of that…


2) Build Up the Tension

Watching her masturbate will also naturally build sexual tension between the two of you.

Why does that matter?

Before you actually go down there, it’s important to make her want you to go down there…so she’s nearly pushing your face between her legs…

And a slow-burning buildup is exactly the way to do that.

So instead of just jumping head-first between her thighs, start slow:

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Kiss her neck. Run your fingers through her hair.

Slowly move your way down her body…so she can feel where you’re going before you’re actually there. That’s when she’ll start wanting it.

And when you can feel her desire (she’ll probably try and push you down or say “I want you so bad”), there’s one more thing to do before you get things going…

3) Tease Her Just Enough

Remember why you’re in bed with this woman: You’re having fun with her! Sex is exhilarating. It’s exciting. You should be having a good time.

So right before you’re about to start giving her the best oral of her life…stop. Tease her — but just a little bit.


Run your fingers up and down her inner thighs…

Kiss her from her belly button downward…

But whatever you do, don’t touch her there. Yet.

This will also help build the tension. You might notice she starts breathing harder or gets visibly more excited. At this point, she’s ready…

But don’t give in!

Don’t get me wrong — I love when a guy is super into going down on me, and I want to know you’re enjoying it. But I also want to have that back and forth with you before it happens.

And teasing is the way to do that.

The key with teasing is not take it overboard — at a certain point, women get what I like to call “frazzle lips.” It’s the equivalent of “blue balls”…and it really hurts. So don’t spend half an hour kissing her thighs without touching her at all.

But when she’s practically panting…begging you to take her…

That’s when you break it out — my “Human Hitachi Technique.”

The Best Oral I’ve Ever Received…

You might be wondering what the hell a “Hitachi” is…

So if you don’t know, a Hitachi is one of those magic wand-like massagers many girls use as vibrators. And they’re phenomenal (if I do say so myself).

And the best oral sex I’ve ever received…well, he was basically a human Hitachi.

Here’s what he did, step-by-step — this technique is easy to replicate and will give her pleasure I can almost guarantee she’s never experienced:

Step 1: Suck on her clitoris (you know, that pea-shaped cartilage at the top of her vagina). Keep it in your mouth.

Step 2: Use your tongue like a video game controller. Go up…


To the right…

To the left…

And up again.

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Step 3: Repeat. Repeat. Oh my god…repeat.

Do it as fast as you can and as many times as you possibly can.

The stronger your tongue, the easier it will be. You can take her over the edge with the “Human Hitachi”…but I actually prefer to have an orgasm while you’re inside me.

And here’s my favorite way for you to make that happen:


How To Give Her the “G Spot Tsunami” of Pleasure…

I love me some “Human Hitachi” — don’t get me wrong…but some of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever received came from a very specific type of penetration…

When a guy hits my G Spot with this simple, easy-to-repeat technique…

…it’s like a damn missile hitting its target…I’m amazed how pressure in just the right spot can instantly trigger wave after wave of ecstasy to wash over my body…

And these orgasmic waves are so powerful that I call them the “G Spot Tsunami” (kinda corny, but hey, it works!)…

So when I’m in that “tsunami,” my mind goes blank…my toes instinctively curl…beads of sweat drip down my arching back…

And that final explosion of pleasure…well, let’s just say it’s very X-rated (I’ll let you use your imagination). 😉

I made the last guy who used it on me call out of work the next day so I could keep him in bed…doing naughty, unspeakable things to him…

That’s how crazy well this “G Spot Tsunami” works. So check it out — you’ll love it (and so will she):

How to Give Her the “G Spot Tsunami” of Pleasure She’ll Never Forget…

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