Puff, Puff, Pass For a Better Sexlife? Harvard Scientists Reveal the Unexpected Sexual Benefit of Smoking Weed

weed and sex

Do Weed And Sex Really Work Together? Shocking New Science Says “Yes!”–Here’s How… 

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I’m guessing when you think about a stoner, you don’t imagine a stud.

Maybe your vision of a stoner includes a couch potato, his t-shirt covered in crumbs, with a glazed stare.

If that’s true, then you’ll be shocked to learn what smoking weed might do for your sexual health.

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Believe it or not, it might be able to do a lot!

Smoking week can actually boost the quality of your sperm.

What!? Don’t believe me? Well, you better believe the Harvard scientists who conducted this study.

The Shocking Study That Revealed How Cannabis Can Boost Your Virility…

This is big news, because previously scientists suspected that smoking weed actually hurt male fertility.

This new study suggests the opposite could be true.

What exactly did the study reveal? And how the heck do you study the effects of weed smoking on sperm health? I mean, a sperm can’t exactly light up.

Okay, before you plan a road trip to Harvard to participate in the next round of this study, keep reading.

Scientists analyzed more than one thousand semen samples from more than six hundred men. Yeah, I don’t really envy them that job, but their results were really mind-blowing.

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The men who had smoked weed during their lives had a higher sperm count than men who had never indulged in reefer madness.

Amazingly, only 5% of men who had tried weed had a “low” sperm count, as defined by the World Health Organization.

All the rest of the smoker dudes (95%) had a “normal” or even “high” sperm count!

Meanwhile, 12% of the men who had never smoked weed had a low sperm count!

By now, you might be starting to feel a little better about skipping gym class to smoke pot under the bleachers.

Not that you ever did that… 😉

“Shouldn’t Weed Smokers Have LOWER Sperm Counts?”

Just like you and me, the scientists who did this study were surprised. They expected weed smokers to have a lower sperm count because, well, toking up isn’t usually associated with hyper-masculinity.

Consider the stereotype of the lazy stoner. He’s more likely to have a dad-bod than a beefy sperm count, right?

Wrong. So why was previously data so off base?

Well, previous studies focused on men who had a history of drug abuse. So, their sperm count was probably lower because of other unhealthy factors in their lifestyles, not their marijuana smoking.

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And we already know that living a healthy, mostly drug-free life improves men’s sexual health.

The important thing about this new study is how frequently the men involved smoked weed.

The answer? Not very often.

In fact, if a guy had just tried the stuff a couple times in college, he qualified as a weed smoker in the study.

Specifically, the study wanted to know if these dudes had smoked “more than two joints” in their whole lives.

Smoking two joints twenty years ago is very different than having a drug problem.

Sure, it’s possible that guys with more testosterone (and therefore more sperm) are more likely to smoke weed because they take more risks.

That testosterone is what convinces dudes to go to war or jump out or airplanes, after all.

Maybe it also makes guys more likely to try new substances. In that case, weed isn’t making sperm count higher.

More Studies Are Needed, But Here’s What You Can Do to Boost Your Sex Life Right Away…

While more studies are needed to say anything for certain, you can still learn from this research and use it to improve your sexual health.

The Harvard scientists think that occasional, light exposure to marijuana can affect neurotransmitters that have a positive effect on male fertility.

In other words, there are worse things you could try to boost sperm count!

Of course, if marijuana isn’t your thing, this study isn’t written in stone. You don’t need to smoke weed if you don’t want to.

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Making other lifestyle changes for health are a great way to boost your sperm count without expensive clinical fertility treatments, or smoking weed. It’s not for everybody, and that’s okay.

But this study is a great example of how experimentation can help improve your sexual health, love life, and maybe even help give you some kiddos to chase around.

Speaking of which…

There is one more plant-based way to boost your bedroom performance I haven’t mentioned yet:

weed and sex

But What If You Don’t Care About Having Kids?

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