QUIZ: Do You Pass The “Single Guy Smell Test”? New Research Reveals How Your Natural Manly Scent Can Get You Laid

testosterone level

Discover The Bizarre Link Between Your Natural Scent & Your Testosterone Level–And How it Can Attract More Hot Women Than You Ever Thought Possible…

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Has anyone ever told you that single guys stink!?


Hold on a second, I’m not trying to insult you. This isn’t another smug effort to make single guys feel crummy (here’s looking at you, Valentine’s Day).

In fact, it’s an actual scientific truth:

Single guys have a stronger smell than those in a relationship.

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Forget everything your mother ever told you—some stank is good stank. And your unique single guy smell might actually help attract the ladies.

Don’t take my word for it. This study revealed that women can recognize the smell that single guys give off!

In fact, single guys not only smell different, they smell worse.

And this is good news for you.

How Your Natural Manly “Single Guy Scent” Attracts Hot Girls on a Deep & Subconscious Level…

Get ready for your mind to be blown.

The study somehow got 82 single women to sniff the armpits of a bunch of sweaty dudes. (Don’t ask me how they got these women to agree to do this. I have no idea.)

The men were all between the ages of 18 and 35. Some were single, and some were in relationships.

The women didn’t know who was taken and who was available when they started smelling.

Believe it or not, the women reported that the single guys smelled stinkier!

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Scientists think there is a biological reason for this, and that men use their scent to attract a mate.

That might not sound very romantic, but it’s true!

Still, this might not make sense. How is a guy going to get a lady if he smells bad? If single guys stink, aren’t they likely to stay single forever!?

The Bizarre Reason Why Stinkier = Sexier (In Her Eyes)…

In fact, the stinkier the man, the higher his testosterone levels.

Researchers think single women might be picking up on this clue. Men with more testosterone are more likely to produce healthy offspring, so the ladies are using their noses, whether they know it or not, to choose a sexual partner.

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The coupled men in the study turned out to have lower testosterone than the single guys.

Maybe the men in relationships didn’t need to be pumping as much testosterone, since they had already landed a lady.

In fact, the women surveyed even reported that the single guys had manlier-looking facial features than those in relationships, which could also be a result of higher testosterone.

What If You Don’t Pass the “Single Guy Smell Test”?

If you’re not single, don’t worry.

You’ve still got plenty of testosterone to get the job done. You aren’t slowly turning into your girlfriend.

But what does this mean for the single dudes? What are you, as a single guy, supposed to do with this information?

Well, first of all, you can embrace your natural scent!

Our culture tells us we need to scrub away every speck of our own personal scent and replace it with bottled products.

Fancy cologne, body wash, scented detergents, candles, room fresheners, car fresheners, you name it.

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But human beings have been successfully reproducing for tens of thousands of years without any of these consumer products.

Yep, men have somehow been attracting women without the latest celebrity signature scent.

Studies like this one suggest that all the stuff we’re told to buy to make ourselves more attractive might not be doing what we think it’s doing.

Instead, your own sweat might be the hottest thing you can wear. 😉

WITHIN REASON, mind you.

I am not trying to suggest that you stop washing your clothes and showering!

There is a difference between a natural, attractive scent and bad hygiene.

The key here is subtlety, gentleman. A little bit of personal odor goes a very long way.

Remember, the reason these women were attracted to single men was because they could subconsciously pick up on their testosterone levels–so anything you can do to boost your available testosterone is going to help get you laid faster.

For example, here’s another really fast & easy way to boost your “bioavailable” testosterone… and pull more hot girls to you like a magnet:

testosterone level

How To Boost Your “Bioavailable” Testosterone & Get Laid (Whether You’re Single Or Not)…

So like I said, the BIG reason women like stinky guys… is because the more you sweat, the more testosterone you give off!

And you may not know this… but there are some other really easy ways to boost your “bioavailable” testosterone… and draw more hot women to you naturally:

For example, boost your bloodflow.

The better your bloodflow, the more testosterone gets delivered all throughout your body (including *down there*)

Plus with improved circulation, you’ll get more oxygen… more dopamine… and all sorts of other great hormones you need to be healthy and virile.

The results?

More energy and confidence… (and likely more attention from women)…

A higher sex drive.

It’ll be easier to get hard, and stay hard….

And your orgasms will feel like you died for a second and took a quick trip to heaven. 😉

But how do you improve your bloodflow in the first place?

Well, you could work out every day… and drink more water…

Though there is a simpler, common-sense, food-based way… and it’s been used for centuries to drastically improve men’s sex lives all over the world:

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