Scared She’ll Leave You? This WEIRD Trick Makes Her Cling To You

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I used to see this girl — let’s call her Liz.

Well, Liz and I had been seeing each other for a few months…

And I’m not usually one to get attached, but with her, it was different.

She was in her late 20s, mature, had a steady job, and was fun (and hot) as hell.

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And I figured hey…might as well try out this whole “exclusive” thing, right?

But here’s the thing: I wasn’t sure if she was into it, and I didn’t want to come off as clingy or desperate.

Well, after a quickie one morning, she said this to me:

“I’m so scared of losing you Glenn…”

And that’s when it hit me.

I could make her mine. I just had to scare her.

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A Woman’s Biggest Fear…

What is a woman’s biggest fear?

Take a few minutes to think about it. Write down your ideas.

OK, got it?

If you can figure out a woman’s biggest fear, then you have a choice:

You can use that knowledge for your own betterment or for the betterment of your relationship with a woman.

And when I say relationship, I mean at any level — a casual fling, a one-night stand…whatever.

Here’s the truth: A woman’s biggest fear is the fear of abandonment.

Scared She’ll Leave You? This WEIRD Trick Makes Her Cling To You

I could probably write a book about why this is true (whether she realizes it or not), but for now I’ll just give you a summary:

Every single woman is, at some deep level, afraid of being abandoned. This fear begins in childhood, and it’s either strengthened or weakened by the experiences she has throughout her life.

It all comes down to this fact: Men and women express love very differently.

In a relationship, the man shows his love by providing and protecting his family, whereas the woman expresses her love by supplying companionship and loyalty.

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When we were still living in small tribes hundreds of thousands of years ago, the men were hunters and gatherers. They built fortresses to protect their families and hunted dangerous animals for food.

Meanwhile, the women would, in modern terms, “be a stay-at-home mom.”

A woman’s very own survival relied entirely on her man’s ability to protect and provide for her!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Put all of it together, along with the simple fact that women become less desirable as they age, and you can start to really understand why her fear of abandonment is so inherent.

Scared She’ll Leave You? This WEIRD Trick Makes Her Cling To You

“What does this mean for me?”

It means everything!

When you have a clear understanding of this fear and how a woman’s brain operates, it can literally give you super-human powers with women — especially if you’re looking to make her your exclusive girlfriend.

But I’m not going to give you a specific list of tactics to exploit her weakness.

What I will give you is an idea of how to use her fear to enhance your life (and hers).

When a woman meets a man who reminds her of this fear, she feels an automatic attraction — it’s not something she can help or change.


Because when you remind a woman of this biological fear, the emotional part of her brain will tell her, “Seek loyalty from this man NOW!”

Over time, her instant and automatic attraction will grow if you can occasionally remind her of this fear.

Think about this: A woman is at her most vulnerable right after you sleep with her for the first time — this is when her need for protection and emotional connection will kick in.

The more times you sleep with her, the bigger your emotional connection will grow…

And the more you’ll be reminding her of this fear.

Remind her of this fear often enough, and her need to be closer to you will overwhelm her into action.

Scared She’ll Leave You? This WEIRD Trick Makes Her Cling To You

Why 85% of Men End Up Losing Her…

Her fear of abandonment = her fear of losing you. It’s simple.

If you want to keep a woman in your life, then she has to fear losing you on some level!

Most men think they need to bend over backwards to prove their worth to women.

And what happens to these men? A whopping 85% of the time, he loses her.

Why? Because she wasn’t afraid of losing him!

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If she doesn’t fear losing you, then she won’t ever appreciate your value.

Women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear and whose relationships are uncertain — it’s scientifically proven.

And the more attracted a woman is to you, the happier she’ll be!

So what can you do right now to start taking advantage of this fear?

make her your girlfriend
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How to “Scare” Her Into Wanting Only YOU Today…

The single biggest thing you can start doing TODAY that will produce the most dramatic effect is…

Adopt an “I can take you or leave you” attitude.

A man who has this attitude isn’t needy…

Or clingy…

Or outcome-dependent…

And he never seeks a woman’s approval.

So start believing that if she’s in your life, fine, and if she’s not, you’re just as complete as you would be without her.

make her your girlfriend
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Like I said…

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And the best way to project that “take it or leave it” attitude that drives women wild?


Ok, that might be over-simplifying it, haha, but so many guys talk too damned much when they’re out on a date.

So it actually DOES start with “shut up” and only talk a little.

But how little is too little?

How much is too much?

What about your body language?

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