Science Reveals… Hot Young Women WANT To F*ck Older Guys

Science Reveals... Hot Young Women WANT To F*ck Older Guys

My Keys to Attracting Younger Women at Any Age…

Dating is a young man’s game.

What a load of bulls—!

I’m well into my 40s…

And yet I consistently take home girls in their early 20s. And they always complain about “guys their age.”

I’m Glenn Pearce, and as part of my ongoing series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions in a video every week.

And this week, I’m answering this question a reader brought me:

Science Reveals... Hot Young Women WANT To F*ck Older Guys

“As an older man, how do I approach younger women and keep them interested in me for longer than 2 minutes?”

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In this video, I discuss how to approach younger women, as an older man, plus:

  • The bizarre reason younger women actually WANT to be approached by older men…
  • A step-by-step method to approach younger women without ever looking “weird” or “creepy”…
  • The #1 reason why age really IS just a number…
  • Why thousands of older men get shut down every day, and how to avoid this crucial mistake
  • How I make girls in their early 20s borderline “addicted” to me (and I’m in my late 40s)…

Science Reveals... Hot Young Women WANT To F*ck Older Guys

The “Addictive” Touch I Use to Attract Younger Women

I used to treat younger women like porcelain dolls — even when I’d approach them, I’d refuse to touch them at the risk of “freaking them out.”

But a while back, I met this one girl at a bar, let’s call her “Michelle.” I was running through a bunch of “lines” and “routines” I had at the time…

…and NOTHING was working on her. I mean, she might as well have been one of those big stone heads on Easter Island. She sort of stared off into the distance and ignored everything I was saying.

Finally, she rolled her eyes, grabbed my hand, and guided it around the small of her back — resting right above the curve of her hips…

And that’s when I realized she didn’t care what I was saying — she just wanted me to touch her! 

Before I knew it, I had naturally pulled her in toward me. Her eyes twinkled a little bit, but more importantly there was this hunger there, like I had finally done what she had wanted all along…

From there, she started touching me, and I touched her back more and more intimately…

By the end of the night, let’s just say I had covered her entire body with my hands!

I was shocked by how easy it was! I started using touch to build insanely fast attraction with women I met, and it worked like a damn charm.

But there’s a particular way you have to use touch to ramp up her attraction to you.

Get it right…and she’ll be grabbing at your crotch within minutes.

But get it wrong…and you’ll end up getting a slap round the face…and likely kicked out the bar!

All you have to do is check this out and find out how to use this touch the right way:

How to Use the Power of “Addictive” Touch to Take Home a Younger Woman Tonight…

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