She Seems Less Interested In Sex? THIS May Be Why, Says Controversial New Study (Here’s How to Get Laid Again)

sex in long term relationships

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Sex is great.

Many of us can appreciate a good quickie right before we’re about to leave the house, and those intense sessions that last all night long…

However, it’s no secret that there are positions that are seen as the “common” or “played out” ones.

And then there are the positions that look like you will have to visit the emergency room if you even attempt to try it.

Personally, I don’t believe in a “boring” sex position. Yeah, you heard me. Missionary? Bring it on.

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However, there is always a time and place for each position. You are not going to try an intricate new move when you only have 10 minutes before you are going to be late to an event.

In the same way, you are also not going to assume the missionary position all night, every night during marathon sex.

A girl can only lay on her back for so long.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

The REAL Reason Women Lose Interest In Sex Over Time (Regardless Of How Good You Are In Bed)…

If you have a favorite move or position (which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t??)… you don’t want to hit it every time.

Try for every other time, or a little longer. As good as it feels right now, you don’t want to burn yourself out on that one move.

It’s like Girl Scout Cookies.

Twice a year those little boxes of incredible cookies get delivered to your door. You immediately put your five boxes of thin mints into the freezer, trying to make them last as long as possible.

You don’t eat the whole order in one sitting. Yes, the cookies are delicious, but they are so good that you want to be able to enjoy them for a while.

Imagine eating a box of thin mints every single time you wanted a cookie. At first, that is a pretty sweet deal. You love thin mints and you are getting an entire box!

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After a while, however, you are going to want a break and try a different cookie, but you can’t.

You have to keep eating the thin mints and then the thing that used to bring you so much pleasure now makes you want to throw up.

That is exactly what I don’t want to happen to your favorite move. What happens when instead of eating the cookies, you become the cookies?

Now you are force-feeding your partner. What started out as something new she really enjoyed in the beginning, becomes something she can’t stand and she rolls her eyes at.

What I’m saying is, have a couple finishers to rely on.

The only thing worse than you getting tired of your favorite move, is your partner getting tired of it while you still love doing it.

And here’s the reality:

Women tend to become bored faster in sex than men.

An English study showed that women grow disinterested in sex with a long-term partner quicker than males do.

That’s Not All…

The study found that after a year with their partner, women tend to have less interest in sex. Also, women who live with their partner tend to feel less sexual desire than those who do not live with their partner.

Other, older studies have found that the longer a woman is with her partner, the more her desire decreases. That is not the case for men.

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While the libido of men generally stays the same throughout their time in relationships, women’s go down.

At the beginning of a relationship, 60 percent of women report wanting to have frequent sex with their partner. After four years that number drops down to 50 percent.

After 20 years with their partner, only 20 percent of women want to have frequent sex.

Why Does This Happen & What Can You Do About It?

In a monogamous relationship, women need sexual variety. We tend to get bored faster than men.

A sexologist said among the couples who come to see him, women are typically the ones who are worried about what their spouse will think. They do not know how their spouse will react if they tell them they have a high sex drive.

So, since the women stay silent and pretend to be demure and content, their sex lives become repetitive and predictable.

For one couple, the sexologist said he felt as though the couple was masturbating inside each other, rather than having a sexual relationship with each other.

In order to combat this, bring some variety and excitement into your sexual lives.

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You don’t have to go crazy with costumes or toys if you aren’t into that (although that would help).

Really, just start by having spontaneous sex. Start in the bedroom, then move it out into the kitchen or even in your car.

Talk to your partner about new moves you both want to try. It would be so fun to sit down and research together what you both want to try out. That would be a huge turn-on for me personally.

Communicate about what you both really want. Give her the space and security to be able to be honest with you about her desires and what she wants from you in the bedroom. 😉

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sex in long term relationships

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