Spiritual Dating Advice That May Save You *spicy & empowering

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Everything in this video is just a reflection of my own experiences. Always call upon your own intuition and listen to that voice before anything anyone else tells you to do.
I cherish you.
Thank you for being, just as you are.

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0:00-0:13 Intro
0:14-1:35 How I date now
1:35-3:18 Know yourself intimately
3:19-4:28 Live your most aligned life & see who shows up
4:29-5:45 What are you seeking?
5:45-7:05 Does the bar have to be on the floor?
7:06-8:34 Therapy
8:35-9:19 Communication is Key
9:20-10:14 Sex and Dating
10:15-10:41 Do you like them or the warm feelings?
10:42-11:10 How they show up for life
11:11- 13:01 Its okay to surrender
13:01-15:09 How emotionally intimate are they?
15:10-15:44 Gaslighting
15:45-16:53 How do they speak about other women?
16:53-17:44 Maturity
17:45-17:58 Groundedness
17:59-20:28 Spiritual Ego
20:35-22:59 Meeting cuties
23:00-24:54 You are so worthy