Subconscious Seduction: How To Make Sleeping With Hot Girls So Simple It Becomes Second Nature (And Get Laid Whenever You Want)

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Have you ever ridden a bicycle after taking your hands off the handlebars? Have you ever known someone who did?

Probably 5 out of ten people have had the experience of “riding with no hands.”

And many of those who haven’t have never ridden a bike.

If you did (and if not, then thinking of the person you knew who did)…

What did you (or they) know that allowed you (or them) do that?

Did you read some pivotal guide that gave you the “key” to taking your hands off the handlebars?

(I’m getting vertigo with all the “or them,” so let’s just not and pretend we did, huh?)

What was the magic secret that let you “finally” ride a bike with no hands?

Did you find a guru?

Did you read book after book on the subject?

Or did you do goal setting?

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Did you get a coach?

Did you dedicate yourself all or nothing to the outcome?

Or maybe, did you get better and better at it–first wobbly and finally smooth?

Perhaps it’s something you have to learn by doing–did someone guide you step by step through it?

Your mom or dad presumably put you on a bike without training wheels and pushed until you realized you were riding alone.

Did that same tireless caretaker hold the bike while you pedaled with no hands until you got the “feel” for it?

Did a friend, perhaps, who had solved the ancient riddle, burst into your (Mom & Dad’s) place and exclaim, “Buddy!! I’ve figured it out. I’ll show you how to ride with no hands!!”

I’m being facetious–and possibly beating a dead horse–of course (of course). Because there is no piece of knowledge or data or words or clues that allows you to ride a bike with no hands.

In fact, once you start riding a bike with no hands, you probably can’t explain what you are doing differently.

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The truth is what usually precedes riding a bike with no hands is suddenly realizing that you can.

Your hands are on the handlebars, but you realize that the bike is practically guiding itself.

It’s so smooth and steady and effortless, that if you were to remove your hands, it would probably be just as easy–ahhh…It is!

If you think back to that moment–or if you can just imagine taking your hands off the handlebars as the bike smoothly guides itself–you’ll realize that things have changed from the time you were first riding the bike.

You couldn’t always just take your hands off the handlebars.

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You weren’t wobbling or leaning, but still you couldn’t simply take your hands off the handlebars. Because you were not perfectly balanced as you are now.

When you are riding a bike you are making continuous adjustments–kind of like trying to stand a new pencil up on its flat end.

Your body is making imperceptible adjustments–you make them when you stand in place, also.

What has changed is that the adjustments have become subconscious.

In other words you get better because you STOP thinking and STOP actively doing it.

This is why you can “take your hands off.” Because your hands are no longer compensating for what your body is doing wrong.

Hopefully by now, you understand what the relevance of this bike metaphor is.

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This is calibration.

This is why I try to give you guidelines and places to start. But until you get on the bike and start to move, you cannot make any progress at all.

Moreover, once you are doing the same thing over and over it becomes subconscious and you too can take your hands off the wheel, so to speak.

You can stop “driving” the interaction and start to look around. It starts to go smoothly and almost on its own.

You’ll also find–as I do–that when it goes smoothly like that, you’ll have a hard time explaining what you are doing.

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There’ll be broad, general actions. E.g. when you want to turn on the bike (with no hands) you kind of lean a little in that direction–but the actual mechanism that makes it go extremely well will be invisible on the outside and on the inside.

How can you use this today?

As you can see–and all the different types of guidance I give you might make a little more sense while you’re reading this list–you’re better off having a very simple, very repeatable routine.

So that without trying to “succeed” at anything, the actions can become ingrained to the point where you do it without thinking.

You can take your hands off the wheel.

My 3-Step “Subconscious Seduction” Routine That Makes Almost Any Man a Complete Natural With Women

1) Be Positive

While some girls–and some interactions–will benefit from “misery loves company” or rants… “never say no” is the improv mantra for a reason.

Imagine if one musician in a jazz group decides to say no to the current rhythm or harmony or chord progression or even melody?

You can play what you want, but it’s going to layer with what’s already happening unless you plan to stop the music.

So when in doubt, be a positive influence on women, and they’ll be more positive toward you too.

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2) Have a simple structure

A simple structure means you can wash, rinse repeat.

It means you won’t have to second-guess yourself when you’re feeling nervous…

Plus, with something basic, you can easily customize it once you get some practice under your belt.

Which brings me to my final step in the process…

And in my experience, this is the key if you want to get laid fast every time (without rejection):

sleep with women fast

3) Have A Go-To Opener You Can Use Every Time (Like This One)

My buddy Craig has an opening line that slays it with women in NYC, whether he’s at the grocery store… talking to a girl on the street in the middle of the day… or at a busy bar or nightclub.

As a matter of fact… I’ve seen him use this line at least 50 times, and I can’t recall a single time I’ve seen him get rejected.

(The worst reaction I’ve seen is a woman politely tell him she has a boyfriend, or she’s married… but still wants to talk to him and be friends. Plus more often than not these women end up introducing him to her friends… so he ends up winning anyways!)

HOWEVER… there’s a reason his line always works.

It’s not something ridiculously clever, or overly charming…

What he does is he uses this opener only on women he KNOWS are going to react well to it.

But how does he know which women will react well and which ones won’t?

Simple… he reads their body language.

Because women (and people in general) are constantly dropping hints about how they’re feeling…

… when Craig makes eye contact with a woman, he looks for subtle signs that reveal:

  • Whether she’s interested in talking…
  • If she finds him attractive and wants to get to know him…
  • And even if she’s looking to get some action that very night.

Once he knows the woman won’t reject him, he walks up to her and makes his move.

(By the way, if you want to see some infield footage of Craig using his line on real women, you can click here)

Now… these signs are subtle and go right over most guys’ heads… BUT if you learn what they are it’s real easy to train yourself to spot them.

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