The #1 Turn-On for Younger Women (Leads To Fast Sex)

how to attract younger women

How To Attract Younger Women & Get Them In Bed Fast (No Matter Your Age)…

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It’s time to forget about your age.

Whether you’re 35…


Or somewhere in between…

The truth is, if you want to date a younger woman… your age really is just a number.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to argue is that if you’re older, your age is an advantage with women.

But how? And why?

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That’s what I’m going to show you today!

Hi, I’m Community Expert Magic Leone. And as part of my new series, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about attracting younger women.

And today, I’m answering this question:

“What’s a younger woman’s biggest turn-on?”

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I get asked all the time:

“How hard is it to date women who are younger than you?”

And truth be told, younger women actually prefer to date men who are older than them!

What they don’t like, though, are men who act older.

So the problem, most of the time, is that older men… well, they usually act old.

They dress old…

And they talk about topics that don’t interest younger women…

Basically, they can’t relate to younger women. So when they meet younger women, there is no natural chemistry.

But if you can relate to a younger woman, dating her becomes a much more realistic prospect.

Take my buddy Andy, for example. He’s 45, and his girlfriend is 19.

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Personally, I’m with a woman who’s 12 years younger than I am too.

The reason things have worked for Andy and I is because we know how to act younger.

So when we meet women, we aren’t talking like a couple of “old guys.”

Instead, we come down to a younger level of behavior so we can have a normal conversation that generates attraction with these women.

The #1 turn-on for a younger woman is this:

Showing her that you can have fun and be relaxed. It’s that simple.

So when you meet a younger girl, try to be more interested in having a good time with her than trying to set up a serious romantic connection.

Because when a younger woman has a good time with you, it leads to sex. That’s what excites her.

How Do You “Act” Younger?

When you meet a younger woman who you like, the key is to not try to make her your girlfriend.

Instead, focus on having a good time–try to get into the mindset of being 18 or 19 years old again.

Just play around and tease her!

Seriously, you can joke around and laugh a lot–and take her to places which are down to earth as well.

And above all, don’t try too hard to impress her.

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Because if you try too much with your fancy car… or fancy clothes… then it’s going to be too much for her.


Because, as a younger woman, she’s in a place in her life where she isn’t looking for a life partner. She’s just looking for a guy to have fun with.

And why can’t that guy be you? 😉

So when you meet a younger woman and show her a good time… how can you make sure things end up in the bedroom?

I’ll show you:

The Fastest Way to Get a Younger Woman Home With You…

Over the past decade, I’ve met thousands of younger, single women… and most of them tell me the same thing:

“I know within the first 2 minutes of meeting a man whether or not I’ll sleep with him.”

Yeah, it sounds kind of unfair… but think about the last time you saw an attractive woman walking down the street. In the few seconds that you saw her… you probably knew that you wanted to sleep with her too, right?

“So what?” You may be wondering… and well, here’s the thing:

While us guys tend to be very visual when it comes to the women we will & will not sleep with… women are more “emotional.” So more often than not, they sleep with a guy based on how he makes her feel.

But how can you make a woman feel something sexual for you in 2 minutes or less…?

Well, in my experience… there’s really only one way to do it:

With the right kind of masculine “positioning” & touch.

Using this kind of eye contact & “posture trick”… plus some key touching techniques… my 45-year-old buddy was able to reel in a hot 19-year-old, and make her his girlfriend…

…and I personally used these same tricks to attract my wife, who’s 12 years my junior.

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