The 3 Best Online Dating Apps For Casual Hookups & Sex In 2019 (Plus 2 Photo Tips That Skyrocket Your Matches)

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This is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

I’m Ruwando on behalf of Gotham club.

And today’s question comes from Elvis. (Yup, that is his real name.)

Elvis says:

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What is the easiest app to use to have casual sex?”

I don’t know if I have a straight answer for this.

I don’t have a ton of experience on online dating. I prefer to meet women in the real world or through connections, or whatever I’m doing.

But I do have SOME experience with it… so here’s what I can tell you:

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I’d venture to say that Tinder, Bumble and Hinge all work great for casual hookups and sex these days.

Tinder is probably the most universal. With the more popular apps like Tinder, of course, there’s more competition.

You know, the quality of your photos might matter even more.

But really, with all these dating apps, the whole “swiping culture” is about making it really easy for people.

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So a lot of it’s superficial–which means having a good one-liner and having good photos matters a lot.

As far as what’s the “best” app? I don’t know if there’s a specific best app, I’m not going to endorse a specific app here.

I know a lot of people like Bumble because the women have to ask first, but as a man, sometimes you want to make the first message or you don’t get to show your personality. (And because she might have swiped right on you.)

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But the thing with dating apps is most of these women are talking to 20 different guys at a time.

A lot of women are on these dating apps just to play around.

And I’ve met a lot of women who say like, “Oh, hey, you’re the first person I’ve actually met. I’ve been on for a year and I’ve matched with 100 guys, but I just kind of flirt…”

You know, those kinds of things.

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And I will say that whether a woman is trying to hookup or not, it’s important to be entertaining–just like in any other interaction.

But of course, you want to make sure you’re not coming off as a creep either.

If you go for sexual things too fast, even if you’re not trying to hookup, it could still make her feel unsafe and unwilling to meet up with you.

She’s not going to jump into bed or jump into meeting some random guy from the internet late at night, if you in any way seem unsafe.

At the end of the day, game is game no matter where you are.

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But I will say with the apps, make sure you have quality photos that demonstrate who you are.

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And not just a bunch of shirtless bathroom selfies–it might be fine to have one, but you know, you want to show personality.

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