The Average Woman Fakes 1 Out of Every 3 Orgasms. Here’s How To Make Sure She ALWAYS Climaxes With You (New Study)

fake female orgasm

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If you’re a guy and you’ve ever had sex—in other words, the vast majority if you guys reading this—you may have asked yourself one particular question. 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering: Is she faking it? 

Maybe something about the way she reacted during the moment of climax didn’t seem quite right. Perhaps you dismissed this worry with thoughts of, “No way. She would never fake it—not with me.” 

Well, the sad truth of the matter is you’re very likely to have encountered a woman who faked it.   

That’s right. No matter how good you think you are, this has probably happened to you.  

How do I know this? 

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Because a whopping seventy-five percent of women have faked an orgasm at some point in their lives!

That’s a LOT of women. It means three-quarters of the women you’ve slept with have, at one point or another, faked an orgasm. 

In fact, a new study revealed that when women fake orgasms, they do it every third time they have sex! 

And it means every three times she appears to come—only one of those is real. If you’re lucky. 

But don’t despair! We’re here to help you change your batting average. 

First of all, there’s lots to understand about women and fake orgasms. Here goes. 

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The #1 Myth About Why Women Fake Orgasms (Hint: It Often Has NOTHING To Do With You)…

 Of course, as a guy, you basically can’t fake an orgasm. There a telltale, ah, event that happens that shows you’ve finished. 

But any woman who has watched any porn at all—or even certain PG-13-rated movies—knows what the “popular” impression of a female orgasm looks like. 

And, take it from me, it’s really easy to fake.

Now, don’t start feeling all bad about yourself and your skills. 

Just because this happens a lot doesn’t mean it’s your fault. 

No, women faking orgasms has a deeper root within the culture. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a culture that encourages open communication about sex! 

It’s sad but true. In fact, after your awkward high school sex ed class, you might not have talked about sex much with anyone at all—except for maybe some jokes with the buddies. 

But real, high-quality sex that has everyone coming just about every time requires a lot of talking, and not just… well, doing. 

So, let’s get to the bottom of this. 

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First off, why would a woman fake an orgasm? 

Doesn’t that mean sex ends before she finishes? And why would she want that? 

Well, most women fake orgasms because they don’t think they can have one during sex, no matter how long it lasts. Meanwhile, they think they’re expected to have one. 

So in order to avoid disappointing you or making you feel like they’re not enjoying it, they fake it. 

Women might also fake an orgasm to get sex to end sooner. What a terrible thought! 

All of this is a result of a lack of communication. If she’s not telling you what she likes and is just playing a role, of course she’s not going to enjoy sex. 

She might also have started faking it at a younger age, and never had a partner who helped her break the habit. 

She might not know how to get herself off during sex. And she needs an attentive partner who is a good listener (hey, that’s you, right!?) to help get her there.  

So how can you start getting real orgasms from your lady 100% of the time? 

Here are four scientifically-proven methods to achieve your goal: 

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1) Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

 What’s it all about? 

Yep, you guessed it, not the hokey-pokey but…


If you want your lady to orgasm, prioritize getting her close before you even think about penetration. You can do this with your hands, or by going down on her. 

And—super important to get the best results from all of these tips—make sure you talk to her about what she likes and what feels good. 

She may feel shy about telling you, but if you ask her, she’ll answer!

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2) Start Slowly

Dude, the jackhammer is so 1991. Don’t be a jackhammer. Just don’t. 

You might have seen this in porn—the hero of the scene pounding away like he’s smashing concrete. But that is not the way to get a lady off in real life.  

You need to start slowly and gradually gain momentum. Often the smaller, more subtle movements you make are the ones that feel really good to her. So start here, and then work your way toward the finish line. 

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Trust me, she’ll tell you when to speed up and go harder. Remember, slow and steady wins the race—it’s not just for tortoises! 

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3) Go, Cowgirl, Go!

This is one of the easiest ways for most women to orgasm. Plus, it’s super fun for you—you get a great view!

Why is this a good position for her? She can control and speed and rhythm. She also controls the exact position of your, um, instrument.

So next time you’re in the sack, encourage her to hop on top, rock around, and experiment. 

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Even if she’s never gotten herself off this way before, with a little trial and error, you’re sure to be a winner in her eyes. 

Slow down and take the time to smell the proverbial flowers, and you’ll no longer be a statistic—you’ll be the crowned prince of the land of O. 

And if you really wanna take her over the edge (and give her MORE than one orgasm)… do this:

fake female orgasm

4) The “Five-Finger Failsafe” That Makes Her Climax HARD (& Often Gives Her Multiple Os)

Those tips above are all great…

But for whatever reason, every now and then a woman just can’t seem to “cross the finish line.”

Maybe she’s not comfortable, at that moment, to let go enough to orgasm…

That’s where “The Five-Finger Failsafe” comes in ←

The Five-Finger Failsafe is a technique created by a tantric master…(and former lesbian porn director!!)… who really knows the ins and outs of female pleasure.

He’d pull this out in case of emergencies when a girl just couldn’t get off…

Like when he was shooting and REALLY needed a woman to have an authentic, full-body explosive orgasm…

Or when he was tired, wanted to give his partner a powerful orgasm really quickly… and go to bed.

So as a little “experiment” ;-), I showed this video of the technique to my partner so he could try this move out on me…

And the first time I experienced it, well… I almost fell off the bed, and my partner thought I was having a seizure lol.

I came SO HARD I couldn’t see straight… my body continued twitching for 20 or 30 minutes AFTER his fingers were out of me… and OMG, I legit needed a 3-hour nap afterward.

The craziest part?

It only took him 3 or 4 minutes to do this to me… and he only used one hand!!

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P.S. If your woman is a “squirter”… this move will often make it happen. You’ve been warned!

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