The Bizarre Relationship Between Sleep & Your Semen Levels (Wish I Knew This Sooner!)

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Exercise. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Blah blah blah, enough already!

If this is your reaction when you get common wellness advice, hold the phone.

I’m about to tell you something that will blow your mind!

Yes, it’s about sleep. But you’re going to want to keep reading!

I mean, you already know that getting enough sleep is important for a lot of reasons.

Sleep helps your brain function properly, it can improve your mood, and many studies show it supports your heart health as well.

Anyone who has ever tried to function after an all-nighter can tell you this without cracking a single scientific journal.

You just feel crummy, am I right?

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But it turns out getting lots of sleep has a surprise benefit: according to science, the amount of sleep you get might have a direct relationship to the success of your sex life!

What’s that? Yep, you better believe it.

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Research Reveals Men Who Sleep Fewer Than THIS Many Hours Per Night Have Lower Quality (& Quantity) Semen…

According to a new study from Denmark, men who got less than seven hours of sleep per night had lower-quality, and lower-quantity, semen. 

In fact, what time you go to bed plays a big role in your semen quality, too. 

And before you decide this doesn’t matter—I mean, who cares how much semen you have if you aren’t trying to be a dad right this moment?—hold on.

A lot of dudes don’t know this. But sleep plays a very important role in your load size, and your load size contributes hugely to a woman’s pleasure during sex.

Plus, stay with me: a woman’s pleasure during sex has a huge impact on whether she wants to have sex with you again!

So, getting enough sleep can make a big difference in the quality of your sex life (and the amount of sex you’re having) for a lot of reasons—whether you’re playing the field or happily coupled.

So what exactly did this study reveal?

To have your mind blown, keep reading.

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Is It True That the Later You Go to Bed, The Smaller Your Loads Get?

Scientists found that bedtimes correlate to semen quality and quantity.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, the study (done on 104 dudes) found that the later a man goes to bed, the lower his semen quality becomes.

Yep, a whopping 62 percent of men who went to bed early (before 10:30) had normal semen rates. But 68 percent of men who went to bed late (after 11:30) had reduced semen rates.

So, going to bed early helps your semen be higher quality and more plentiful, which means more pleasure for the lady. Gotcha.

But what about sleep quantity?

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Amazingly, men who slept fewer than seven hours experienced a 73 percent reduction in their semen quality!

On the other hand, of the men who slept seven hours, or a little bit longer, 70 percent had normal semen rates.

Before you cancel all your plans and prepare to conk out for a solid twelve hours as prep for date night, hold on.

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Sleeping Too Much Isn’t Good For Your Semen Levels Either (Here’s Why)…

Sleeping too much isn’t so great either. Men who slept over eight hours experienced reduced semen quality by 46 percent.

Seven-to-eight hours of sleep looks like the sweet spot, gentlemen, as does going to bed before 10:30.

If you’re a night owl or a workaholic, you might not love this news.

But if you’ve been feeling a little blah about your semen amount lately, now you have an easy, natural method of improving that little problem area—which is great news!

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Not to mention, the study also found that men who get adequate amounts of sleep—that’s between seven and eight hours per night, consistently—also had higher libidos. 

That means they had higher sex drives and were more likely to want to get it on, making them more exciting partners and making their lives that much spicier. 

But being sleep-deprived messes with you in other ways.

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What Can You Do to Increase Your Load Size Right Away?

In fact, lack of sleep is a known endocrine disruptor, scientists report.

What’s an endocrine disruptor? It’s something that messes with your hormones. In this case, that essential manly juice called testosterone.

You know, the thing that lets you grow a beard, carry your lady over the threshold, hunt a wild boar for dinner, wrestle with the neighbors—all that good stuff!

In fact, men who weren’t getting enough sleep had lower levels of testosterone than their well-rested buddies.

Less testosterone means less energy, less muscle, and more erection problems. Turns out sleep plays an important role in so many aspects of your sex life! 

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Of course, getting enough sleep has so many additional benefits.

Sleeping well improves your ability to lose weight, build muscle, heal, avoid getting sick, remember things, and turn on the charm when you need it.

Basically, getting the right amount of sleep is one of the best things you can do to turn yourself into an all-around superman.

As boring as it might sound, set that early bedtime. Think of it this way: hitting the pillow early tonight means a better night frolicking between the sheets tomorrow.

The lucky lady who joins you will surely be grateful.

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