The Penis Peak Performance Diet: 9 Surprising Foods For MAX Hardness & Lasting Power

sexual performance diet

This Surprising Sexual Performance Diet Can Give Nearly Any Man Harder Erections That Hot Girls Love–Here’s How…

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Have you heard of the three P’s?? 

I’m guessing you haven’t—and if you have any problems down there, I’m guessing you’ll want to!

The three P’s are the “Penis Peak Performance Diet.” 

What’s that? It’s a special diet—developed by an expert nutritionist and based on scientific research—designed to maximize your sexual performance and health. 

What could be better, right?

Alas, lads, the Penis Peak Performance Diet is something every dude needs at some point in his life.

According to experts, your testosterone levels drop one to two percent each year after you turn 30. That means by age 40, you’re down 5-10 percent.

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Ah, youth is truly wasted on the young!

Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction is rampant, experienced by 40 percent of men by age 40 and 70 percent by age 70, according to research.

But with the Penis Peak Performance Diet, you can counteract these sexual issues in a safe, healthy, and natural way.

A lot of sexual health problems stem from blood flow issues, and the Penis Peak Performance Diet helps you get pumping again. It also boosts testosterone, boosts your sperm count, and helps your sperm move better.

So what should you eat to regain your rock star status between the sheets?

The following foods can get thing going again. Plus, they’re delicious. What’s not to love?

So get reading and get eating!

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1) Smell Something Fishy?

Sardines may not be a typical part of your diet, but they sure can help your penis do its thing. 

How? Just three ounces of sardines contains 28 percent of your daily vitamin D requirement. 

Vitamin D is a super important vitamin that is associated with improved health in basically all areas. It’s been associated with decreased risk of disease in many scientific studies. 

Vitamin D is super important for maintaining healthy testosterone levels, which you need to do your manly thing!

Try sardines on toast, or in place of tuna in tuna salad sandwich recipes. 

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2) Popeye’s Favorite Leafy Green

 You know it’s good for Popeye, but what you didn’t know is that Popeye and Olive have a phenomenal love life.

(Wait, Olive is Popeye’s wife, right? It’s been a while…)

Well, anyway, if you wanna have it going on like Popeye, you need to eat spinach. This leafy green has loads of vitamins and minerals. 

One key component to spinach is magnesium, which Is really important for testosterone levels. 

Spinach is easy to add to your diet, too. Throw some in your sandwich or whip up a salad. Keep a bag of frozen spinach in your freezer and toss some in your eggs every morning. Easy peasy! 

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3) Oysters

Oysters: they’re not just for fancy people who live by the beach. 

Nope, oysters are for any guy who wants a functioning penis.


Just two oysters daily gives you all the zinc you need. 

What’s so great about zinc? 

Zinc is crucial for healthy testosterone levels, and it also increases your sperm count and helps your sperm move better. Who knew!? 

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4) This “Magical” Fruit

Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you—get laid. 

Well, yes, actually!

Beans might not seem like a super sexy food. Unlike slippery oysters, they’re kind of, well, basic.

But beans are important to your sexual health in many ways.

Beans are a great way to get fiber, carbohydrates, and even protein—without all the fat that comes with, say, a steak.

Beans really fill you up, too, without a lot of empty calories.

Including beans in your diet regularly helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which is great for circulation and erection strength. 

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5) Everybody’s Favorite Toast Topping

Yum! I mean, who needs an excuse to eat more avocados? 

Well, here it is anyway.

Avocados are great for your penis because they contain healthy fats.

That’s right, fat can be healthy. In fact, healthy fats like those found in avocados lower your cholesterol levels, which is great for healthy blood vessels and strong erections.

Avocados also contain fiber, great for your overall health. Smear some on toast, put them in our sandwich, or even add them to a smoothie.

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6) Salmon

This delicious fish has loads of important nutrients, such as selenium, magnesium, and vitamin D. 

These are all crucial to maintaining healthy testosterone, as well as strong sperm production. 

Sustainably sourced salmon is also a great source of lean protein and healthy fat. 

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7) Sprouted Grain Bread

Gentlemen, labels can be deceiving!

Just because something says it contains “grains” does not mean it’s healthy. 

But something that says “sprouted whole grain” on the label is sure to help get your penis popping. 

Why? Sprouted whole grains help your body fight inflammation, a major cause of erectile dysfunction. 

Swap your daily white bread out for sprouted whole grain and enjoy the benefits. 

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8) This Cruciferous Asian Powerhouse

You might be familiar with this vegetable from Asian restaurants, but it’s a great one to eat at home, too.  

Bok choy (also broccoli and cabbage, which are in the same family) has a crazy nutrient called glucobrassicin. This guy helps your body get rid of excess estrogen (the female sex hormone). 

Gentlemen, trust me, if you’re trying to perform, you don’t want too much estrogen swimming around. 

Upping your bok choy intake can also help up your sex drive!

sexual performance diet

9) Ginkgo Biloba, AKA
“The Maidenhair Tree”

Did you know ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest living tree species?!

Some scientists suggest it was around 350 MILLION years ago…

… and these days it’s used by some male pornstars to keep their (ahem) “wood” SUPER stiff for long porn shoots.

Well… that’s not entirely accurate… ginkgo is ONE of the foods these guys use to stay as stiff as a tree trunk.

They take a “c*ck-tail” of ginkgo and 4 other plant-based foods that not only keeps them at “full mast”… but that also boosts their blood flow…

Which means more energy… more sensation…

And firmer, thicker-looking hard-ons… which, take it from me… hot girls LOVE! *mmmm*

(Note: The other foods on this list DO boost your blood flow… though not nearly as much as this ginkgo “cocktail.”)

Better blood flow also means a potentially higher sex drive… longer-lasting erections… and even bigger, more pleasurable loads.

(I can’t speak for every woman in the world… but I personally LOVE when a man can erupt all over me like Mount Vesuvius… it makes me feel so good… and a little dirty) 😉

So while the “Penis Peak Performance Diet” definitely WILL help you stay healthy *down there*…

If you’d like the kind of rock-hard boners that hot girls DROOL over…

Skip the bok choy, and add these 5 foods to your grocery list:

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P.S. The world’s oldest performing porn actor has been using these foods for decades to get rock-hard “on-command”… even though he’s in his freaking 70’s, and refuses to take Viagra (!!).

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