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Sometimes you’re on your way somewhere, and GPS is doing a great job keeping you from needing to pay any attention to where you’re going.

You’re not even thinking about it–just enjoying the drive, enjoying the weather and the color of the sky and the tunes on the radio.

All of a suden, you’ve missed an exit.

Maybe you stayed too far left or took the HOV lane and passed some important landmark.

Whatever… you keep going forward and what does the GPS do?

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Usually, there’s a pause in the action and on the screen you see the magic word:


Sometimes it tries to get you back to the route you were on, but usually it doesn’t work on “how do I get you back on the route you were on?’” but instead says:

“How do we get there from here?”

And as I’ll show you next, this changes everything when it comes to your interactions with women.

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Your discomfort–if you’re wise–disappears, and you relax while you start following the new route to where you want to be.

Often, you end up going down roads and over bridges that you never knew before. These weren’t on your route–and are never on your route–because you never started from there before.

It didn’t matter where you were starting, though, because the app has access to the map and knows where you want to end up. So, based on traffic and speed limits, it starts you toward your destination in as direct a route as possible from where you currently are.

This is way more important than you think it is.

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So often–and I see this with clients and friends and just any random person that starts a conversation with me–people are trying to get to where they think is the starting place for where they want to go.

“If I want to get girls the way David does,” the logic goes, “I need to be in good shape, have a quick wit, a nice voice, a good job… I’d better be able to dance, too, and I probably need the confidence that comes from experience with women so that they can sense my sexual ability and know I’m going to take care of them.”

Well, yeah. It’s probably true.

The thing is–and we’ve talked about this before in other ways, too–going to the beginning of the route is not necessary.

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What You Want to Do Is “Reroute” Your Interaction–Here’s How…

What you want is to reroute.

Rather than spending your time, money and emotional energy struggling to get to a position that you think will make being attractive easy, go directly to “get the girl.”

Don’t worry about what’s required.

Relax and get on track NOW.

Start right where you are.

Here’s some of the weaknesses of trying to go to the starting blocks:

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1) It can be overwhelming. When you ask the question, “Who will have the easiest time of this?” or “What would make it easy for me?” so many things pop up that you feel you need to fix.

2) Unless you are doing this on paper, too many answers come for you to move to the next step (of prioritizing or starting) so you just freeze up.

3) When you feel–justified or not–that there are a lot of preparatory steps to take, it’s easy to procrastinate. Even if you just feel that the first thing to do is prioritize, you tend to put off this next step.

4) Almost certainly–because you are in a “this is hard for me” place–you’ll find a great distance between yourself and the starting point. That means longer and longer delays.

5) You’re answering the WORST question: “What’s WRONG?” Rather than “What’s right?”

6) OMG, the number of times some young, tall, skinny guy tells me that the reason he can’t get girls is because he’s so skinny–or so young–or so TALL. Meanwhile, other guys equally feel they’re too fat or too old or too short!

Here’s how you begin to REROUTE.

Ask yourself these questions:

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1) Has Anyone Else Done This From Here?

The best question goes right to the heart. You are immediately looking for the route from your current position.

Tall and skinny and young–are there ANY guys who girls LOVE with those traits? What are they doing?

Short and fat and old–is there ANY guy who girls LOVE with those traits? What does HE do? (By the way, Jack Nicholson is one.)

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2) What’s The Shortest Distance Between Here and There?

This question can be better, but is risky if you’re still in the “What’s wrong with me?” mood. You tend to lie about the shortest distance.

Once you’re ready to believe that there might be a route for you, however, it can be very powerful to ask this question, because you are really looking for a potent piece of information:

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3) What Is/Are the Fastest Change(s) I Can Make to Myself Or My Methods?

In other words, how can I be MOST EFFICIENT?

Why is that question so powerful?

Although I KNOW for a fact that you can get women you truly desire EXACTLY as you are, I’m a big believer in growth.

As you grow–and change in any way–you associate the changes in your life with the changes you’ve made in yourself and your behavior. This is SUPER powerful, because first, you recognize that YOU are in control of your life, and second, it’s easier to keep growing when you feel like you are growing already. That’s called momentum.

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Good habits are hard to keep because we tend to slide into the path of least resistance. When we associate our new habits with our new life–a life we want–we are so much more motivated to keep on our path.

Remember–if you’ve read it before here, or understand if you’re reading it for the first time – that my MAIN goal here is always to encourage consistent gentle growth.

I don’t want massive change that doesn’t stick. I want tiny incremental change that STICKS and STACKS UP!!!

easy seduction

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