This Bizarre Biological “Secret” Gets Mega-Hot Girls in Your Bed FAST

hot girls in your bed

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So we’ve had the discussion before:

Who has it easier, men or women?

Like everything, it depends on the way you look at it.

[Note: Here’s a good time to drop a bit of a caveat:

People might view me as sexist, because I talk about men and women like they’re different–and I do believe they are different–but I do not suggest that one gender is better than the other. This guy doesn’t suggest, promote or even remotely possess that belief.]

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So on to our question.

Who has it better? It depends.

And to give away what I’m about to show you, the answer to this question will reveal a simple secret. And this secret will allow you to sleep with really hot girls–even if you aren’t right now, or never have before.

An Inside Look at How Hot Girls Pick & Choose Which Guys They Sleep With…

As I’ve said before, I can cruise the streets with a female friend, and her type is very particular–tall, great hair, athletic build, good smile.

What the girls call, “bros.”

I’ll point out what-look-like guys that fit her mold–the best of the best, because I know how picky she is–and the chance is about 98% that she’d say:

“Him? No way.” And then point out some absolute deal-breaker that’s obvious to her at 15 meters away in a 4-second glance.

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I, meanwhile, also have a very specific type–a slim-ish girl with a small waist, long hair, usually European or otherwise foreign, and some particular traits which I’ll talk about a bit later in this article.

Yet when my friend looks for my match, she’ll point out some dough-faced, doe-eyed American elf with a pixie cut and I’ll go “Yummy! Yes, please.”

Women miss a lot of guys they should meet, while men meet a lot of women they should miss.

What gives?

The key to the paradox lies in a rather simple key to our different search criteria. Not, mind you, what we are actually trying to find, but what we are looking for.

Men have superficial cues for what they want, while women have superficial cues for what they don’t want.

This also means that men are mostly wrong about what they want while women are mostly wrong about what they don’t want.

Men easily find things they like because that’s what they are looking for. Women easily find what they don’t like, because that’s what THEY are looking for.

Call men easy.

Call women careful.

Why are women “careful”?

Blame it on our simple biology.

It Starts From The Day She’s Born…

Men produce 50,000 sperm a day, while girls lose somewhere between 130 and 400 eggs per day before they reach puberty. Women lose an average of 35 eggs a day thereafter until menopause.

Unfortunately, most of the girls I go for will please me for a short while, but fundamentally–deep down, in other words–they are not satisfying:

Junk food.

For women, on the other hand, when they meet–for whatever reason–a guy they would never have “picked out of a lineup” they’ll often find themselves in bliss, imagining wedding bells.

They look for superficial things to say no to, even though fundamentally yes is much easier for them.

You and I, meanwhile, look for superficial things to say yes to, even though fundamentally, no is probably much more likely.

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What does this mean in terms of your success?

You are probably fighting to keep women you shouldn’t, and getting rejected by women who shouldn’t reject you.

The corollary, however, is that if you can get an “audition” as her boyfriend, you’ll usually get a pretty good shot at the part, whereas if you try her out, you’ll usually be unhappy with her performance.

So How Do You Use This “Biological Secret” to Get Laid?

The take-home is unexpected and counterintuitive:

If you raise your standards, you will be much more attractive to the very exceptional women you meet.

First, because they understand–or at least recognize–high standards.

Second, because the feeling that they might not meet your criteria is more in line with their fragile self-esteem.

And finally, because they want to be with a special, discerning, hard-to-please guy.

Women are right in looking for deeper values.

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For me personally, as easy as an “attractive” girl is to find (and I’m exaggerating–only a small percentage of women have those TV good looks)… the combination of traits that lights me up is very difficult to find.

What’s my list?

  • Educated…
  • Intelligent…
  • Positive…
  • Feminine…
  • Interesting…
  • Classy…
  • Graceful
  • Attractive, with a good voice.

What’s yours?

And as I’ll show you next, knowing this answer gets you a lot closer to sleeping with super hot girls… so here’s how to seal the deal with them:

hot girls in your bed

High Standards Are Only Half The Game…

There are two parts to getting a mega-hot girl into bed…

If you set your standards high, you’re going to give off this naturally confident, valuable vibe… and hot girls will notice.

That’s part one.

Next…if you want to sleep with her, you’re going to have to turn her on.

And in my experience, by far the most effective way to turn a woman on, is to touch her.

That’s right, good old-fashioned touching. No clever lines or rehearsed stories.

However… it has to be done right.

Touch her too much, and you could come off a little bit creepy.

Don’t touch her enough, and it’s either going to take forever to get anywhere with her… or she’s going to lose interest.

Luckily, there is an innocent-seeming way to touch a girl, to quickly turn her on, and make her want to go home with you:

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You’ll know it’s working if you see her start fidgeting more…

Or looking down, and then looking back up at you all cute…

And she will definitely be a lot touchier too.

From there… you can make just about any excuse to invite her over, and she’ll happily follow you home and into your bed. 😉

Here’s how to do it:

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