What A Massive Study of 250,000 Female Tinder Profiles Tells Us About the Strategies That ACTUALLY Get You Laid Online.

tinder tips for men

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Frustrated by Tinder? 

Perpetually swiping right and still not meeting women in real life? 

Let’s talk. 

Believe it or not, there are actual strategies you can use to increase the number of women you ACTUALLY meet in real life. 

The reality is, Tinder is a numbers game.

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A database study from Tinder sampled 230,000 male profiles and 250,000 female profiles to learn more about dating dynamics in the app. 

One of several fascinating findings was that within five minutes of matching, 63% of messages are sent by men. On the other hand, only 18% are sent by women. 

Before I get into this and other findings, I want to share some info that should help you understand the backdrop of Tinder.

 We need to look behind the scenes, and I mean WAY behind the scenes into our human biology, and how it affects your ability to score a date. 

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The Psychology Of Tinder (And Why Understanding This Will Help You Get Laid Online WAY More)

In nature, women have the tendency of being a lot more selective than men. 


Because a woman can only get pregnant one time a year–she has to make sure that the man who knocks her up is HIGH quality. 

Men, however, can impregnate a practically unlimited number of women in one year (depending on how skilled he is in the art of seduction). 

In contemporary culture, and with humans in particular, it is common for the man to also commit to the one child he is the father of. 

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However, at the heart of the matter is the fact that nature does not require the man to be there for the child.

The woman, in direct contrast, has no choice–the baby is literally inside her body. 

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That’s Not All…

We see this reflected in modern life. 

Men are usually the ones hot on the pursuit of women, while women wait around for the man of her dreams to show up. 

She knows that men will keep trying, so she doesn’t have to go out of her way to find her match. 

This has been documented perfectly on the Tinder app! 

Men swipe right (yes) on wayyy more women than women swipe right on men. I can vouch for this. 

As soon as I made a profile on Tinder I had 100+ matches within a few hours, but had swiped left (no) on all but two or three men.

It’s helpful to understand the female mindset with Tinder.

We simply do not often feel the urgency on the level that men do. 

But we are on the lookout for someone we can have a good time with and a real connection with–whether it’s a one-time thing or a long-lasting relationship.

And I am ever so happy to share with you some scientifially proven tips to get women to swipe right. 

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1) The “Magic Number” Of Photos For An Instant Boost In Matches…

First tip: you need to have at least three photos. And guys, don’t just post your good angle. 

I don’t want to find out in person that you are not as attractive as I thought. I want to see the real you, and if I feel the connection, it doesn’t matter if you don’t look like a Hollister model!

Multiple photos that show you in different environments/areas of your life help women see what you’re all about. 

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Only posting pictures of your abs or your “sexy face” is not a great idea–you probably don’t realize how many of these are out there–they don’t help you stand out and they don’t show personality.

I like to see pictures of men doing something they love, without ego.

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2) Skip The Short Bio (& Do THIS Instead)

Second tip: WRITE A BIO!

The study found that having a longer, thoughtful bio made men four times more likely to get matches. This makes sense. 

I swipe left on every dude who has no bio, or worse, has some immature joke or sex reference in his bio. 

Even if we’re just looking to hook up, this doesn’t do it for women.

Since we don’t know you, we need every possible indication that we can trust you, and having a thoughtful bio can really help us see who you are. 

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Another mistake is talking about your great qualities too much.

I know you have good and bad qualities. I want to know what you appreciate about LIFE! 

I want to get a sense of your lifestyle and values. 

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3) Be Clear About Your “Intentions”

Third tip: Make your intentions known. 

If you don’t know your intentions, you can express that too. 

The reason for this is simple. If you want to hook up, you want to attract the women who also want to hook up. If you want a relationship, you want to attract the women who want a relationship.

Again, this helps build trust. It also saves everyone a lot of time and energy. 

When I used Tinder, I expressed that I wasn’t looking for anything serious necessarily, but wasn’t closed to it either. 

This helped me meet a lot of really wonderful men who were also open to a variety of outcomes. 

Be honest, show who you are, and build trust with your matches. 

And ultimately, that’s going to get you laid a lot more often on Tinder… especially if you do this:

tinder tips for men

4) The Fastest & Easiest Way to Hookup With Hot Tinder Girls (Backed By Science)

This survey of 250k+ Tinder profiles will help you get more matches, I can’t deny that… though there’s ONE big question it doesn’t answer:

“How can regular guys use these findings to get more hookups and sex with hot Tinder girls?”

Because usually, to get laid on Tinder you have to send a few messages… get her number… text her… schedule a date… and hope the date goes well… it’s a LOT of work!

And the reality is, there are MUCH bigger studies…

With a LOT more data about what gets guys laid online… than this Tinder survey alone.

For example:

It was recently discovered that there are 3 crucial things you must do… if you want to get a hot girl from Tinder to hookup the first time you meet.

And in fact, if you do these 3 things in the right order… you can even get hot girls inviting themselves over to your place to “Netflix and chill”… without having to go out on a pesky first date!

I know it might SOUND like pure madness…

But if I’m being totally honest… I have skipped the first date and gone straight to a guy’s place, on more than one occasion. 😉

(It’s not just me either… I know several girlfriends who have done the same!!)

These 3 crucial things have helped tons of “average” guys get laid, with little to no trouble… often the same day they start messaging the woman:

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P.S. Some guys say these strategies work BETTER if you’re older, not that tall, or “average-looking”… and I have to say I agree. 🙂 Which one would you try first?

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